That Thing

Due to positive comments I will continue to post my story, but as I am a construction worker I have ridiculous hours so it will take time in-between each one.

I was seven years old and my mom and dad had just split up on Halloween. My Dad had taken me and my brother out trick or treating by the time we had got home my mom had left and this traumatized me. I didn’t see her for several months and in this time frame is where things started getting worse.

About two weeks had passed since my mom left. All my dreams had become lucid and they started to get darker and more unnerving. It started as the colors fading and the atmosphere feeling stretched as if there were a massive storm brewing overhead. But nothing really happened and there was no center focus of what was around me. Sometimes I would be in my elementary school parking lot or in the church my parents used to take me and my brother to but most often I was in my first childhood home. I have no real memories of this place I know it was before my brother was born and the only thing I really recognized was my little bedroom that was only about eight foot by ten foot. That’s where I would stand, and these dreams continued on like this until Thanksgiving came.

We tried to enjoy it my dad was struggling to work and care for us. We had all gathered at my grandparents house to eat, and while we were there I asked my Aunt Julie if she knew what the change in my dreams could be. She told me to wait two more weeks and she would come visit to find out more considering that my dad didn’t care for the idea and his wandering around a “spirit world”. And not too long after I had finished speaking with my Aunt my dad called us to go home. We didn’t live far maybe fifteen miles or so, but it seemed like the longest and quietest ride of my life.

Upon arriving home dad told us to go to sleep. Once we laid down my brother fell asleep near instantly and I shortly after. When the dream had come to form I was in my Aunt’s yard standing next to my first bedframe that she had turned into a garden of sorts. It had always had these beautiful roses growing through and around it, but these were different they were black but not like you would picture them. They were so black I couldn’t see the inside petals and all the thorns were dripping with blood. The storm that had been forming looked as if it were finished a red lightning bolt split the sky it had began to rain, but it wasn’t water. Blood began puddling on the ground and the roses had wilted. Because I had grown used to these dreams and strange encounter I calmly walked to my Aunt’s porched. But when I got there she was there too but she had no eyes and had a horrific expression of fear on her face. I couldn’t contain my fear I lost control of my emotion, and in a lucid dream this is most definitely a bad thing. The reasons can vary widely but any which way you slice it it’s not good.

I quickly ran inside to escape the sight of my Aunt. And I thought to myself that it was the place I wanted to be in my current state of panic. The only thing I could do was to force myself awake with the prayer I learned from Aunt Julie. I knelt down in the kitchen and started to pray as soon as I did the blood rain seem to fall harder and harder until I finished the prayer and woke up. To a dark dead silent bedroom. I continued to to have the same dream over and over except each time at a different place with a different family member. All except my mom. This continued until the night before my Aunt was supposed to come visit. After my bath and brushing my teeth I laid down and told my brother goodnight and fell fast asleep.

But unlike what I was expecting I was thrown into a cemetery. It was the Chrisjohn family cemetery, but it was much more full than it should’ve been. Which was strange because the last time I was there was when we buried my Great Grandma Dot, and there was only about twenty-five head stones. So I started walking around the seemingly empty place looking, trying to find an answer to why I was there, until I actually looked at one of the names. It read

“Here lies William Dean Chrisjohn your little brother”

I started running through the place reading every headstone, and they all had the same thing a family members name both my mom’s and dad’s side and who they were to me, they also all had the same death date, December seventh 2002. The day my Aunt was suppose to visit. The only name I didn’t see was my mom’s. I began to lose my calm, I was filled with so much fear, anger, and sadness. Once the calmness was broken the same storm reappeared overhead and a person been to move through the cemetery. I seen them and wanted to know who else was in this place. As I approached them something felt off. The storm above seemed to be growing stronger the closer I got. This person stopped at a very ornate grave stone, one I did not see before. Then she began to weep and cry over the grave, as I inched closer and closer until I was just a couple feet away. She turned slowly until we were face to face, it was my mom, and the grave she was crying over was mine. This woman looked like my mom but was off she was much older, at the time she should’ve been 25 and beautiful. But she was aged, her blonde hair was thinned and silver, her smoothe skin was wrinkled, and her young body was boney and decrepit. She grabbed and hugged me but I felt no warmth or love of a mother, and any peacefulness I still had in my mind was shattered. The sky split with lighting and the glistening red rain began to pour, at that point I lost it I began to scream at this woman asking her why she left me, why abandon us, couldn’t you have brought us with you. Then the one I regret, I asked why don’t you love us any more, any movements or expressions she was making stopped she just stared at me with a blank expression and empty eyes. She turned back towards the grave and started crying. Then all of a sudden she just disappeared, and I was left there alone standing in a pool of blood surrounded by the graves of the people I loved. Or at least I thought I was alone.

All at once what seemed like a thousand voices came crashing down on me with the weight of a building, I had to escape this pressure and noise. I tried to say the prayer but it was so loud I couldn’t keep any concentration, nonetheless hear myself. I was desperate to escape, then I seen it. The candle from the first time my soul left it’s body, I didn’t want to but it was the only option that seemed available to me so I ran and grabbed it closing my eyes as tightly as possible until the voices just ceased. I opened my eyes to see not a void but the bedroom that me and my brother were sleeping in, it was happening again I was looking at my body lying next to my brother. Not wanting to see the reason for me being “summoned” like that, I began to pray but i had barely got five words before my voice fell silent with my lips still moving. Something came out of the shadows of a corner, it was not human or even resembling one. It was well over eight feet tall cloaked in shadows but it looked to be covered in hair. It’s legs had knees that bent the opposite of a humans, it’s feet had 3 very large and long toes that came to a point, and atop his head were the horns of a ram. I was close to p*****g myself the shadowy being from my first experience had nothing on this guy, but it got even worse.

He had no visible facial features until it seemed he was looking right at me. His eyes didn’t actually open they just kinda rolled up til they were visible. The color, the intensity, and the motive I could see in them had me petrified. Then he smiled. And even still to this day that “smile” terrifies me. It’s so large large enough that he could’ve swallowed me whole if he had the chance to try. I was scared as hell but I couldn’t move. Until he took a thunderous step that felt like it nearly knocked the house off it’s foundation. I ran out of the room down the hall and into the living room where I found my Aunt, she was already there and next to her was a bottle of holy water and a note with Latin written on it with English instructions. I could feel every earth shaking step he was making towards me as I was preparing to “attack”. As he rounded the corner into the living room I splashed him with nearly a liter of holy water causing him to back off. As he was dazed I started to read the Latin words noticing I could actually hear my voice in this language. About half way through I paused and hit him with what was left and resumed reading once I finished he was gone, and my Aunt was awake looking my direction she just nodded to me and I understood. I began to say the prayer and woke up back in my body.

After speaking to my Aunt she told me that this was all brought on by the emotional turmoil I was in, and it’s also what attracted him to me. We didn’t know what he really was, but we did know that he was evil and he wants something from me.

The reason this is important is because this is not the only time I’ve encountered him.

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