Entry: Color-Void

I’m unsure of her ‘origin’.

These are only heavily supported claims and records of who I think this Color-Void being may be, and what they do.

Color-Void; I don’t know much about this ‘entity’, neither do I know their intentions. Are the attacks intentional? Uncontrolled? I still have yet to find out.

So… encountering the ‘Color Lady’, she’s been seen using a ‘radiant(?)’ looking spring/coil on her victim, completely draining them of their color. (A very painful but quick process; consists of the coil being latched to the backside or the neck of said victim.)

During the initial ‘taking of color’, the victim goes through a state of ‘void’ or without feeling; nothingness. I am unsure if the person suffers in this phase or is in a complete state of peace.

Following this initiative action, the person slowly grows weak with the loss of ‘essence’ and blood, after which they become lifeless. In this process, the ‘colored lady’ is said to gain yet another color in her rainbow’ey appearance. Each stripe, each color she yields was the soul of each person she killed. She’s empowered by this; she can live off the color/souls of others.

On account of all recorded attacks, there isn’t a definite age group or specific group of people she targets. The earliest recorded attack from ‘her’ is in the early 1900s, exact date and victim is unknown.

The appearance of the ‘colored lady’ is said to consist of long red hair with green ends and a blue ribbon tied above(sometimes seen without). ‘She’ is dressed in indigo or a very dark shade of purple garment with multi-colored sleeves(highly thought to be the place of the captured victim’s color/soul.) Their skin is a very pale color, and their eyes are a deep blue. A red substance that is outlined beneath their eyes is said to be blood, but is unknown.

My case on “Color-Void” is a very unstable and constantly changing subject. There is no proper vindication on this being’s ‘actuality’ or its intentions, however, further study and investigation into ‘her’ will be initiated over time.