The Timekeeper

Have you ever given the aspect of time constantly moving forward any thought? Or, how about the aspect of time never moving again? That is the predicament I seem to have found myself stuck in. The worst part is, that isn’t even my biggest problem. You see, I seem to be alone in this. No one else is aware that they’re no longer moving, but me.

I can’t even make a sound and I’m being forced to live inside my own head. I try to think of a solution as to why time is no longer moving, but I can’t. It feels like I will remain forever trapped in this perpetual state. I have begun to notice that there seems to be movement of some kind happening, but I can’t quite pinpoint its source. I’m completely hopeless even if I could.

I’m beginning to hear the faint chimes of a grandfather clock, distant but still audible. Ever so slightly, they ring, closer and closer they get. My heart would be racing if I and it weren’t both trapped in time. Soon, the chimes are also accompanied by footsteps, breaking the silence even more. All the while, time stands still for all but whoever is coming my way.

When I get my first glance at what this entity is, my blood runs cold, even though it’s not running at all. It’s tall, gangly and grotesque. The best way I can describe it is a decayed corpse with almost nothing but bone left. In place of its head is a scratched up old grandfather clock with a faceplate covered in mold. It begins to walk towards me. As it gets closer, the grandfather clock begins ticking faster and faster, seemingly irregularly as well. I begin to feel a surge as, what feels like years flow by like seconds.

This god-awful thing has the power to manipulate time and I can do nothing but sit here and wither away without it even touching me. As it draws closer, it reaches its long, sharp claw laiden hand out to grab me. No matter how hard I try, I still can’t move. It’s got me in a death grip. Time begins moving even more as its claws cut deep and slowly, inch by inch, my body begins to decay. Then, the clock rings out once more, and then there is nothing but darkness. A voice rings out in this darkness, “You now belong to him, he is the timekeeper. Your existence is no more.”