His Pages

I saw him… er it. I can’t believe it exists. I’m so scared… ah heh maybe I should start from the beginning while I still have some time.

Hello, my name is Zade Andrew James. I’m seventeen years old and kinda a loner. I never really had friends… I kinda don’t know how to talk to people. You see, whenever I go near someone I get… well, very anxious. I found out I have have some mental health problems. But that’s besides the point.

It all started a month ago. My brother and I were having fun playing in the woods. I know, I know it was a stupid idea but we didn’t care. We wanted adventure, fun. Anyway, we were playing in the woods when I saw something. It was tall and it was white and black.

I was confused. But when I looked… it was gone. I asked my brother if he saw it and he said no and that I was “seeing things”. So I shrugged it off. Lot of good that did me. I ended up seeing it every now and then. Like… it was fallowing me. And whenever I told my brother he said I was crazy and imaging it.

So I decided to go into the woods again. But this time I was alone… er well sort of, heh, I mean, I did bring a camera. I wanted to record it so I could show my brother that I wasn’t crazy. But as I got deeper into the forest it… got darker. I started thinking I should go back but then I saw something stuck to a tree.

So I walked over and it was a piece of paper that had a drawing. It said, “Don’t look or it takes you.” So I quickly grabbed it and ran off towards the way back home.

When I got there, I showed my brother and he seemed as confused as I was. He told me it was probably a prank someone decided to pull on people… but I thought otherwise.

I started to research it and so much stuff popped up. That’s when I heard something at my window and there it was. I couldn’t see it clearly because it was raining but I knew it was there.

A week after that, I saw it again. But it was closer. Each time I saw it… it was closer than before. Yesterday I finally snapped.

Now I’m in the woods and I am trying to escape it. I wrote this in hopes people don’t follow in my footsteps. I have seven pages but I don’t know if there is more. I am hiding right now but I know it is close. I’m scared and I don’t know what to do. Please someone hel

  • Chell

    Cut off ending word cliche

    • Paige

      I like the way you ended. Without even finishing the sentence. Very classy. I love it!

      • Zade Lee

        Thank you. It’s my very first Creepypasta story ^-^ I’m glad you liked it

  • Desiree Rodriguez

    Oh I get it,its supposed to be a slenderman type of story because the pages like the slenderman game where your in the the woods and u have to find the pages

    • Gr1mReaper

      My thoughts exactly. Slendrman is one of the few things that can creep me out, and, um, I think I may have . . . um . . . seen him. Yeah. From this creepypasta story, I kind of think seeing him is a really bad thing . . . pretty sure he did not see me though . . . I hope.

      • Zade Lee

        I believe I saw him to but I’m not so sure.. I hope it was my imagination… anyway I hope you both liked the story I made.

      • Alexmcg122

        Hes no danger to kids, so if your not an adult, and you really did see him, i dont think you have anything to worry about

  • Enna_dark13

    The story seems interesting ! Keep it up

  • trixie

    im late leave me alone but this was amazing!!!