The Rower: Insaneic the Insane and Eyeless Jay

Do you know what it is like to be beaten with a rowing oar, it’s like when your younger sibling keeps on poking you wanting to ask you a question about every single thing they see happening whether it’s you doing it or they see something happen on the telly, but instead of poking you with their finger they are doing it with a knife and stabbing you in the arm. So here is my story, the story of how I became a proxy for slendy, my bud.

I was just sitting in my bedroom watching marble hornets on my tablet when my step dad knocked on the door and said that we were going on a fishing trip when he got off work. He worked in a construction site with his a*****e of a brother. I got an email from the hospital saying that he had been working on a building when his brother was walking to give him his lunch when he tripped in his own big feet and fell on him causing him to fall off while my uncle held on to the bar that he was sitting on.

When I got to the hospital I told the nurse that we were gonna go fishing. My uncle said he would take me. The next day he took me fishing, in his canoe.

We were talking about how he would try and get the court to give him custody over me, I told him that I wanted to live with Mom.

Well you can guess what happened, he got mad and said that he was gonna beat my a*s with the rowing oar if I said no one more time, because he hates my mother. I told him about one inch from his face.

“No, if you think that i believe you ‘tripped on your feet’ then you are the most retarded person in the galaxy, stupid b***h!!”

So he grabbed his oar and smashed me in the head with it. There is one thing he didn’t know was that I had a metal plate in my head so the only damage it did was knock me unconscious and put a chit in the side of my head and on top causing blood to gush down the side of my face.

When I awoke we were heading towards shore and be said that I hit my head against the side the boat and that we were going to the car to get the first aid kit to fix my head.

He checked my pulse, when he found that I was still alive he kept smacking in the face with the oar until my heart beat was slow enough that he couldn’t tell that there was a pulse and buried me alive. I passed out of lack of oxygen (yes I was still awake) and woke up with a tentacle pulling me out of the ground when I opened my eyes I saw nothing but static, that is when I said.

“Hello Slenderman are you here to finish me off our take me?”

Then we were teleported to the bastards house then I saw the oar that he tried to kill me with. When we got to his room slendy said that I must prove myself to him or he would kill me in an instant. I went to the bed and smacked him in the chest causing him to wake without being able to breath. I enjoyed smashing his arms and legs until they broke, I enjoyed the screens of pain and terror, then when I got tired of his screams I smashed his face to shut him up and said,

“Ready to never wake up again mother f****r.”

And with the most insane cackle I smashed his face until there was nothing left except a bloody mattress with human pulp all over.

So prepare to die when your time comes cause it is coming and you can’t change it, so enjoy your last few days, minutes, hours, months, or years cause I’m coming for you.

Be prepared to never wake up!!!

Author’s Note: This story has been copyrighted if you wish to make a fan story email me your story at[at]gmail[dot]com, if i like your story i will post it and give you full credit of the story.

Hope you enjoyed the story, bye!!!!

  • Insaneic_the_Insane_666

    Oh god this is the best story of the year

    • insaneic_the_insane_666 more

      • Insaneic_the_Insane_666

        Maby, I’m writing a meeting the family version right now, did you enjoy the story ruined by edits

  • The_rower_of_boats_666

    The edits ruined my story a bit

  • Winter Soldier

    So let me get this straight.. A guy dies and the family were notified via email? Then the character arrives at the hospital where a man has died and they’re only concerned about going fishing? The uncle after just losing his brother the previous day takes them fishing? And the uncle who was the step dad’s brother and is not even related wants custody of the person? Over the biological mother? This story is stupid on so many levels. I actually believe I heard the screaming sounds of my brain cells dying as read this. I wish I had an oar to smash my phone after I suffered through this. Copywriting this dumpster fire is the equivalent of copywriting a discarded wrapper from a McDonald’s cheeseburger. Believe me no one wants to copy this. I also don’t think they be any fan stories for it.

    • Insaneic_the_Insane_666

      Boi you didn’t need to be so rude I get it you think it s***s thats all you had to tell me. And you could’ve emailed me ok I’ll fix it if that makes you feel better