Don’t Trust Anyone

“Don’t worry, everything’s going to be ok,” my mom said. I kept repeating that in my head, but it didn’t change the feeling I had. We moved to Nebraska a few days ago and I still have the same feeling when my parents told me we were going to move.

(3 months ago)
We were sitting at the table, after supper. We were watching the new episode of our favorite T.V. show untill it was over. Instead of telling us to go to bed after the episode, my parents told us to stay down here. They gave each other a glance, then my dad said, “my work just got relocated to South Dakota for a project, that means we have to go up there untill its done.” Ok, so we will be spending, maybe, a week up there as some sort a business vacation. Then my dad kept going, “that means we have to move up there, or somewhere near my work for a while “How long?” I asked in desperation. My dad sighed and then he started to talk. “About 1 or 2 yea…” That’s when I ran upstairs. I was very comfortable with my situation, but meeting new people and starting over wasn’t my thing. That’s when my mom came in my room and comforted me untill I could calm down. Then she said, “everything will be ok, I promise,” and silently closed the do.

(Present day)
I sat in my new bed quietly, thinking about the day ahead for me. What nice surprises would be in store for me the moment I woke up the next day. We couldn’t find a house untill a week before school started, so we found this one at the last second. It was suspicious, because of the man who sold this house to us looked very, odd. Hell, this whole town looked very odd. It is a small town with a very small population of 500 people. The school I was going to had only 50 kids, 6-8. The thing that I’m most nervous about is how the kids would leave me out, since it seemed to be a very small group of people.

As I went to take my glasses of, I decided to go on my phone for a while. I turned off the lights and got my phone. as I hopped in my bed, I decided to watch some “funny moments” on YouTube, just to get in mood and not to be so gloomy about tomorrow. I watched videos for a good 2 hours and noticed it was about 12 o’ clock. I might as well get some water before I go to bed. I went to the nearest bathroom and turned on the faucet, put no water came out, which was strange, but I figured since it was just the way the town wasn’t really near any major vegetation, or even civilization. I thought to my self that, Oh, I don’t know,the water was working downstairs. So I made my way down stairs with my water bottle and turned on the kitchen faucet. It worked! I filled up the bottle and headed to the stairs, making sure I didn’t wake up my siblings or parent. But, as I did, I took a quick glance at the front room window. It caught my attention that there was this kid, about the same age as me, running down the street with a, blade, gun, I couldn’t tell, but as I stood there following him down with my eyes down the street, the kid stopped. He craned his neck, looked at me dead in the eye, and smiled. And I can tell you, I will never forget that, creepy, horrific smile. As he made his way down the street, I ran upstairs as fast, and quietly as I could, and ran to my room. As I made my way in my bed, I couldn’t think of anything else other than that smile.

I woke up to my alarm, thinking about last night. I got ready, made lunch, and ate breakfast. I didn’t want my mom to worry so I didn’t tell her about last night. As she drove me to my new school, she asked me if I wanted to be homeschooled. That sounded fine to me, but I think I could manage to go to school without my mom everyday. She dropped me off and I walked in the building. The school looked older than the town. But, as I said, everything here looked odd.

As I walked down the hallways, trying to find my locker number, I bumped into someone. He looked like the least odd thing ive seen since I moved here. He asked me, “do you know where locker number 23 is?” I looked at him and said, “I’m new to.” He looked relieved and said, “Hi, I’m Josh, and you?” “Max, are you as confused as me, seeing how odd it is around here?” “Yup, every time I talk to someone, they just look at me and smile while walking away.” I did notice that every person I passed looked at me and smiled. But I ignored it since I was trying to find my locker. “After wefind our lockers, which class do you have first?”             “Math, do you have math first?” I looked at my schedule and, in fact I did. We said our goodbyes for the moment and looked for our lockers.

As I walked out of the school, I thought to myself of the day I had. I t wasn’t half bad. The fact that nobody, except Josh, not even the teachers talked to him. Josh ran over to me. He said something very strange about him last night. He said that a girl with a mask knocked on the door around 10 o’clock. He answered it, being the closest near the door, and there was a girl running away from the door, and when he opened the door, the girl stopped. Then looked back and smiled. Josh told me it was the creepiest smile ever. And when his parents asked who it was, Josh said it was just a solicitor, scared to say what he saw. I then told him about last night. He looked at me, astonished, and said, “this place is odd, and I don’t like it.”

It’s weird to think about what I saw a couple of days ago, but things are going normally. There are creaks and sounds coming from my house, but I just ignored it. My twin brothers, only 3 years old, seem, quieter than usual. They usually wake up in the middle of the night, having nightmares or wetting the bed. But their quiet, which isn’t normal. The past few days, me and Josh have gotten to know each other better, but everyday, it seems like he’s getting less and less sleep. I asked him about it once, but he just shook his head. I got worried about him, on how he probably is thinking about that girl from his doorstep a couple of days ago. I also was noticing that some of the kids in my class look, unique. Me and Josh are starting to worry.

