So, i’ve been told about this haunted house that’s not far from where i live. My friends and i are planning to go there tomorrow. In my house, without any warning, strange sounds begin to resonate from the attic, and proceed to get louder and louder, until what appears to be a climax of it when sound is almost hurting your ears, it goes silent. With that happening every day i believe i can handle any sort of weird sounds that might be heard in there. I’m actually pretty excited about this whole haunted house thing, I’ve never been to one,(i doubt my experience at home counts, or maybe i live in one? I never thought about it). I believe this might be a great experience to talk about later in my life.

Today we , my friends are the ones who know where it is so I’ll have to follow them, hope it’s not a troll or something stupid, I know they love to “scare” me like that. When we go to one of their houses I’m normally the one who gets “trolled” the most, but they’ve never scared me.

Guess what, only one of them came, her name is Kate, she is into a lot of paranormal games and such, she has made the closet game and many others that would be too long to list here, or maybe she didn’t do a single one? I don’t know, for now we’ve all been giving her the benefit of the doubt. yesterday she told me she wanted to make one of those in there, f**k that, I only agreed to go in there, inspect the place, search for anything out-of-place or worth taking, and get the f**k outta there.

We’re very close from that house, Kate is telling me about a new ritual she looked up in the “deep web”, as she calls it. I’m very sure it’s just a forum about paranormal stuff. We’re right at the entrance. It felt like my feet were just moving on their own while following Kate, the place looks like it was built 50 years ago, it was made out of wood, and it had its windows covered with wooden planks, they looked like they  put there not too long ago, the door was a bit open, thing that said someone had been there before us, obviously, or else we wouldn’t have found out about it. They didn’t give us any details, just said “you guys need to look it yourselves”

Kate asked me if I really wanted to make a ritual with her, i told the truth, i really wasn’t in the mood for it, besides, everytime we do make one, something just HAS to go wrong, let it be a missing candle, or someone moving everything and “making the entity mad”, anyways, she told me that if i wasn’t going to make it she was out, and just walked away without adding anything else, hope she’s just pissed a little and not real mad with me, she is really cool and helps me at times, it would s**k if she stopped talking to me for that s**t.

Now i’m all alone, in the entrance of a creepy house. i don’t know what will happen if i enter, i’m so excited to find a human killer, blood thirsty monster. Yay!

F**k it, came all the way here for this, i’m going to finish this, and not tell any of my friends  about what’s in there. Screw them if they didn’t want to come. Wish me luck…

I push the door all the way open, it was already dark out there, in here the lights are completely out, what did i even expect? A house full of lights and color?  I turn my flashlight on, and what do i see? It looks like a vintage room, the main room in fact, it  looks like it has the same age span the outside has, but  the furniture and everything in there looks really clean, there’s no dust or cowebs anywhere, it seems there’s someone still taking care of this house, this might be speculation but, is there really other explanation?

The decorations look wierd where did the owner even get them? They all look so creepy, like the decorations you’d expect from a horror atraction in a themed park, there is a hallway that looks impossibly long for what the house appeared to be from the outside, each wall has a lot of statues of humans posing in a way that would imply they’re begging for mercy, that is really creepy, the person that was in this house had a really weird taste with his/her decorations, hope there is not any strange creature roaming around the house.

I began to venture deeper into the hallway, there was a door at the end, WTF? Why not just stay with that room and remove the hallway? Wait. There’s one thing i haven’t told you guys yet. There was just a frame of a door where the hallway begins. So that means it should have a door? That it shouldn’t be able to be seen just by entering? More importantly, i’m beggining to hear laughter. But not kid’s laughter, mind you, it seems like the laughter of somebody who is mad, of somebody who is in a great pain, i’m going to check out that door, the laughs are coming from there. I believe this person is expecting me. Maybe i’m just paranoid, but i don’t care.

If that person needs help and i just go away and leave him to (presumably) his death… will i be able to forgive myself?

I try to open the door, but it’s locked, i remember i have my door breaching equipment with me (convenient huh?) I try a lot of times, i’m still a newbie with that, amaizingly, i manage to open it. Wow, i’m so proud of myself for some reason, when i open the the door, all i can see is a man tied to chains from his limbs. This was the only room in the house that looked very old, as it should look, the man looked old, the chains were rusted, so that means he’s been here for long.

How did he even make it to this day without food or water?

*he-help me…* the man says

*i’ll… call for help, just hang in there a little more ok?*

*what year is it? *The man asks, which confirms the fact that he’s been in here for long… maybe too long.

*what is the business of a young girl like you in here? You should leave me… time in here passes quickly… too quickly. A minute in here is a day out there…you don’t even realize how long it’s been until it’s too late*

*i was put in this place against my own will… you are lucky to still stay in your age… how long have you been here? Get out… before this happens to you…

I was shocked for this revelation. For the time I was here… how long has it been? Have they found me? Is anyone worried about me?

I decide that’s it. I was calling the cops to help this man and get us out of here. I also took the man’s advice and got out of there, The cops arrived in no time, everything has changed. I entered there in 2003,and came out in 2016. Freaky huh? I hope I can adapt to the changes, and I also hope everyone I love is still alive.wait a second … what if this was their ultimate troll that  backfired horribly? Now I’ll never know.




Thank you for reading until the end! This is my second creepypasta, I took note of every advice you guys gave me in my first creepypasta. I hope you loved it!! Please comment what is okay and what could have been better! See you in the next one 🙂

  • Anzaia

    Nice story, a little hard to read because you gave too much information in one sentence. But I like it!
    Maybe you should write the last part – ‘this is my second story’ and so on and so forth’ – in the comment section. (It takes away the atmosphere after reading, ya know?)