The Curious Case of Alissa Koun

January 2th. Alissa got born.

Her father loved from the beginning on, his small child with full passion.

The mother on the other hand, gave her daughter nothing else than disgusted looks, or even slapped her when she wanted to.

Alissa grew up as a very religious and kindful kid. Her mother was the exact opposite.

She worked as a Butcher, was dark, depressed, and seemed to be drinking a lot.


One night, when Alissa was only six years old, her mother came home completely drunk.

The little girl sat inside of her room, playing with her dolls.

Suddenly, she heard a loud crash from the kitchen.

The girl twitched and slowly stood up.

Alissa’s room door was a little pit open, and she looked outside.


Almost a scream came from the small girl’s lips, as she saw her drunk mother standing in the hallway. With a knife.

Her heart beated faster and her hands got sweaty.

Slowly, her mother started to move towards the child’s room door.

Alissa closed her eyes.

“I am dead. She will kill me.”

Exactly, when the woman touched her door knob, the front door opened.

“Hey Sweety. I am back! I hope you didn’t drink too much again…”

It was Alissa’s father!

Alissa took all of her courage, pulled open the door, ran past the mother and into the arms of her Savior.

“Huh? Oh! You really seemed to have missed me, Sweety!”

Her Father smiled calmly at his daughter.

As fast as possible, her mom hid the knife behind her back, smiling at him.

“Oh I’m so glad, your back, darling!”

She looked down at Alissa.

“We were just going to make dinner for you…”

Alissa gulped, and nodded slowly.

“Aw… You don’t have to! I already brought some with me!” He took out a lunch packet.

“Come on! Let’s have a nice dinner together.”


The years passed really fastly without any situations like this again, but the girl could never forget what would have happened, If her father didn’t come in this moment.


It was almost midnight, as the 13 year old Alissa arrived from a school festival at home.

She walked inside from the backdoor, to not wake her mother.

The girl knew, that she hated it, when she got back late.

Alissa always wondered why…

She sneaked thought the hallway, noticing that there were familiar voices in the kitchen, and the lights were on.

The girl carefully looked through the half opened door, saw her Mother and Father.

But something was odd…

Her father’s expression wasn’t happy, or calm like always, he looked furious.

“How could you! Why would you harm your own Child?!!” he screamed in Anger.


HA!! That I’m not laughting!

I never wanted her!!

Girls are disgusting! So selfish and childish…

You know that I always wanted a boy!!”

Alissa gasped terrified.


That says exactly you!!

YOU hurted her!! You were never here for her! How could you do that?! You- you-… MONSTER!!!”

A small tear ran down the girl’s face.

She never wanted this to happen… she didn’t complain about it… About anything!

Because… Loosing this family, was worse than all the pain, her mother caused…

She snapped out of her mind, as she heard these few sentences of her parents…

“That’s it! We’ll divorce!

Then can Alissa finally have a perfect life!!”

Her father screamed.

The mother looked in terror at the floor.

Suddenly, the same smile as in the night…

…The same Smile from seven years ago, appeared on the woman’s face.

“I’ll… I’ll…”

“You’ll what…? Believe me, you won’t to anything anymore, when your in jail…”

She looked up and stared, with this awful look in her husband’s eyes.

“I’ll KILL you.”

This words triggered something in Alissa.

She stood up, and ran back into her room.

The girl searched desperately for her key, to close the door, but remembered…

…that her mother kept all the keys in her pocket, so she couldn’t escape her “punishments.”

As fast as possible, the girl grabbed her phone and started to type in the emergency number.

Suddenly, she heard screaming coming from the kitchen.

It sounded painful.

She dropped in shock her phone.

“No no no no… Crap…”

The screams started to get less and less, until there was complete silence.


There were footsteps on the hallway, getting louder and more near. Alissa’s heart almost stopped beating as she grabbed her old, and favourite plush “Mr. Bun”.

She wasn’t able to move… Everything seemed to be frozen.



Don’t stand here around… She will kill you… And we don’t want this to happen… Don’t we?”

She looked at her plush bunny in disbelief.

No… It couldn’t be…

It were only illusions…Mr. Bun wasn’t a living creature…

He was more like… an imaginary friend to her.

” Y-you can speak…?”

Her blue eyes wided.

Of course I can…I’m talking in your head, Alissa.

But… Look… This crazy woman will slaughter you, if you stay like this.

Hide under the bed.

She slowly nodded and rolled under her giant bed.

She kept her eyes shut, and didn’t even move, when she heard the door opening…


Come out… You can’t hide from me anymore. Your father is dead. No one is here to save you… So…

Let me make this quick!”

The girl tried to cover her mouth, but a silent whimper came out of it.

abruptly, it was silent.

Alissa sighed facilitated. She didn’t seem to hear her…

Suddenly! A hand grabbed her foot and pulled her out from under the bed.

She screamed in fear and stared with wide opened eyes at her mother.

“Aw…Too bad that you’ve heard too much….. Goodbye sweetie.”

Then, the woman lifted the Chopper knife, she brought with her, and smashed it down at her own daughter.


Hours later…

“Tragedy in Darrington!

Two corpses have been found in the family Koun’s house.

They have been identified as the parents.

The father has been stabbed to deadt by a kitchen knife, but the murder weapon of the mother hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Experts think, that it was some kind of a chopper knife…

Only a few pieces of evidence have been saved, because of a fire, which burned a lot down, in the middle of the investigation.

More is coming soon…”


The radio which was turned on, got switched off.

Did you hear that…?

We did it! We are free! Now we can do whatever we want… Finally…

The girl nodded, as the cold wind blew through her empty eye sockets…

Don’t worry… You don’t need those stupid eyes anymore!! You can now see whatever you want!


“Whatever I want…?”

A smile appeared on her pale face.

“Whatever I want…” She kept repeating this sentence over and over again while looking at the sharp and blood stained blade in her hand…

  • Angel

    Awesome story!!! Near the end I thought it was going to be a slenderman proxy surprise, but it wasn’t which makes it so much better!!! The characters were good and they seemed accurate for certain mindsets. Good on you!!!

    • Jules Doodles

      That’s great to hear!
      Thank you very much!!
      I’m so glad, that you like it!! 😀

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Proofread before you publish. The very first line was an error (2nd, not 2th…)

    • Jules Doodles

      Sorry TvT
      I’m new here, and not a real english speaker…. So forgive me please;-;

      • Daniel Di Benedetto

        Oh, my apologies! I didn’t know. In that case, it’s not bad at all. It’s actually quite ambitious to write a story in a language that you’re learning. I applaud you for that! However, for the sake of the story, I would suggest having an English-speaking friend edit some of the errors (: Good work.

        • Jules Doodles

          Thank you^^

  • Ernest Kiew

    It’s definitely a well made story, but there are a few spelling and grammar mistakes in the story.

    • Jules Doodles

      Thank you for the featback! And yeah…. English isn’t my real language, so I have some issues with it… TvT… But I’m really excited, that you like it! ^^

  • Alexandros Cubby Doane

    I automatically love this! The fact you broke the stereotypical “Drunk father murderer” was a nice fresh change!

    • Jules Doodles

      Thank you very much!!
      It feels awesome, that you like it^^