“Watch Your Back”

I want to warn you about this very terrifying thing I have experienced while playing a video game. If you have ever played a video game recently, you would probably know that there are different types of hackers that you could come across. Some like to play around, have fun, and try not to cause any harm while doing it. Some people do it to annoy people. But I have come across a different type of hacker. It’s not your normal hacker. It is a hacker that can terrify you, scar you for life, he finds your address, hunts you down, and tries to scare you. Sometimes, they may even kill you. You may not think that this story is true, but believe me, it is. This is my story. I’ve warned you.

About a week ago, I was playing Rainbow Six Siege with my friend Joe (I’m going to change up names to protect the innocent), when someone random came into our game. His name was Xx_HakUra_xX. I was wondering how he got into our game but I just came to the conclusion that my game was public. He turned on his microphone and started talking to us. He sounded a little older, maybe 30ish. A while later, he got really mad because he was losing 4 games to 1. He threatened me by saying that he will hack me and figure out where I lived. I didn’t believe him so I told him to go ahead and do it. Before he left, he said to me, “Watch your back”. Thinking he was crazy, I played no attention to him.

It was a few hours later when my parents said they were going out to do something and I can just stay here at the house. I told them not to go and then I told them about the guy. They didn’t pay attention to me and just left. After they left, I felt like I wasn’t alone. I heard a sound and jumped but it turned out to be my ice maker. While I was just sitting there playing my games all my power cuts out, but my Xbox stays on. I hear knocking coming down the hallway and start running to the door, but it’s jammed, it won’t open. Joe is asking me what is going on and why I am breathing so heavy. I tell him “He’s here.” Then the Xbox turns off. I see someone down the hallway. Staring. Then the TV turns to static. The static goes on for about 10 seconds. Then a bloody face pops onto the TV with text under it. It read,


Then the power comes back on.

To this day, I could never pick up my controller ever again. I threw out my Xbox and prayed that the guy never comes back.

If you ever see someone with the GamerTag Xx_HakUra_xX, turn off your Xbox, and JUST. START. RUNNING.

And remember… “WATCH YOUR BACK”. I have warned you.

(This was my first story so if its horrible, that’s why)

  • EvermoreRaven

    You had a good base, but your story definitely needed more buildup. Maybe a longer time between the threat and the actual attack?

    • Unspeakable Jelly

      I wanted to make a quick story but I think I’m going to remake it. Thanks for the help!

  • Aly Winder

    This is great for a first! !

    • Unspeakable Jelly

      Thanks so much! I’m planning on making another story tonight or tomorrow .