That kid came by my house again, but at around 11. Strange, maybe he just finished murdering someone, but his bedtime is around 12. He didn’t look at me, but I still remembered that smile a week ago. G******n, what if tries murdering me. Nah, he’s just a kid, but I don’t see him at school

More kids are talking to me and Josh. Well, if there saying “Hi” and just walking away, smiling, every time.

Josh hasn’t been here for a few days, its starting to worry me. I’ve been so lonely at school, not to add boring. The teachers never assign work, just teach the lesson and going to the next. At least there greeting me at the door.

Josh is back, but he hasn’t really spoke to me. We had a conversation at lunch, and he said some creepy stuff. “Don’t talk to anyone, listen to anyone, follow anyone, you are the only one I trust, Max.” I tried cheering him up, but he kept talking about the girl. He was afraid to leave the house, since he walks to school. His parents leave early for work, and he’s 5 minutes away from the school. He’s says at night, he sees the girl,at his window, in his closet, by his bedside, telling him not to listen, trust, or follow anyone. That’s when I said that you just imagining things. Boy, was I wrong.

Tonight, I’m worried. After what Josh said, in worried. I’m on my phone, worried, and going to sleep, worried. I woke up to the sound of a voice. The voice kept humming. I listened, it was coming from my closet. I crept over there, terrified to see that kid running down the street, but it was a piece of paper, with a blade stuck to it, attached to the wall. My heart stopped when it said these words, “Don’t talk, listen, or follow anyone.” The rest of the night, at huddled in the corner of the room, with the blade in hand.

I didn’t go to school, my mom doesn’t have a job yet so I acted like I was sick.

I haven’t been to school for the whole week. Josh keeps texting me, but I can’t trust anything, even Josh.

I went to school, Josh was happy to see me. I told him what happened a couple of days ago. I hauvnt slept since. Josh said it probably was a good idea to sleep over at his house, so we both would get sleep with each others company. It seemed like we were going mad, crazy, like these people here. I didn’t like this, we need to get out of this town.

Me and Josh slept over. The most terrifying day of my life. It started of normally, we talked, played video games, and we are dinner. We went to sleep around 10, but was woken up by thunder. Then we heard a noise, getting louder, quieter, louder, and so on. Since we were in the basement of Josh’s house, there was only 2 windows. I got up to investigate one of the windows, nothing. As I approached the other window, however, the pitter-patter sound was growing louder, louder, then, out the window, there he was. The kid, running down the street. As the kid was scratching the image in the window, he stopped and smiled at me, the same smile from last time. The message in the window said, “Trust Me.” That’s when I heard a scream. I ran back to where Josh was and there he was. A little girl behind him, slitting his throat, slowly, painfully, I cringed and I yelled a cry of help. That’s when I blacked out.

I woke up to the sound of my mom. “Max, Max, it’s a new day, your one of us.”As I woke up, I saw my mom with that same smile, I smiled at her and said,”I’m glad to fit in with everyone, now.” I went to the mirror, with my pale skin, black hair, just like everyone else here. I smiled, and it was a very scary smile. I liked it. I went to school, and everyone there said the same thing. “Trust Me.” I said it back. I can finally embrace this town. I understand now. I wish Josh had the time I had to embrace it. My twin brothers, dad and friend died because they didn’t embrace it like I did. I did, and now I must help other people to embrace it. After school, I went home and got my blade from that one night. At 12 at night, I ran down a street. A kid looked at me from his window, I smiled at him. Now its his turn to embrace his new life.

  • Desirae via

    This is kinda confusing and weird lol. But IG that’s what creepypasta is about 😂 good job. Better than my stories!

  • Vapegod69

    The grammatical errors ruin the mood. It’s like it was written by a twelve year old.

  • Francesco Villacres

    This story is overall good. It makes you feel quite uneasy, as it should be. The only thing ruining it is the grammar mistakes.

  • Monica Santillano

    This is very confusing, I wish there had been some kind of explanation to this “new way of life” it just went from a kid being terrified then passing out after his friend is killed then BAM! he’s one of them.

    • UnafraidSafeGaming –

      You are right. I read over my creepypasta after I finished, and I might as well try to write one. I was kinda just making stuff as I go, I will probably do a pasta on how all of this went down.

  • UnafraidSafeGaming –

    So I wrote this on my phone, and spell check is not as accurate it seems, there are some errors that I look over after it published (do instead of door, parent instead if parents). Honestly, I thought this would be rejected, but I’m surprised to see most people like it. I will start righting more creepypastas occasionally, its my first pasta to see if I wanted to write them. In the future, I will write more detailed creepypastas that are not as confusing as this one. Sorry more the grammar.