The Girl with Skeletal Wings – Experiment 99

I look up at the old slightly moldy ceiling, while sitting on the cold, hard floor. I have brown hair and purple eyes. I have pale colored skin… I am around 5 years old. I think my name was… Pyarette. The rusty cuffs on my arms are making my arms sore. The old chains wrapped around my bone-like wings hurt since I keep trying to jerk them loose. The room is white and looks like some type of cell, like in an asylum, with pillows lining the walls. There are no windows, so I don’t know what the outside looks like. Some government scientists come in and tell me, “We would like to experiment with your wings in another part of the lab. You don’t have a choice, Experiment 99.” They’re right. I don’t have a choice. It’s go with them or be killed. Being killed would be bad. I don’t want to die,

The experiment consists of flying, being harmed, and pulling at my wings. At one point, one of their needles goes through my right eye. I grow tired after five minutes of flying. I start to fall off six minutes. I broke one wing, chipped the other, I’m now blind in one eye, and my arm is broken… I have five chipped teeth, six were knocked out.

When I return, my right eye is covered with a bandage soaked in blood. I fell since they tried to get me to fly. I can’t fly for more than six minutes. They wanted me to fly for an hour. My right wing is chipped. My right arm is broken and in a cast. I want to escape. They won’t let me. I want to find out who my mommy is, who my daddy is.

I want to see the outside. I want to explore. I want to grow up in the outside. I want a family. I want a normal childhood. I want a mommy. I want a daddy. I want a brother. I want a dog and a cat. I hit my head on the wall, trying to ignore the painful thoughts. I begin to cry. They don’t like when I cry. “Stop your crying, Experiment 99!” They use their tasers to punish me. It reminds me that I can’t show them that I’m sad. I want out…! I want out..! I want out! I want out of this terrible place! I need to get out of this terrible place! It horrible here. I can hear the other experiments yelling. They are sad. They are hungry. they are scared. They yell for food. They yell for freedom. I want to see the world one day. I hope they don’t find my diary. We aren’t allowed to have them.

If you’re reading this, I’m probably still trapped in these labs. Please help me! They’ll try to kill me soon! Please help me! If I escape, I’ll be in hiding!


*The rest of the page ends with a mystery… What happened to the poor girl? Is she safe? Is she dead? Most likely not.*