Aubry the Insanity

Aubry was a 17-year-old girl, brown hair, emerald-green eyes, and wears black plastic rim glasses, but she was bullied a lot when she was 12 years old. She was always made fun of what she wore, ripped up clothes, poorly made hair cuts, just because their family is broke and they expect her to do things right, always wanting her to be something else then what she wants to be, an artist.

The kids even bullied her for her art work. She was an exceptional artist, but her art work was very questionable. She always got picked on a lot, she was tripped over purposefully, she was harassed, and well other things…  Even her family doesn’t care anymore, they think she is a lost cause and took more of an interest in her new baby sister.

Over time she has bottled up all of her emotions, her anger, her sadness, her anxiety, she never shown a sign of it. Aubry was 17 years old at the time, she was working on an art project in her 1st period class where they used exact-o knives to work on their project, she was cutting out one of her drawings with an exact-o knife, then one of the boys walked up, took the exact-o knife out of her hands and cut her drawing into pieces. The boys laughed, then that’s when she snapped!

She got up, took the boy’s wrist with the exact-o knife in his and the next thing you know, blood spills, she laughed hysterically as she stood in front of the boy laying in front of her. She holds the knife in her hand, as the teacher went over to grab a hold of her she quickly took care of the teacher as well, then she turned around slowly and killed the boys in the room before they had time to get out of the classroom, she stood there laughing hysterically with blood dripping off of her.

She thinks to her self that this shouldn’t stop here, she thinks that she should continue with her insanity rage on everyone that has given her crap. So one by one she went and picked off each kid that has ever given her crap and others that got in her way in that school. Then she walked out of school and into the woods out back… never to be seen again.

Now the only time you will see her, she will lure you out into the woods with her humming. After 5 seconds of hearing her hum you will be hypnotized, luring you into the woods. She will either kill you for giving her crap or others crap or if you want revenge, but the price is your life, and in that case she won’t lure the bully, she will visit him/her in their dreams, but in the end you will die, but we never knew what happened to her.

But remember when u hear her hum run, or else in 5 seconds you will become one of her victims that will never return dead or alive…

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    It’s kind of a tired concept. Girl gets bullied really badly by unrealistic and cheesy kids at school and eventually snaps and starts killing everyone for no reason. I get killing the bullies, but the fact that she was hurt by people for no reason would make you think that she would spare those in the same situation. Just doesn’t make sense. Also, proofread. Don’t put ‘u’ for ‘you.’ I’m sorry if that was harsh. I definitely think you should keep practicing.

  • IronMosquito

    I agree with Steph. Kind of overused, using u as a substitute really killed it. Sorry, but I just didn’t like it.