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-Tues, Dec 9, 7:56PM-
So, there’s this kid in my biology class, and I think she’s depressed. Everyone thinks she’s depressed. She wears dark, long sleeves all the time, even if it’s nearly a hundred degrees outside. I mean… we’re in Florida… It’s kind of a confirmation that she cuts herself or something. A few kids said they saw her scars, though I haven’t myself.
She’s probably a drug addict too. She either runs to the bathroom or the trash bin to puke… it’s disgusting and annoying… And goodness, her eyes are always bloodshot- it’s creepy as hell. Nobody wants to sit near her.
It’s a mystery to me as to why she hasn’t gotten help yet. She’s clearly sick to the head, and it made everyone uncomfortable for a while.
Actually, it’s an even bigger mystery as to why she’s still in school. She doesn’t even bring a backpack or anything, just this small, black leather book that I assume she keeps all her notes in.
We all really just ignore her. Even the teachers. Nobody remembers her name… tomorrow, I’ll listen during attendance to figure it out.

-Wed, Dec 10 5:13PM-
OK, so apparently her name can’t be said. All our teacher says is C.V., which I’m assuming are her initials. I’ll update you guys about her if you’re interested.

-Sat, Dec 13, 8:38PM-
Jeez, so I was invited to a party this Friday by some classmates and we were talking about her and how weird she was. We were using the nickname Cevie (because CV? You know?). There’s this rumor that she’s a satanist and she constantly tries to spawn the devil. Doesn’t seem that far off to me, lmao.
And they dared me to see what’s in her notebook!
I’m going to do it on Monday, wish me luck.

-Mon, Dec 15, 5:02PM-
My gosh, those aren’t class notes.
She has a huge list of names, names of the people at school. Mine was second on the list, after this other kid named Andrew. I remember he tried to talk to Cevie before.
But… everything was written in red ink.
OK, look, I have suspected it as blood. I don’t want to say it’s blood. I don’t even want to know.
Each page has a title of our names, and a drawing of a dead person. Andrew’s page had some guy that looked like he was hit by a car… And mine had someone hanging from a noose.
I peeked when she was gone into the bathroom. I couldn’t see any more before she was back…

-Thurs, Dec 18, 6:08PM-
This is so weird. She walked up to Andrew and touched his chest right before lunch. She probably has weird fantasies or something.

-Fri, Dec 19, 11:36AM-
Andrew is dead.
He jumped in front of a bus last night. The teachers told everyone during homeroom…
I’m skipping biology right now. There’s small specks of blood where Cevie walked.…
I’m going to hide from the hall patrol in the bathroom.

-Fri, Dec 19, 11:49AM-
She’s here.
Please help me.

-Fri, Dec 19, 11:54AM-
She just crawled into my stall and grabbed my neck
And left
I feel like I’m going crazy

-Fri, Dec 19, 12:45PM-
So… my head has been racing and I’ve been getting really dizzy.
I just… don’t feel like myself anymore.

-Fri, Dec 19, 1:17PM-
I was just scolded by a teacher for not going to my classes and following Cevie around?
What the hell?

-Fri, Dec 19, 3:33PM-
I feel so alone. I’m just a waste of life… I’m better off dead…

-Fri, Dec 19, 5:38PM-
I need to die.
There’s no hope.
It hurts so much.

-Fri, Dec 19, 8:59PM-
I can’t take this anymore
I can’t believe this I hate this I hate everything I hate my life
Tell my parents and friends that I’m sorry they had to deal with me
I’m done, I’m done, it’s finished it’s finished

Author committed suicide by hanging himself on December 19th, at around 9:00PM.

“There is an investigation concerning mass suicide at the highschool on the western edge of town.
The school was shut down after a reported 13 consecutive, daily suicides.
One student, Cecalexya Viebeen, has been reported missing.
If you have any information concerning this unfortunate event, please notify the local police station.”

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