I am Peige

Can you keep a secret? If so, then read on. But if you can’t, then do yourself a favor and close this window and don’t open it again.

My name is Peige Jordan. I’m fifteen years old.
And I’m an alien.

I see you continued reading.
You must promise to never reveal my secret. Because if I’m found…
No, I can’t tell you why. You wouldn’t understand. Anyway, on with the story.



Mama, where are we going?

Somewhere better, dear. Much better…

Is the… Are THEY going to be there?

No, honey. We never need to worry about THEM again.

Are you sure, Mama?

Yes, My little Peige. Almost absolutely.



The light was bright. Not the cold darkness I was used to. I looked out the window of the ship, and saw a bright light outside.

Mama, what’s that?

A star, my dear.

Why is it so close to us?

Because we are in its system.

What is the star’s name?

Sun. The star’s name is Sun.

Are we almost there, mama?




Mama, what’s happening?!

Peige, where is the monitor? Where did you put it?!

I DON’T KNOW! THEY’RE coming!! Are we going to die, Mama?

I… I don’t know, baby. I hope to Jarva not, but I don’t know.





Peige, come to me, I’m hurt.

Mama, is that you?

yes, baby come here please.

I walked over to the mangled form that was once my mother. “She’s going to die” I thought.

Peige, stay with me. don’t leave me, please.

Mama, where are we, do you know?

no, but I know this… this isn’t where I was planning to take you.

Do you want me to see if I can bring the computer to life and research this planet.

Peige. I love y…

MAMA!!! Nooo!!! Please mama please don’t leave me I love you mamma no no no please!




The hooded girl walked along the back streets, avoiding the people of this city. It had been five years since she had lost her mother to the people from The Agency. They had shot down her ship and tried to capture her. She had watched as the humans had dragged her mother off to cut her up and examine her. She avoided the species as much as possible. She did enjoy the animals of the planet. She found that she connected with them in a strange way. They protected her, and she could push them to do what she wanted.





Peige, come here.

Who are you?

It’s me, Peige. It’s mommy…

But… But you DIED.

Join me, Peige… I’ve missed you so…

I woke up in a cold sweat. “Just a nightmare, Peige.” I thought to myself. What a strange one though. I had never experienced a nightmare as real and vivid as this one. I laid back down and went back to sleep.



Hello, Peige

Who are you?

look down.

A small, strange looking creature sat beside my feet. It looked a bit like a human, but smaller and paler.

What are you?

I’m here to help you, Peige.

Help me with what?

Follow me! I’ll show you!

And with that, the creature ran away.

Wait! Come back!

Catch me if you can! hehehe!

I followed the small humanoid to an abandoned airplane hangar.

Where are you going?!

I stopped and realized that the creature was no longer small any more. It had grown to a massive size.

I’ve been looking for you for soooo long, Peige.

Who are you?

You don’t remember… You don’t recognize the one who made you… You were taken from me at such a young age… But no matter, I’ve found you now.

What do you mean ‘snatched’? My planet was destroyed when I was only 5 years old. My mother…

Ah, so you don’t remember. The one you called ‘mother’, she is the one who stole you. Brainwashed you into thinking you were one of her kind. Made my kind out to be the bad ones. I have returned for you. Because… I need you.

I turned and ran from him. It couldn’t be true. My mother, the one who died for me… was a liar?

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    That started off kind of cool and then turned into yet another Slenderman story with no plot. It’s been done a thousand times.

    • Sarita Tinsley King


  • IronMosquito

    Wtf? Oh my Jarva, this was a pretty bad story. No idea what this was supposed to mean or how it would be creepy at all.

  • Jessica

    It was ok but the ending was no good