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Ok quick note. I am the same person who wrote Kaji. I will be rewriting it soon but right now I can’t access my account. So until then please enjoy this.

Ok, so a few months ago I made this oc for Eyeless Jack. He’s a chibi teenager named Nogami Masayoshi. He was genetically made in a lab by his dad who thinks of him as accident. His mom was also made in the same lab but killed by his dad. He is beaten everyday. He runs away only to come back to keep his dad from harming those who try to save him. One day he escapes and is found in the forest by Eyeless Jack who takes him home.

His first intention was to do as he did to his other victims, but when the young neko fell asleep and Jack cut him open, he saw no kidney nor a liver nor any other organs besides the stomach and intestines. The neko had a heart but it looked beaten up. Jack reclosed the wound sadly disappointed but also confused. How in the world did this boy sleep through a knife going through his skin? More importantly how in the hell was he still alive. He has no kidney nor any other organs besides a stomach, intestines, and a beaten up heart.

When Nogami awoken, he saw the stitches on his stomach and just sighed, thinking his dad had found him and decided to punish him by taking another organ. But when he looked around, he saw it wasn’t the same house that he lived in with his father. Jack entered the room with a tray of food. Jack would usually return his victims to where he found them if he was not interrupted, but he had some questions he wanted to ask the young boy.

“Ah you’re awake I see,” Jack said in a rough scratchy voice. “Did you do this?” Nogami asked pointing to the stitches on his stomach. “Yes that was me. I’m an organ stealer of the sorts. I only steal kidneys tho. Strangely when I cut you open you didn’t wake up. And what was even more strange was the fact that all your organs except your stomach and intestines were gone. I cut open your chest to see if it was there. And what I saw was not worth consumption nor did it look like it was in shape enough for anyone to live with. So my question is how are you even alive?”

Nogami chuckled, “You see these ears on my head? They keep me from feeling pain when I sleep. As for the reason my organs are gone, well, my dad took them from me as punishment for trying to escape. The only reason I’m still alive is because I was genetically made in a lab by my dad. He created my mother then tried to make a perfect little girl inside of her. When she failed, he killed her right in front of me. I came out the size of a toddler and my dad was more than unhappy about me being a boy. So he would beat me every chance he got. He didn’t feed me so I was forced to escape to find food. The fact that he didn’t feed me is part of the reason I’m so short. The other reason I’d because nekos don’t grow that much but I’m shorter than I’m suppose to be. Every time I escaped, someone found me and took me in. Sadly it only caused trouble for them because when my dad found me he would kill those who helped me. I continued to escape to find food but always returned before my dad found me. It took me a few tries before I could leave and come back unnoticed with ease which is why I still have my stomach and intestines. The reason my heart is so bad looking is because it was my mother’s. My dad saw that I was going to die the day I was born so he revived me using my mother’s heart along with half of my original heart. It was badly placed into my chest that being the reason it looks so bad. My dad made it so I could never die. That’s how I’m still alive,” Nogami replied with a sad smile.

“If he thought you were a mistake why would he make it so you never die?” Jack asked confused.

“He said that I didn’t deserve the sweet relief of death,” Nogami answer. Jack nodded understandingly before pushing him the tray of food.

“What’s your name?” Jack asked as the boy ate.

“Nogami, Nogami Masayoshi,” Jack nodded and let the boy finish his meal. Jack could leave the boy there in the abandoned house he had found to perform his ‘surgery’ and let the father find him, but he was intrigued by Nogami’s story.

“Well I better start heading home. Seeing how you’re still alive means that he hasn’t been by here yet,” Nogami said as he finished his food. Nogami got up and was ready to walk out the door when Jack grabbed his arm.

“Huh?” Nogami asked confused.

“Why do you go back if you know what is waiting for you?” he asked. Nogami’s eyes filled with sadness and he looked down at the ground to hide his face.

“I told you he kills who ever helps me. I just don’t want anyone else to die because of me,” he replied as tears ran down his face. Jack lifted his chin and dried his eyes.

“Don’t go back. Come home with me,” he said unsure of his own words. It was as if his heart had taken over his brain. He felt pity and sadness for Jack but he also sensed lies and deception.

“You enjoyed watching them die didn’t you. One of the reasons you ran away,” Jack said smirking under his mask.

“Well at first yes. How did you know?” Nogami said as the tears stopped.

“That doesn’t matter. Why don’t you anymore?” he asked.

“My mother’s heart found away to destroy the evil in mine. I’m not sure how but it did.”

“One more question. How did you win their hearts? I know it wasn’t your story alone because most likely if anyone else told them that they wouldn’t believe them.”

“Before the evil in my heart was destroyed, I had the power to effect massive amounts of empathy on to people then direct it towards me. At first it was just to get food but then I saw my dad kill for the first time and I sort of liked being the cause of it. That power died the day my mom heart destroyed the evil in mine,” Nogami said holding his chest. “Now let me ask you a question. Why did you go through the trouble of sewing me up and waiting on me to wake up? I know my power couldn’t have affected you because it’s gone plus I was asleep. So why? Was it so I could answer your questions? And if so why do you want me to come home with you?” Nogami asked with eyes full of confusion. He feared the answer to come and part of him regrets asking.

“I’m not sure. I did want to answer you to answer my questions but after hearing your story and assuming the rest of it is true I’m guessing you awoken the little bit of compassion I have left in my heart. You’ve done nothing wrong, if your father wanted a girl so badly he should have tried harder. He has no right to punish you for what happened. Come home with me and I can guarantee that you’ll be safe. You’ll have lots of food and I’ll make sure you’re taken care of,” Jack was not sure why he was saying this but he heart had completely taken over his brain.

“Do you mean that? Are you sure I’ll be safe?” Nogami asked. Jack nodded unknowingly that this little boy had found his way into his heart. It wasn’t fatherly love he felt for the boy either it was sexual. Hearing that Nogami loved being the cause of someone’s death made him fall heart first in love. It didn’t matter if Nogami’s love for it was gone Jack still wanted him. The boy was cute so that also fell into play plus Jack couldn’t help but feel the need to kiss Nogami as well as care for him for the rest of his life. It wasn’t Nogami’s power that was affecting him he knew because someone he lived with taught him how to block powers like that out.

“Ok then let’s go. I just need to head home and gather some things. My dad is most likely still at work. I’ll meet you in the place you abducted me. Ok?” Nogami said smiling. Jack was too nice. Nogami wasn’t about to let his dad kill him or anyone else.

“I can’t exactly remember where I found you so I’ll take you home with me then I’ll head to your house and gather your things,” Jack said. He could remember the place perfectly fine. He knew the boy wasn’t going to come back so he would go and retrieve Nogami’s things himself. He had actually saw Nogami leave his house when he ran off so it wouldn’t be hard.

“Just tell me what they are,” he said as he picked Nogami up into his arms.

“Um ok. I’m assuming you stalked me like all your other victims which is how you know where I live right?” Nogami said giving into Jack’s offer. Not because he felt he had no choice but because both halves of his heart thought that things would get better if he did. Jack nodded and he carried him home.

“I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to Slendy,” Jack said as he walked.

“Whose Slendy?” Nogami asked.

“I guess you could say he’s my landlord,” Jack replied.

“Oh. By the way. I never got your name,” Nogami said curiously.

“Oh it’s Jack. Eyeless Jack.”


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