Please Help Me

I have no idea how to get out of this? Please help me, this isn’t a story. I am begging you to help me.

It started a week ago. I made a friend who seemed to be into the dark arts and satanism. She had never really performed anything horrible but she did do minor rituals on a weekly basis. Something to do on the weekends.

Well on Saturday she came to me and asked me to join her for a ritual. I’m not exactly a religious person, but I was still hesitant to accept. But after a few seconds of silence, I thought she was a good friend and I accepted. I thought it was most likely going to be some sort of bad luck spell or something.

I f****d up.

I pulled up to her house on Saturday. I got out of my car and went into her house to find it dark and quiet. I nervously entered further. After a few steps, I could hear something in the basement. I slowly went down the steps to darkness and a putrid smell. I felt around and flipped a switch. I saw her standing beside a pentagram drew on the floor. “You came!” she said. “We will bring him to our souls.” That sentence worried me. This wasn’t going to be a bad luck spell.

Around 3:00 A.M, we gathered at the pentagram. She had placed candles around the circle. She took a knife and cut hers and my hand and the blood fell on the pentagram. She joined my bloody hand and said three times, “Satanas dominio, et dux de terra nostra.” The lights blew out. And something stood before us. Tall. Menacing. Pure black and gave an aura of suffering.

I ran out the house, crying, gripping my bloody hand. I drove home and stayed with all the lights on. Turns out the blood I given wasn’t an ingredient. It was a marking.

Around 4:39, a scraping sound was audible. My gun in my hands I went to see. Once I had left my room, I was greeted with all my crosses inverted and portraits bleeding from the eyes. A familiar feeling of suffering crushed me.

Down my hall, the tall dark being walked to me. Holding out his hand, he said in a disturbing deep voice, “Filium Meum.”

I fled to my bathroom. Were I sit writing this. I’m sitting in my bathtub and it clawing at my door. Please help me. I see holes in the door.

  • Raven Irene


  • Steven Irvine Mcclellan

    One small observation, why would the protagonist have crosses in his house if he wasn’t religious in the first place?

  • alana1234f

    Is this real or fake

  • Christy

    I also am confused about the crosses, but not a bad story.

  • Leva

    Is this real??

  • Sadmonalisa

    I mean, if they’re not religious doesn’t mean they won’t have a cross in their house. It’s just for protection, just in case.