Historical Skadi

Skadi Morgensen was not your average normal 16 year old girl.

She wasn’t interested in social media or athletics or anything a modern teenager would usually enjoy taking part in.

Skadi loved history and anything to do with history. She did very well in all her classes in school, but studies of the past was where she was unstoppable.

Her favorite era in history to study since she was a young girl was the Middle Ages. She loved to go beyond the boundaries of the real world and bask in her wild fantasies of the medieval times, riding on horses while wielding a sword and storming into battles.

Her obsession grew so much that she even began to associate herself as being a real medieval person, born back in the 12th century and not from these modern times.

She would go around her school and at her home, chanting and speaking in old 15th century English and ramble on about her ‘adventures’ and the battles she ‘fought’ in the Middle Ages.

Because of all these things, the kids in school mocked and picked on her for her different ways and sometimes but rarely got physically violent with her.

Skadi’s parents began to believe that she had mental issues when they tried to get Skadi to stop her ‘historical madness’ and snap back into reality, but were shocked when Skadi, with a serious demeanor, confronted them and threatened to slay them for their ‘insolence’ against her medievalist ways.

Skadi grew very distant from people and her social skills were greatly weakened. She couldn’t converse with people properly without speaking to them in a form of English that was no longer understood, and her strange fantasies always got in the way of having a decent conversation last.

The bullying in school grew worse for her and she became more angered and more past-oriented as a way to defend her self from her ‘modernist foes’.

One day while heading to school, Skadi encountered three bullies who began to pick on her. She tried to defend herself from their taunting but got laughed at more because she could only reply in olden English and with weak comebacks.

Skadi threatened to make them suffer a medieval form of ‘torture’ when the main bully pulled out a pocket knife and said he will show her the modern way of ‘slaying’.

The bullies attacked Skadi and she got beat up cruelly. She left from the fight with bloody scars and a warning.

“Don’t tell anyone, or else!”

Skadi rushed home in pain and in a rage. She ignored her seemingly concerned parents and locked herself in her room for the rest of school hours. While she hid herself in her room, something inside of her snapped…

When she came out of her room, she wore old faded ripped up peasant-like clothes with chains hanging from her arms and around her neck. Her left eye was dripping with blood and more cuts were visible on herself than before. Her hair was messy and ruffled and her eyes were twitching uncontrollably over a crooked smile.

“I’m going to purge the world of these foolish modernists…” she cackled, dragging herself with all the chains into her garage.

Skadi’s parents who were in the garage at the time working on a project were struck with horror to see the state and appearance of their daughter.

“Skadi! What happened to you? Your face!” Her mother shrieked. Skadi simply laughed and continued to make her way to the long sickle that sat in the tool shelf on the wall and a box of huge nails on a the desk.

“What… What are you doing? Skadi, answer us!” Insisted her father, slowly making his way towards his daughter.

Skadi turned toward her parents with a very off smile and muttered, “Doth not worry, my noble parents. Thou shalt be able to watch my glorious purging from above alongside my medieval comrades.”

“You’re taking this medieval nonsense too far, stop this!”

“Skadi, put down that sickle and nails…WHAT ARE YOU DOING!??”

“Don’t cry… I’ll remember you… in history.”


Since school was out, everyone wildly burst out of the building into the streets of the small neighborhood.

The well-known school bullies were back at it, making fun of other kids and pushing people around.

They were just getting done with tossing another boy they had harassed aside when they heard the sound of snickering coming from the small forest area near the front of the school. Thinking they were being laughed at, the three immediately stormed into the bushes to search out the laughter.

They came to encounter a person with long messy red hair sitting on a log with their back turned to them, chains layered all over their body and a tall,  bloody garden sickle rested on their shoulder.

“I want to free the world of worthless, wretched beings like you. A world without m-modernists, where me and my friends from the past can thrive,” the person growled, slowly turning to face the bullies.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” The main bully growled, approaching the person slowly to see that it was Skadi, the same girl they had picked on earlier.

“Ew, it’s history girl. What happened to you?” One of the other bullies sneered, closely eyeing the bloody sickle that rested on her shoulder.

“My eyes were opened. Now I know my task. Thank you for taking part in helping me see what I must do.”

The girl twitched irregularly and stood up; she began to drag herself towards the boys, the bloody sickle quickly sliding to her hands.

“Stay back! Get AWAY!” The main bully screamed, backing up with his friends, his eyes wide in terror.

Skadi lifted the sickle above her head and smirked widely at the frightened students that were now trembling below her, afraid to move.

“Don’t cry my friends… I’ll remember you in history…”


Breaking News: Three high school students ranging from age 15-16 were found brutally murdered beside the school campus in the restricted forest area.

Detectives say they were found nailed to a tree and necks were left half-slain open. A large gash in all three teens formed to resemble the Red Cross that represented medieval crusaders was lodged into their chest area and cut into their hands.

This same horrific scene was also found in a small house garage nearby the high school with the murder of two young adults aged about a little under 35. Their unknown daughter is currently missing and is a highly questionable subject in the case.

More news will be announced once we have gathered more information, please stay tuned.

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  • Lukmin

    Good story! I like the character she’s so unique. I feel it is a bit cliche that she is an insane child and killed her bullies and parents, but besides that it’s a good read. I like the descriptive way you write and this is probably better than most, keep improving though!

  • Yaboi

    Good writing, had it’s weaknesses in the dialog and behavior of the characters, nice vocabulary, I liked it , deserves a part 2, 9.6/10