One day, I was surfing around the internet and searched ‘Crash’. I found a new Crash Bandicoot game. I delivered it and told it to my mother. My mother told me that I should watch out what I’m buying and not caring about it. I just went back to my room and just played Fortnite everyday. After like two weeks, I got the game and it was for the Sega Genesis. “Odd,” I thought, “Why is it for the Sega Genesis when Crash Bandicoot is actu-” I just popped the disc into my father’s old Sega Genesis and played the new Crash Bandicoot game.

It was called Crash BLOOD RED. It was already night and my father needed to go to a gas station and I asked my dad to buy me a plushie of Crash Bandicoot. My Dad said, “Ok.” I started the game, but there was something odd. It showed the Playstation Logo although I’m playing it on the Sega Genesis. I ignored it and started playing.

The first few levels were weird, but not as weird as the ones that I’m going to tell now are far more weirder. In one level, it was just pitch black and I won the level without even doing anything, but when I played this level, Crash had red eyes. His nose was bleeding, his mouth was bleeding, and his expression was just angry and sad. A text box appeared and said, “Now Crash can show you how it is to be a video game character…”

Crash jumped out of my TV And threw TNT at me. My dad just came back from gas station and saw what was happening. Got his bat and attacked Crash but missed. Crash bit him and my father’s hand was bleeding. I got so angry that I got the controller and threw it and punched him. Crash killed my father with TNT but I killed Crash with the TV. I put Crash back in the TV and jumped in, then I got a knife and said, “DIE USELESS PIECE OF CRAP!” Crash died and never came back. My mom was sad that my father died. My sister just didn’t care and I always would hug the Crash plushie.

  • Brandy88

    Sorry but this was just horrible..

    • IronMosquito

      I know you warned me not to read this but the temptation got to me lol. It’s so bad!

  • Deckerboy

    oh my story’s far worse..

  • Smoochiboochi92

    Ima be frank. This seemed like a three year old made this.

  • HEX

    Dear God I wish I had listened to the other readers when I read the comments first. The thing that got me worse than anything is the Sega Genesis didn’t have disc. It’s a cartridge. This could very well be the single worst thing ever written in the history of the human race. Now aliens will avoid contact with us because of this “story”. Congratulations you did something most thought impossible.. You’ve single handily brought the nation’s and people of this world together in unified agreement that you should never write a story again. We need to have a way to vote negative stars.

    • Smoochiboochi92

      Or the people who run the site deny it tbh

  • Deckerboy

    Look, I’ve seen some so called crappy stories and even made 2 myself. But I believe you can still write something great. Keep trying!