The Evil that Follows Me

The red glowing eyes peering at me through the darkness of my room makes me shutter in fear. I’m squeezing my blanket with both hands so tight that I can feel sweat in the middle of my palms soaking the blanket. I’m paralyzed with fear!

What does this thing want with me? I think to myself, while still staring at this thing. This is my third night without sleep and this evil is haunting me! I don’t know why though? why me!

Suddenly I hear a voice calling my name.


It was a deep scary voice. I ignored it and slid under my blanket.


I’m not hearing this. I thought to myself.

Yes you are. The voice said inside my head.

I peaked my head out from under the blanket, “What do you want from me!” I screamed into the darkness. Suddenly a black mass appeared at the foot of my bed, and said to me now in a low whisper.

“I want – your soul, Seth.”

The mass then disappeared into the darkness. I was paralyzed with fear yet again. I just sat in the darkness thinking to myself.

Why is this happening to me? what did I do? 

I turned on my lamp next to my bed and stayed awake the rest of the night. There was no way I was going to sleep after that. The rest of the night my mind was racing with thoughts over and over.

My third night without a full nights rest was really getting to me. I turned to see my alarm clock it read 4:30 A.M. I didn’t know if it was the demon playing tricks on me, but I could see things moving in the night. I could also hear voices.

At one point in the night, it sounded like someone was breaking into my apartment, so I grabbed a bat and sat there for the rest of the night. I sat still holding the bat until seven o’clock in the morning. I was prying my eyes open, my body wanted to sleep, but I was still scared.

Ugh how can I stay awake? I thought to myself. Coffee, coffee will allow me to stay awake! I’ll stay awake the whole night. Is that safe? – I don’t know, but I gotta stay awake.

I got out of my bed, still holding my plastic bat all the way to the kitchen of my tiny apartment. I slowly got the water and poured it into the coffee pot. I put the coffee in the cup and then poured the water, and stirred it around. I took a sip.

“Ouch!” it immediately burned my upper lip I spilled some of it all over my floor, “I’ll just wait for this to cool down,” I said out loud to myself as I sat my cup on the counter. I felt like eyes were watching me. I could feel that the evil presence was in the room mocking me, taunting me from a far. I stood in the middle of the room just standing there, for no apparent reason I couldn’t move it was like I was stuck. The entire room started spinning around me, and before I knew it I just saw complete blackness.

I woke up to my best friend Daniel, shaking me awake.

“Hey man get up,” he said.

“H-how long was I out?” I asked, suddenly realizing that I was no longer on the floor in my kitchen, but I was moved to my couch.

“I don’t know I just got here man. You look like hell,” Daniel says.


“Seriously man, you look like you haven’t slept in awhile is everything, okay?”

“Yeah – why wouldn’t I be?” I asked confused.

“Maybe because we haven’t seen you since last week. You’ve also called off work a couple of days too. I haven’t seen you since the night all of us went out,” Daniel explained.

“Has it really been that long?” I asked.

Daniel gave me a puzzled look.

“Yeah Seth, it’s been awhile. I remember we met up with Holly and Page that night. We all got drunk and they started playing with that Ouija thing?”

“Ouija board?” I said. Why don’t I remember this?

“Yeah I don’t remember a lot of it though we all got pretty wasted that night.”

My heart dropped. My stomach felt like it was gonna go through my throat. This explains everything.  I forgot all about that night and since then I’ve had a whirlwind of activity. Now I’m losing sleep and time over this.  I have to get help. I have to tell Daniel what’s been going on. Don’t tell Daniel. I heard in my head. I’ll kill him if you do. The voice said.

“Yeah since that night I haven’t felt the same man,” I said to Daniel, as I felt this pain in the middle of my chest. I continued, “Somethings been following me…”

I suddenly felt sick to my stomach, I leaped up to go to the bathroom.

“Are you okay!” Daniel asks as I ran by him to get to the bathroom. I threw up this weird black stuff, and hurried to flush it. Daniel was at the door knocking.

I told you not to tell him!

“Leave me alone,” I thought.

No Seth, you’re mine now tell him to leave, or I’ll do it! 


Suddenly, I felt this intense burning along with this rage and hatred for Daniel. All I could see was this red tent in my eyes and I didn’t have control over my body. I was struggling between being myself and this evil. The last thing I remember before blacking out, was opening the bathroom door.

I was standing over Daniel, who was covered in blood in my living room.

Oh my god! what have I done! I thought to myself. I’m freaking out, trying to figure out what to do!

S**t! I’m going to have to bury him or take him somewhere. I wish I could remember what happened. 


News broadcast: 23 yr old Seth Andrews has been missing since last week. We’ve tied him to the death of who we know to be one of his best friends, Daniel Walsh. Here we have Daniel’s girlfriend Holly Wilson.

“Who is Seth, and is this his character to kill one of his best friends?”

“No comment,” Holly says.

News broadcast: Seth remains at large, if you see him stay far away hes considered mentally unstable. Call your local authorities.

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    That was a good one.. I like it.

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