Sarah Rain was a gorgeous woman who lived alone in a small house. Sarah drove every single day to a lonely coffee shop. It was always silent besides the little elevator like music that played inside.

Sarah was there today too. The old man who worked there was very quiet. “He must work somewhere else to make money! This place makes little more than a cent a day” she said to herself while entering.

The man looked at her, his wrinkled skin half covering his eyes. She walked to him.

-The usual. – she simply said, tapping her finger on the counter to the song playing in the background.
The man didn’t reply and just turned to the coffee machine.

Sarah flew her eyes across the old magazines on top of the empty tables. Some were older than time itself. The man gave her the coffee. He extended his hand waiting for the payment. Sarah reached for her bag…

“oh no!!!” She screamed in her head “I forgot my wallet at home”.

-Sorry! I forgot my money at home! I will pay you tomorrow Ok?

The man glared and remained with his eyes set on her. A little creeped out she drank the coffee and left.

Next morning she got up…. her phone had two messages. She picked it and struggled to see the screen as her eyes were still adapting to the light.

The first message was from an unknown number and it was just some random numbers and letters. She ignored and went to the second. It was from her friend Martah inviting her for breakfast.

She took a shower and got dressed up before leaving the house. Her friend waited on the door of her house, still in pajamas.

They greeted each other and got in. The hours went by and since she didn’t need to work today she just stood and watched some movies. When she left the sun was nearly setting. “Wow time went fast” she said to herself while giving a smile to her friend and saying goodbye.

As she walked back the shadows were huge and long. The fiery shade of the sky made Sarah’s hair look like fire.
Has she entered her house, she was greeted by an unlocked door.

-mouse-brain! – she said bitting back a curse word.- I forgot to lock the door… I guess…

She sat in the couch with a pack of chips and instead of seeing the gorgeous natural phenomenon of sunset, she started to watch Kim Kardashian and all those things human being watch.

When she looked at time, she saw that it was already 10PM.

She yawned before going to bed. Suddenly a weird feeling surged along her spine.

She remembered the message she received in the morning. She picked the phone and stared at the message. As she read with more attention,her eyes widened and her skin begun to look like a chickens.

Before she could scream at seeing her address in the mysterious message, she heard from under her bed:

-You owe me 1.26 dollars.

Terrible lol

  • Khadija Isa

    Lololol that was funny

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  • temmy captain

    The most terrifying part was when she started watching Kim kardashian.