The Pumpkins

The doorbell rings once again, I stop washing dishes and I grab the candy bowl, I make my way towards the door and open it, I hear trick or treat! I say, “Hi guys I love your costumes,” I give the children the last bit of my candy. Trick or treating should be over by now anyway, I think to myself.

I turn the porch light off, leaving the surroundings almost pitch black. I sit on my couch and turn on my TV, I switch the channels a couple of times, I turn it to the news. A local story was on about a pumpkin massacre. As I watch it more, the story just seemed to get more and more gut wrenching.

The pumpkin massacre goes house to house every night on the month of October, leaving pumpkins on their door step. The news reporter not knowing why, but the people this massacre visits, ends up missing, nowhere to be found.

Before I get too spooked, I turn the TV off, I get up off the couch and make my way to my bedroom down the hall so I can change into my nightgown. Before I got any further, the door bell rings. I feel my whole body tense up, I feel the shivers down my spine, the hairs on the back of my neck arise.

With shortness of breath, I walk slowly towards the front door, trying not to make a sound. The floor creaks, I stop and listen. The door bell rings once more, startling me. What terrifies me the most is, I know the front door wasn’t locked.

I reach the door, and I look out the peep hole, nothing, not a soul. I slowly turned the door handle, I opened it very slowly, it was completely dark outside. I flipped the switch on to the porch light, and discover a pumpkin sitting at my feet!

My blood runs cold, I kick the pumpkin, causing it to break into pieces. I hurry back into the house and slam the door behind me, locking it. I hurry though the kitchen, making my way to the back door, to make sure it was locked, when I reached the hallway leading to the back door, the door was wide open. I am beyond terrified now, someone is in my house.

I don’t know whether or not to, run outside and risk the killer to be outside waiting for me, or run as fast as I can to shut the door and lock myself in the house with him. I decided to run as fast as I can, towards the door, I slam the door shut, and lock it. I quickly look out the window, breathing heavily. There he was, standing there, at the end of the sidewalk.

He has something in his hand, a hammer. While staring at him with my wide eyes, I have my fists clenched, preparing for some kind of attack. He raises the hammer in the air, and laughs maniacally, and says, “I’m coming for you,” he sprints quickly towards the door, while still holding the hammer in the air.

I turn around and run down the hallway, through the kitchen, hearing the glass door break. I run towards the front door, and look through the peep hole just in case. When I peek through, I see another one, staring back at me, as if he can see me looking at him. I put my sweaty hands over my mouth so I wouldn’t make a sound.

I hear him, walking slowly through the kitchen, chuckling. I make my way to the living room closet. I open the door a crack, just so I can see what’s coming. As he appears through the kitchen, he walks over to the front door, to let in the other. As he reached for the door handle, I look down at his hands, his hands were not human hands.

His hands were brown, and rough, slimy with long black fingernails. What the hell is this thing? He opened the door, the other one comes busting in, making snorting noises, and uncontrolled grunts. They both have shaggy light brown hair, with an orange sweaty face, with snot coming from their noses. I can’t see whether or not these were masks, but something tells me, they’re not.

The first creature is tall, really tall, so tall his head can almost touch the ceiling. The other is short and hunchback, but looks strong. I don’t want to be trapped in here all night. I shut the closet door all the way, and kneel down, and I start to pray.

About an hour and a half later, after tearing apart my house, trying to find me, it got silent. It’s hot in here, I’m having trouble breathing now, I’m beyond sweaty. Did they leave? “Please God,” I get up slowly, my legs are sore from kneeling down for so long. I open the door very, very slowly.

I open it a crack, and peek through the little opening. There’s he is, standing right there, in front of the closet door, waiting for me. He knew I was in here! He roughly opens the door to the closet, the hunchback back creature shrieks and lifts his hammer in the air, I plead, “Please no, please no!” the hammer strikes the side of my head, knocking me out.

I wake up, but I can’t move, I’m tied down. I can see it’s still dark outside. I’m inside some sort of body bag, hanging over a shoulder. I assume it’s the taller one, I feel high up. I start to cry and panic, and I ask, what do you want from me! My head is pounding. He replies, “We want to make you one of us, we’ll need you, and the others, for next Halloween.”

  • Zenith

    Amazing story, absolutely loved it, I hope there’s a 2nd part to this.