Was It in My Head?

If you don’t believe me when I tell you this, I don’t blame you. This was pretty weird for me as well. It could’ve been my imagination or me being intimidated. Before I tell you what happened just know, this did happen to me. Again it may have been my imagination or me being intimidated but all I know it scared the s**t out of me and it still does to this day.

For a time period, maybe a few years or so, I would see this man in my dreams. He was very tall, maybe 7ft, he wore a long dark green jacket, black pants, and a mask that was white with brown scattered spots on it. I would see it every night in different dreams in random places. I would see him for a split second and then he wouldn’t show up for the rest of the dream. Then when I was 14 it started to stop. I started seeing him less and less and in fewer dreams. I stopped being scared to go to sleep at night. My dreams were no longer scary and just fun. Then when I was 15, I had completely forgot about it, I had a dream. I saw myself sitting on the couch watching TV. I looked like I was younger than I was, like 6 years younger. I looked out the window by the high school because I lived by a school. I saw a black van drive by and go to the side of my house. I saw the van open and the man I used to see in my dreams get out the back of the van, he stopped and grabbed something from the van. He got a knife. Not small enough to be a butcher knife but not big enough to be a machete. Me in my dream clearly wasn’t thinking straight and ran straight to the bathroom and didn’t get a knife. I ran to the bathroom and luckily I had my old phone. I tried calling the cops, it didn’t work. I tried calling my dad, it didn’t work. I called my mom, that was the only thing that worked. I told her what was going on and that my phone wasn’t working right. Her and my dad got divorced when I was little, so she lived around twenty minutes away from my dad’s house. She was telling me that she was on her way to my dad’s house and then I heard someone break the wooden door and yell, “Get the f**k into the van.” That’s where the dream ended.

I woke up and I started to freak out because I thought that I would never have to deal with him in my dreams ever again. I told myself that it was a dream and that I was fine. Then I was getting ready to go work at this grocery store near where my dad’s house, and I got to my car and started driving. I was around two hours into my shift when I swear I saw a man who dressed the same way the man in my dream did. He didn’t wear the mask, he had long black hair, his hair was shaggy and he had dark brown eyes that looked black and bloodshot. He got vodka and chicken noodle soup. Which was a weird mixture but I was there to work not judge. The entire time I was checking out his items and putting them in the bag, he kept eye contact. He did not blink. He did not move. He just stared. I told him is total and he pit his card in the machine. Then, the part that scared me the most, he told me, “You look familiar.” I just stood there, shocked. He could’ve been the man I saw, but then again he wore a mask. I told him he might of saw me working at the store before. He just stared at me and said, “Possibly,” and left. I stopped working there. I started doing gigs like babysitting to earn money. I’ve never had that dream ever again. I also never saw that man ever again. And I must say, thank god I haven’t.

  • Tina Marie

    There’s quite a few errors in the story. The thing that helps me write is when I finish, I go back and read it out loud. It helps finding errors so much easier. I hope that helps, I do like the story tho!!! Keep up the good work!