The Faceless Captives – Part 2

DISCLAIMER: This story is written with NAZI items included. If you feel offended by the NAZIs or are completely against reading it, please do NOT read this story!

WARNING: If you didn’t read part 1, this story might not be as good as it’s meant to be! Part 1 has important information you need to know before reading this!

Reports from the period of December 1943 to Somewhere in 1944 state that there have been sightings of the legendairy “Gesichtslosen” (faceless). Herr Kögels, commander of that period of time of the concentration camp in the south of germany, had written a diary and letters which state that he saw these “creatures”, and even tried to talk to them. SS Officer Hans also had a report told to the Sovjet special forces, which had written it down.

A small group of investigators went to the location at May 19th in 1972, and didn’t find any evidence of the sightings that have been reported by the locals. Altho they did find one sighting, the armless officer. Being unable to get closer, they left the location as if nothing ever happened.

Here is a story based on a voice recording recovered from another group of scientists that went to the same location years later. The story is written in like a story, which makes it easier to read.

April 4th 1989
A group of scientists reached the location on the south of Germany, the location where once had been a concentration camp. The group had the letters from Herr Kögels and the remaining letters that had something to do with the concentration camp with them. With this information they arrived on the location. First they asked the locals close to the location what they know about the Gesichtslosen. They all described them as skinny, near slender looking both male and female bodies walking around on certain spots during the night. They did not have a face, and getting close to them seemed impossible due to the loud, high-pitched noise as they got closer. This was all listed on a page in one of the scientists’s noteblock.

April 4th 1989 (night)
The research team had spread out trigger cameras. If something hit them, they’d take a picture. As they waited they became tired, and wanted to rest. One of them would stay on guard, the rest would sleep. As the night passed the guard evetually saw at, what we think is 22:47 (zwei-und-zwantsig uhr und sieben-und-fierzig minuten) an officer walking around the area. It is known to the researchers that officer Herr Kögel went on his first patrol mission at the exact same time, only on a different day. Night shifts always started at 22:30, according to a schedule that has been recovered. As the “officer” walked past the cameras, none of those got triggered. Eventually, the officer vanished 2 hours later. The scientist was frozen in place due to fear.

April 5th 1989
The guarding scientist had reported his sightings to the other scientists. Immediately they checked the cameras to see if a picture has been taken, even after the guarding scientist said none of the cameras shot. To their surprise, one camera actually did take a picture. They brought that camera back to develop the picture.

April 14th 1989
The scientists did develop the picture recovered from the camera, but it was unclear wether it was a faceless or a moving picture. Despite of the miscreated picture the scientists didn’t give up. They wanted more people to watch the grounds as they stood there. Locals around came to ask if they found anything, they said yes, and described the story of the guarding scientist of that particular night.

April 16th 1989
As more scientists are now awake during the night, the sightings seemed disappointing. Nothing appeared, although… One man came walking down the road, naked. He had a letter in his hand, put it on the ground and then walked away again. After the disappearance of the man, the scientists took the letter that was written in latin. It said the following (translated):
These damn officers, always trying to put down the g******n captives, like they’re a piece of trash! Giving them nothing to live with, they have to work here until they die. Hereby I want to let the people know, that after this stupid war I was trying to give them a better life, by giving them what they need. More food and water. I cannot give them a lot more, because those pigs will notice the high demand for supplies, but I will do my best. I also have heared there’s a replacing officer inbound. If he’s a newbie, like most of the other camps, my men can convince him to do the same, but if it’s one of these f*****g SS scums, these captives are doomed“.

On the back of the letter, written in blood, it said in german: “FREE US“.

April 18th 1989
The scientists were about to pack in, as a group of people walked up on the terrain. A soft high-pitched noise occured at the place. As the scientists looked up, they only saw a glimpse of what was coming at them. 4 men, dressed in a striped suit, as slender as a human body could be, they were standing there, looking at the team. As one of the scientists was looking for his pistol, the group started running towards the scientists, all at the one looking for the gun, and violently ripped off pieces of skin as they reached him. The other scientists started to flee, running into the distance, but they didn’t reach too far. In fact, they didn’t get anywhere…

The remaining bits of the vocal diary is really unclear, but what we could hear from it, is that the remaining scientists were wether violently killed or brought into a different dimension in which we do not have access. The remaining 2 hours on the tape is a high-pitched noise, nearly too loud to listen to. In this noise we could hear a voice say one thing: LEAVE!

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      The ending is a bit quick, but it’s not the end to the entire story. I’m working on part 3 which will be the definate ending to the entire story, or maybe not…

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    Stop putting disclaimers and warnings in your stories unless it is to warn about spoiling movies and things. Using these warnings and such is not what you should do. The readers should be completely unknowing of the future of the story. And if they are offended then that is their fault for reading stories that are supposed to be horrid and gruesome.

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