Only I Can Have You

I saw you with her again. She’s pretty. She has long blonde hair, those big bright brown eyes that you loved oh so much. We go to the same school, didn’t you know? I have the same classes as her, and she’s not as smart as me. Why can’t you just chose me? Open your eyes, see who I am. Stop making me feel…so empty inside. I followed her home. I know where she lives. Its impressive, large, and she has two loud barking dogs. I just can’t stop seeing you with her.

I can’t stop listening to her annoying laugh, her obnoxious giggling…gah!!! She MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!

I’m sorry, I got a…bit carried away.

I saw you and her, holding hands, down the hallway. Seeing how you look at her, makes my blood boil. Im pretty too. I pulled my hair away from my face, I put makeup on…but yet again, you didn’t see me.

The shy little girl, the quiet little girl…the brooding emo little girl. You see the bright, shining cheerleader, standing at the front of the class, pushing out her breasts, trying to make a point.

You see her, see the outside beauty. But, you can’t see me.

I followed her home, everyday this week. I know her schedule. I know her routine. All I need to do, is make my move, and she will be no more.

This blonde, doesn’t know you like I do! She doesn’t understand your soul like I do. She hasn’t been in your home, laid in your bed, and wore your clothes while you’re not there. She doesn’t know you, like I do.

I know her little friends, they’ve been talking. Talking about how much she likes you…and how much, they can tell you like her.

I won’t allow it. You’re mine.

So, I stole your phone. I took her number, told her I was your good friend, who wanted to speak to her…alone. About you. I have her now. She’s mine, and if you don’t notice me. This little blonde will die.

I won’t make it quick, I won’t make it painless. Ill make her feel, every cut, every burn. She won’t know my face. I won’t allow it.

She will learn. That you belong to me. That I love you. That no one else can love you like me. Ill show her, ill make her pay for what she had done to me, to us. We have a future together. You and I. With her out of the way, I know…I know no one could ever take you away from me. Ever again.

This isn’t my first time doing this. That other girl, you were getting a little too close too. Her disappearance? Yeah, no one will find her. All of her at least. And if you try to take me to the police. I will make everything look like an accident. I’ve done this, too many times. I know what I’m doing.

All you have to do, is tell me you love me. That I’m the only one that matters, and this girl will live. If you lie, well there’s only one other option, she’ll have to die.

Could you live with that? I could…I could even take you for myself, wrap you uo, tie you down, and make you mine.

No one else can EVER have you. You were made for me. No one else, has ever made me feel this way.

You’re running a bit late aren’t,you? You don’t care about her, that makes me feel a bit better…she can live without s finger or two. Mmm…baby, my love. Her screaming, her blood is making me feel good. Not as good as you make me feel…but this pretty little blonde, doesn’t deserve you.

Because now, you’re all mine. And mine alone.

  • JoJo


  • Jay Akki

    Wow… This is Creepypasta alright

    • Shannon Williams

      Thank you very much, for commenting and supporting my writing πŸ™‚

      • Jubalmarmot

        I thought it was very good for a first time. Just keep working at it! Also where did you get that picture freaked me out.

        • Shannon Williams

          Unfortunately I can’t give out names lol. It a good friend of mine.

  • crazybitch

    Ummm….tots not creepy…;-)

  • Simon

    So this is Yandere Simulator: The Creepypasta? Alright then.

    Also, “… I have the same classes as her, and she’s not as smart as me. Why can’t you just chose me?”. If the protagonist’s supposed to be smarter, I can’t imagine how illiterate the other girl is.

  • Vicente Vaca

    Well not the best but honestly you can do better in don’t feel like you tried but it’s good for a first timer.

  • YamiSmol

    Sounds like Smoke and Mirrors… and not really that creepy. Not to mention the “Emo v.s. Cheerleader” clique.


    • Moonlight Shadow


  • Jahzara Elm


  • Xxwingstarxx TFM (TamaraLeGodd

    10/10 loved it. β™₯

  • Haylee

    GREAT STORY!!!! 😍😱😍😊😊😍😻😺❀ Honestly it sounds like Yandere Simulator, which is even better! You should totally make a series out of this. ❀