Sims 3 Pets

NightDecember 25th, 2016, it was me, my mom, dad, boyfriend and brother sitting downstairs, 8 am. Everyone was opening presents, having a good time. It finally came to me. I had two or three presents which was fine to me. I grasped the one, I knew was a videogame. I was, extremely excited. My parents knew I love gaming. And they recently got me a ps3 for my birthday, and a original ps2. As I opened the wrapped gift, I had gotten even more excited. It was the Sims 3 pets. I’ve played every sim game you could think of. Except, this one. Every game stop I had went too, was always sold out. So I had no idea, how my parents managed to get me this.  Our dog, Gracie was sitting on the floor, staring. Not at me, but at,the game. It looked brand new, with plastic wrapping around it, so I tore the plastic off, and cracked it open. It had that new game smell and I smiled. The front of the disc, was…scratched up, but I didn’t think nothing of it. Gracie stared up at me, lifting her head, growled and walked away. It was strange, but we all shrugged it off.

Later that night, I decided to pop my new game in the ps3, the boyfriend was asleep next to me, snoring happily away. I sat on the edge of my bed, in my new pjs and waited for it to install. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to wait like other games…it booted right up, playing the happy theme song. I thought it was just because the game was older. 2011, at least. I saw the cute dog on the loading screen leaning down, wagging its tail. I was excited. I went to create a sim, made me, my boyfriend and Gracie to a t. It was easy since she was a begal. I made her personality traits. Which…seemed odd as she started out with a very strange trait. ‘Ferral instincts.’ it wouldn’t let me change it so I kept it. I gave her natural digger, and I was trying to find mans best friend, but it wasn’t where it should be. So I decided to pick prideful. My dog was a prideful b***h. And id be the first to admit, it…and spoiled rotten.

After a minute or two, I looked at the choices of houses and picked the one that would have costed less, furnished. After awhile of f*****g around, looking at the settings and finding the things i had needed. I started to play.

It wouldn’t let me control Gracie, which yet again was strange…since it said you could. I watched as my dog, walked up to my sim, growled and walked away. I leaned closer to my tv, more confused then ever.

My boyfriend sim was, looking around, checking out the new house. My sim, was going to cook mac n cheese. The traits were, what I always give my sim. Natural cook, genius, bookworm, good kisser, and family oriented. I gave my boyfriend pretty much the same, except handy. In this house, there were no fire detectors. Since she was a natural cook, I had assumed everything was fine. I bought a desk, a computer and chair. My boyfriend went over, and begun to play computer games.

There was, no sight of Gracie. I clicked triangle, and went all the way up…and it wouldn’t allow me to control her…

My male Sims mood started to go down, I zoomed in, and I watched as he sat there, almost like the game had froze, but I could still hear my female sim cutting up whatever.

His eyes were blank, mouth open, staring at the screen, that flickered black and white. At this point, I was really freaking out. I reached over to grasp my boyfriend and wake him up. He wouldn’t respond. His chest, wasn’t moving. His eyes were blank, and mouth open. Foam escaped the corner of his mouth.

I was about to scream out for my mom, when my sim, started to scream. I looked at my tv screen and noticed, Gracie was back on screen, growling. Baring her teeth. She seemed more life like, then before. Something had poped up on the queue. It said “be attacked.” I was shaking, tears were in my eyes, as I watched my own sim, be attacked by my own dog. Gracies jaw opened and her teeth sunk into my Sims throat, I could hear the skin being torn apart. And I watched the blood, pool out of my Sims mouth, and gaping throat. The dog backed off, and went right to her stomach. Tearing it open, disembowling her.

There was so much blood, the screaming finally died, down. And the dog turned, onto my boyfriend eating at his legs, pulling at his calf muscles.

My stomach turned, and I was going to be sick. I reached over, as I was going to turn the console off, it hard restarted itself. My tv, went black. I sat there, and I tried once more, to call out to my mom. But I heard nothing. I got to my feet, and ran out of my room.

I could smell something heavy in the air, my parents bedroom door was standing open, and I heard the most disgusting sound…air trying to get into a windpipe…the sucking, gurgling sounds of blood entering lungs…I reached out, pushed the door open. And saw my dog, Gracie chewing on my moms face, her eyes staring out the door.

When Gracie looked up from her meal, looking right at me, there were no eyes. Her jaw was open exposing an elongated face, her fur was matted and missing patches. She growled, snarled I tried closing the door. I couldnt, I couldnt….she was on me. She was snapping her jaws, drool dripping on my face…I could smell copper. I could taste death. I was going to die, by what I thought was mans best friend.

  • Deco

    This is good, you should make more.

    • Shannon Williams

      Thank you, very much for the support.

  • Some spelling errors, but damn it was good

    • Shannon Williams

      I would like to apologize for that, I am currently working on my phone for this. And I wish go thank you for your support.

  • dachelle johnson

    Part two?

    • Shannon Williams

      Possibly. I’m not too sure yet. Thank you for the support.

      • Da Awesome Man (YT)

        Please do a part two I need a part two it’s so scary I read this at 10:40 pm so I was shaking and I was playing the game sims 3 pets for 3Ds at the time so I straight up shut that off lol

        • Shannon Williams

          Hahaha ill try

  • Simon

    Generic “.EXE” story and grammar mistakes aside, why wouldn’t the main character just use Steam or something?

    • Shannon Williams

      Because, I myself am not a pc gamer. I play console. I prefer console. Thank you for taking time to read my ‘generic’ .exe creepypasta, as I explained I am using my phone to use this app and to post on here. I appreciate your opinon; I have not seen any other creepypasta about the sims 3 pets, and I thought I would give it a shot.

  • Alley Loves Music

    This is the best one I’ve read so far

  • Lakuma81

    great story, actually frightened me a bit haha cant sleep tonight!