Minecraft – Part 2: Hide N Seek

The cool cobblestone ran over my fingers, even as I close my eyes to take in my environment all I could hear was the thumping of my own heart. The air became thin the further I went into the cave. A cool breeze passed over my face, my barefoot stopped, sliding over slick stone. The moment I stopped moving was the moment I opened my eyes, realizing if I took another step forward, I would’ve fallen to my death. Looking over my shoulder, I heard nothing and of course I couldn’t see anything. Taking sharp breaths, sweat fell over my face stinging my eyes. The moment I reached up to rub my eyes… it did nothing, all I could see next were spots flying over the darkness. I was never afraid of the darkness, but what lurked within it.

“I’m coming for youuu…” he sang song.

Goose bumps risen against my skin, I turned to look within the dark pit.

Where is he? Where is he? Thudding, the thudding growing louder within my ears…


I wasn’t alone within the cavern, it was me, the creature and whatever was hissing.

I got down on my knees carefully lowering myself over the edge. Once my legs were dangling within the abyss I began to swing back and forth. My toes touched more rock. I dropped, landing on my knees. The shock sent me forward grinding my teeth.

Ow, ow, ow… tears filled behind my eyes. My knees burnt, blood coated my tongue.

“You think you can run from me?” he was above me, I heard him walk to the edge.

“Where are you hiding?” he snarled.

Pushing myself back I covered my mouth and closed my eyes. Breathing slowly through my nose. He started stomping around above my head.

“You won’t hide forever…” the creature went to the edge and jumped. I watched him fall from where I once stood, down. The world around him became engulfed with light; my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness I winced at the sudden light. The creature named Herobrine placed a torch where he stood and continued forward into the shadows. Leaning back I sighed heavily. Within the caves finally I felt as if I had a moment to breathe.

I was wrong.

Bright purple eyes stared at me, as I stared back. I attempted to turn my head away in time. It didn’t work. The black and purple creature shot to me. On my knees I darted from in-between his legs and over the edge I went. Tumbling down and over the rocks, striking the edges with my sides. Bouncing twice against the ground, I groaned… body aching, screaming in protest begging me to stop… I picked my head up, red covered my left eye. I tried blinking it away, and I failed.

Laying in the center of the light, I laid my head back down on the dirt ground. Within the pain haze I watched as Herobrine came forward, tilting his head slowly a sick grin split across his lips.

“I found him,” he began to chuckle. Shaking my head, crimson stained the dirt block underneath me.

“W-What?” I whispered. My throat was dry, lips cracked and my tongue swollen. I was so thirsty, so very thirsty…

A trail of red came from behind Herobrine, his grin split into a sneer his laughter was a cackle. Bright white eyes glowered at me, his arms were behind his back. When he brought them forward, the shock poured over me numbness filled my veins. Brown messy hair covered the green eyes his face covered in splotches of red. My husband’s dead eyes stared at me with his mouth opened into a silent scream. Scrambling to my feet Herobrine chucked his head at my feet, he laughed.

“And now I found you. You’re a fast little character…” he stepped forward, I backed up a step. My hip bumped against a corner.

“Please stop…” I cried, the soulless eyes stared at me.

“Please, stop… I haven’t done anything to you… I haven’t done anything,” I glanced to my husbands decapitated head, whimpering.

“We both haven’t done anything…” I whispered.

“They’ve forgotten about me… they all have… I’ll make sure they’ll remember me…” bloodied hands reached out to me, and I shook my head body trembling.

“Please… please no!” I cried, his eyes became bright and I saw darkness.


Lifting my head my temple throbbed, my body screamed in protest. Everything hurt, everything howled in pain. Opening my left eye, the only eye that I can open I was shrouded in darkness once more. I laid out against the dirt floor covered in grime and cold blood. When I opened my mouth to speak, teeth and coagulated blood smacked the ground. I moved my shackled arms to my chest, I coughed hard enough to gag. The more I gagged the more vomit rose to the back of my throat. As I took a deep breath, a rancid smell lingered within the air. That was all it took for me to projectile vomit on the ground.

I heaved, gagged and vomited again. I was dizzy, tired, thirsty… the smell was making me dry heave all over again. Tears stung my one eye and my lungs were on fire. My nails dug into the dirt block, everything was on fire… I couldn’t breathe… all I could think about was my husband, all I dreamt about was his head rolling to me… and that monster… that damned monster Herobrine. I tried getting up, but I couldn’t feel from the waist down. I screamed with all I could.

No one will hear me, why am I even trying? All I wanted to do… was play a damn game… not this… I laid my head down onto the cool soil, the torch-light flickering off the gravel. My hearts heavy, my stomach heaving… within the vomit looked like coffee grounds… I was dying slowly. I had internal bleeding from the fall… this was it…

Is this how I’m going to die…? I tried pushing myself up, I was face to face with his feet. Closing my eyes, lowering my head.

“I win,” Herobrine chuckled.

“I will be remembered.”

I opened my mouth and screamed, the pain flooded through the back of my head. Static. Bright static flew behind my eyes. I couldn’t see any longer… I couldn’t breathe… the moment I opened my eyes, I saw my husband lying on the couch his throat slit with the Xbox controller within his hand. My body shook staring at him. I saw myself within the puddle of his blood, my face splattered and covered, my once blue eyes were a pale cataract white.

“I will be remembered…”

  • Brandon Barrett

    I didn’t enjoy this story. Apart from parts of it being poorly written, the main reason I didn’t like it was because it was a fan pasta. My reason for reading it was to give it a chance and see if it is was about something other than Herobrine.

    • Shannon Williams

      I appreciate your feedback thank you. This was part 2 of the other one I’ve written. I didn’t wish to make it into two parts, however people wanted it. I gave it. This was also written on the phone app and not a computer. My other short stories are better from being written on the computer. I digress. I take constructive criticism seriously. Have a nice day. :).