The Haunting in Hilton Head

This is another story told by Waylon Salisbury, A.K.A. , me. This story takes place after my mom and her boyfriend Tom moved from Vegas because of the haunting in their home. They decided to move to Hilton Head South Carolina so it was closer to me, (Waylon) Austin, and Wyatt. Austin and Wyatt are my two brothers if you don’t know that already.

Be prepared

This is a TRUE STORY…

My mom and her boyfriend, Tom, have decided to move to Hilton Head South Carolina. This was awesome for me because it was much closer to us so we could see her and Tom more often. It was a dream come true to me. They rented a condo which had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, it was a decent place. But then I started to worry when they told me a lady was murdered in the condo.

I immediately knew there was gonna be some sort of spirit in the house. I believe in no Heaven or no Hell. I believe when people die, their spirits come out to settle unfinished business. I was worried but they told me nothing had happened in the house yet which gave me some sense of relief. We would visit every other weekend and eventually ended up staying the whole summer.

The first couple weekends we were there, nothing really happened until we decided to do a e.v.p. session. An e.v.p. is supposed to pick up voices of spirits. While we were doing that we had a package of water bottles in the corner of the room and all of them were in place and couldn’t have fallen on their own. But one of the bottles did. I got so scared but my mom thought it was coincidence. I thought other than coincidence. I thought spirit.

This was not even the beginning. My mom was in the shower one night and saw something out of the ordinary, it was a black shadow. She called for Tom but it was gone when he came in. Many other unexplained events happened around the house. One night my mom was the only one awake and it was almost 2:00 in the morning. She looked at the door, which had glass on it so you could look outside without having to open the door, and saw a lady standing in the faint reflection in the glass.

She turned around and there was no one standing behind her. She told us about this the next day and I just got the chills. Ghost always freaked me out, I just don’t like the feeling you get when you feel like you’re being watched. Everything was normal from there on out instead of one thing. I had also seen something.

It was the afternoon and everyone was hanging out, having fun.
All of my brothers on the couch and my step brother Keenan, who is 8 years old, was playing the Xbox. Then I saw a figure right about Keenan’s size run down the hallway. It was a pitch black figure. I looked down the hallway and there was no one at the end of it and Keenan was still playing the Xbox.

But of course when I told everyone, they didn’t believe me. Except my mom. She believed me when I told get I saw an unexplained figure. Everyone would definitely believe that there was a ghost in the house when something horrible happened. My mom and tom were arguing I their room and then I heard a scream.

It was my mothers. I didn’t know why until they told me. They had said that Tom had gone blind for a couple of seconds and felt as if a force was pushing down in his shoulders really hard. I didn’t wanna believe but I knew it was true. During the whole summer I was scared of that ghost.

My mom started talking about wanting a new job and they knew where a good one was at. It was in North Carolina. Toms family also lived on North Carolina so it sold be a better start to move up there. So they spent the weekend in North Carolina to try to find houses and they finally found one. It had a perfect view of the mountains, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a huge yard, it was perfect.

So we started packing and we eventually got done. After we got done packing, that same night, we drove to our house in North Carolina. I was happy and relieved to be out of that house. We didn’t have to worry… for now.