Patchwork: Origins

My name is Klei and I live here in the Philippines, would only think that Slenderman could be only in faraway places unlike here where I live. I’m a writer that knows how to induce the fear level of my readers, it’s been a gift to me yet a curse mostly. I heard about this site called Creepypasta where you can post and read horror stories whether it’s fake or real. I thought of maybe visiting the site but something caught my eye in interest… the Slenderman. I read all about him every single story about him online and researched about him on how he haunts his victims to the day they get taken by this Slenderman.

I became so obsessed with him. I started writing notes about him and writing my thoughts about him. My thoughts became shattered and now it’s a whirlwind or a tornado of racing thoughts I couldn’t help but to go insane by this obsession because I worshipped him.

Then one night my electronics started glitching and my nose was bleeding. It kept happening every night and I don’t know how to stop it, that’s when I got paranoia.

So that another one night I was cleaning my knives because well, my confession is that I’m a killer for hire. I know many creative methods on how to dispose a corpse or h*********l creatively and gruesome. So yeah, that night, that’s when I went outside for a nightly walk and that’s when I saw him.

These past few months he gave me lots of illness and worse that I can’t stop coughing blood from my mouth. I wanted it to stop… to stop this insanity, this madness. So I confronted Slenderman myself.

“Slenderman, I have an offer you can’t refuse,” I said

His voice was cold and dark, extremely terrifying, “And what is that, child?”

“I want you to stop killing me slowly and haunting me in exchange for something.”

“I’m interested.”

“I will be your proxy, your follower.”

“I accept you child for I have seen your skills were astonishing. From now on you are mine.”

And that was the night I became a proxy, the Patchwork. I grabbed my white Matryoshka hoodie, butterfly knife, facemask that has green glowing fangs and teeth as design, and nothing else. I headed out for the night for a mission.

  • Puddin Tane

    You really need to work on your sentence structure. I can’t even read this, it is that bad. Try reading it aloud to yourself. I find that doing that helps point out the grammatical errors as well as any spelling mistakes. Also, try to work on your punctuation. Do a rewrite and then resubmit. I’m not saying this to give you a hard time, but to help you out. Hope to see this after you rework it. Good luck.