Insomniac Games

There was a fumbling at the window. I held my breath, terrified to move. It had been days since I could sleep. The strange noises were everywhere. Even when I felt it was gone, it was like an echo kept going off in my head. Why was I being tormented like this?

I’m so sorry… My mind is going, I’m afraid. I don’t feel anything anymore. I think I have hit the point where my emotions have just shut off from overstimulation. I tried to force myself to go to the window and look out, but I don’t trust it. Anything could be waiting for me. Especially now that it is dark.

I looked at my bed again, debating on whether I should even bother trying. There’d be no use. The creature would never let me sleep, and I have nothing to defend myself against it. If I could feel, I would probably be infuriated. I built this house with my own two hands, only to be kept from blissful sleep by the monsters outside.

I paced back and forth, my thoughts jumbled and hectic. Was there a point to living anymore? Would it be safer to let them have me? Could anything in here be used as a weapon? Were there any other people who were dealing with this?

I’ve caught myself doing things that I don’t remember starting. My movements are not my own at times… It feels like I black out. I will come to with a full stomach and random objects in my hand. Maybe it is the lack of sleep. Maybe I really am losing my mind.

I can’t sleep during the daytime no matter how hard I try. I can stare at my bed for hours… All I can hear is a gentle tune playing, and my cat’s mewling from the other room. I can still hear the noises in my head. It will be night again soon.

Well, I guess this is it for me, you guys. I’m going to go out there and fight them with my fists alone. They have surrounded the house. They will not let me sleep. Every time I try, that faithful message pops up…

You may not sleep now, there are monsters nearby.

  • DudeNuke

    *slow clap* Bravo. Nice MC reference

  • Alexmcg122

    Gr8 b8 m8 8/8

  • Justin Gamble

    This is what’s really going on in Steve heads