Distorted Play! – Act V: Waiting and Watching

All the lights turned on, the scene was a melting wedding. The daughter and her husband that was a headless mannequin stood under an altar that was made of red roses that looked like they were bleeding. The minister and the other guests were also headless mannequins.

“A beautiful wedding?” The girl asked as she walked around the altar running her fingers on the roses, the audience hissed and booed. Instead of throwing popcorn they started to throw rocks and glass bottles. The daughter was getting hit. She started to bleed blue blood when the trash hit her. The girl started to dance around.

As the lights turned off but shortly back on, the scene was now a melting hospital room. The daughter was sitting in a broken bed holding a wooden doll. There was a headless mannequin sitting beside the bed with four other mannequins behind him in happy poses.

“Aww, she had a little boy! I guess her baby dolls weren’t good enough!” The girl screamed there came the cries of babies from the audience. Feeling my eyes starting to water and my heart ache.

“Why are you crying?! You have no right?! You did this!” The girl yelled at me then she chuckled lightly, “but like I said this is just getting worse for you!” The light flashed and once more the scene was different but there was weird looking art all over the walls, and once more everyone in the room was a headless mannequin.

“I guess one good thing about our creator. She still loves to draw, but she never created a new character or made anything amazing. No, she made stupid lines going nowhere, and she made dots. Random dot here, a random dot there, oh like another random stupid dot…”

“BORING! But somehow it was “great” and she became famous for those stupid boring lines and dots…? How? No, seriously how?” The girl shrug as the audience started to laugh.

The daughter walked in from the dark wearing a fancy looking dress. Stopping to look at a blurred picture. She held a wine glass of blue liquid taking a sip from it, it that just ran down the mask and onto the floor. Her husband who wasn’t a mannequin this time soon joined her side. He puts a hand on her shoulder. “It’s beautiful, honey.” He said, he too was holding a wine glass with that same colored liquid.

“Oh. Wow and we all thought you were a horrible liar creator!” The girl laughed as she looked at me. Looking away and still trying to get out of the restraints but I still felt her eyes on me.

“No, no. Sorry lovely, very rude to look away.” The female narrator said as she turned my head back, trying to force me to watch. I wiggled my head out of her hand. “I don’t have to watch shi-!” Didn’t even have time to blink before there was a dagger inches away from my eye.

“Sea witch, you better watch or say goodbye to that pretty brown eye of yours.” The man with the one eye mask said I looked up at him then nodded slowly. “Y-yes…Si-ir.” I stuttered out. He put the dagger back in his belt and sat down beside me with a head nod towards the stage. The girl put her hand on her hip.

“Being a so-called “artist,” our creator goes to art shows to see the other artworks that are just more random dots, and more lines going nowhere that were made by more so-called “artist”. But when you have wives or husbands lying to their spouse saying ‘It’s beautiful’.”

“No wonder some of them think they can draw.” When the girl said ‘it’s beautiful’, she sounded so much like the husband or… like my husband… My head started to hurt and spin. The girl cocked her head at me with that damn mocking smiling mask!

The lights started to flicker. “Like many of these art shows, there’s drinking. Well, both our creator and her lying husband may have had a bit too much. Uh oh.” The girl started to giggle the lights flickered again.

The scene was now a melting highway at night. The moon was a pale white with that sickening smile on it. The daughter and husband were sitting in a red car. The husband was pretending to drive.

The husband was nodding his head like he was agreeing to something. The daughter had her head leaning on his shoulder soon the husband dropped his head all of a sudden and turned the wheel to the side. There came the sounds of the car screeching as the lights turned off they were followed by the sounds of crunching metal.

“Both lived, the husband got a broken arm. The car is completely totaled. But what about our dear little creator? Well.” The girl shrugged as the light turned off over her then one turned on in the middle of the stage, but it was flickering.

The scene was dark but there was blue smoke that was rolling around the daughter almost looking like claws grabbing onto her. She was laying in another hospital bed, the eyes on her mask were crossed out with red paint. There were headless mannequins in the room but they were turned away from her.

“Left in a sweet dreamlike state or what is known as a coma! The perfect way for her creations to say hello again! She’ll be locked away in her mind for a very long time because we’re NEVER going to let her wake up!” The girl screamed as the audience started to cheer and howl like monsters!

I felt the jump ropes getting loose the more I struggled. Wiggling and squirming out of them I finally got free. Standing up and running as fast as I could. “Damn it, Lady Valentines!” The first male narrator yelled, “told you to keep them tight!”