5th St. Church

There’s this abandoned church on North 5th street. It was once a thriving little parish with wonderful families and a loyal christian fellowship. The neighborhood was a great place as well, the neighbors helped each other out, said hi, and smiled, because of the church. But not anymore…

One spring, the Minister decided to get a pet bunny for the Sunday School youth group. The students named him “Peter”. For a while things were going as normal. About a month after is when things started to get weird, one of the children from the preschool group (4 yr. old) said, “There’s no heaven after death.” I asked, “What do you mean?”

“Lucifer over threw heaven, now there is only Hell.”

“Who told you this child?”

“The bunny, Peter.”

I was somewhat surprised. It’s true that children tend to have a wild imagination, but this dark? I mentioned what happened and my concerns to boy’s parents in hopes that whatever maybe wrong could be addressed sooner rather than later. As the weeks went on, more of the children from the younger groups started saying the same thing, some older children (between 9 and late teens) were beginning to act out and misbehave. A few attempted to set the church on fire or kill the bunny, which was the cause of the nightmares they had.

One Sunday six months after what the little boy said, that week’s sermon was coming to a close. The weird thing was that the children from the Sunday school and Youth classes were usually dismissed 5-15 minutes before the sermon came to a close. The Preacher ended the sermon and the parents, wondering why their children were so late from class, went to check on them.

There was a chilling scream, followed by an eerie silence. When I got to the joint classrooms, it was a horrific scene… There was blood and gore all over the walls. The children were all gone, as well as the bunny.

On one of the walls, at the far end of the room, written in blood was:

“These are Peter’s children now…”

The church was closed down. Rumors spread about. Some people in the area claim someone broke into the church and killed the children, some believe that the place was a religious cult and that the children were a sacrifice. There was also a rumor of someone broke out of an institution for the criminally insane and pretended to be a Sunday school teacher and took the bunny as a trophy after killing the children.

I steal have this feeling that it was the bunny. All the children claiming that Lucifer destroyed Heaven, their stories were the same, even the claim that Peter the bunny told them. The ones that had nightmares said that the bunny told them the same in their dreams.

To this day the church remains closed. If you look thru the glass of the front doors, You’ll see a bunny followed by children painted on the far side of the room, and if you’ve got good eyes, it’ll say underneath:

“Peter’s Children…”

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    Not the best but it is still good

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    One or two grammatical mistakes, other then those good read.