June 13th, 2004

*SMACK*… Mom falls to the floor because of a drunken father.

I hide in my room crying, “Why can’t he just leave if he doesn’t like us!?”

(that was when I was only 6 years old)

April 8th, 2019

It’s been about 15 years since that night and now I’m all alone. My mother overdosed and my dad went to jail for domestic violence. So I’m sitting here, thinking that I’ve already felt all the pain I can… I was wrong…

May 29th, 2019

It’s the day before my birthday, I’m not that excited though. I got no-one to spend my birthday with. I got no friends, no family, no-one. I start walking down the street looking for a good place to eat, then I heard someone say my name.


I look around trying to find out who said that. no-one in sight. I just try to ignore it. About 15 minutes later I hear it again but louder.


This time I yell;


The people around me think in crazy. I just stand there doing nothing, but trying to think on who said that. A little while after that, people come and pick me up, it’s the people from the insane asylum. They think I’m crazy. They put me on the bus they sit me next to this guy in a grey hoodie. I ask, “Who is that in the hoodie?” They reply, “There’s no-one there sir, now please sit down.”

As we drive, the guy starts to speak, it’s very faint but I hear him, he says, “Hello Tim.” I ask, “Who are you?” After that he doesn’t say anything. For the next 30 minutes, there is only the sound or the tires driving on the road. I could hear him start to talk to himself quietly, I couldn’t make out what he was saying though. The bus comes to a stop, the guard starts to unlock the gate door that leads us to the front of the bus. I’m guessing they have it so that other crazy people don’t try to hijack the bus. Just then the man in the grey hoodie stands up, this time I think the guard can actually see him because he just stood there petrified in fear. The man walks past the guard and stabs him with a knife he had in his hand. I just sit there in shock on what just happened. I see the man walk off the bus, I follow him but then I don’t see the guy anywhere. I then get tackled by a guard, everything goes black.

I wake up in a padded room, I’m in a straight jacket. I look around the dark room, I see nothing but padded walls. I start to hear a voice saying my name starting quiet and getting louder. My vision starts to go red, I walk toward the door. Somehow, I just walk through the locked door. Everything goes black. When I wake up I’m outside. I look at the insane asylum, it’s on fire. I look down at my own body, there’s blood all over me…

3 weeks later…

I’m still confused about what has been happening to me lately. I still have that voice in my head giving me thoughts and ideas. I’m also wanted by the cops for what happened at the insane asylum. I’m going to try and reach out to my family. I call my cousin to see if he can help me. A couple days later he shows up at my door. I tell him everything that’s happened. He looks at me like I’m crazy. Everything went black again.

I woke back up, my apartment was trashed, there was a lot of blood on the walls. I look in the corner and see my cousin laying on the floor dead. I look at my hand and see a bloody knife. I noticed that I was actually smiling. I go and look in a mirror and see that my right eye red instead of blue. I just try and ignore it so I put in a blue contact lens. I hear the voice again;

“Do you know who I am Tim?”

“No,” I replied.

Then he said, “I’m you, Tim.”

I go and put on my grey hoodie from my closet and just run out my apartment. I start walking down the street. When I walk by a wooden house, I don’t know the family or anything, I just felt like I needed to be here. I don’t know how, but I could hear the voices of the family from all the way across the street. I walk toward the house, I open the front door. It’s unlocked. I move around like I’m used to doing this. I creep around the corner and see a man on the phone. He’s turned away from me. I slowly walk up behind him and I don’t know why but I grabbed my knife and stabbed him in the back. I could feel his warm blood go down my arm. It made me feel like I could do more, so I took my knife out of him and stabbed him again, then again, then again. I kept on stabbing him until his wife walked in. I could see the terror in her eyes as the looked at her husband on the ground dead. I stand up and look at her. She is frozen in fear. I throw my knife and it hits her in the middle of the forehead. She falls to the floor. Then I walk toward the door but I see the kid staring straight at me. He looked like he was about 7. He sees his parents and runs to them. I don’t kill him, just walk out the door and back down the street, still smiling.

The next day

I was sitting in my apartment thinking about what I did the that family, and I don’t know why but I was excited about what I had done. I turned on the news and it was showing the murder scene of where the family had died. They said they had found the killer and he will serve two life sentences in jail. I got to mad because someone else was getting credit for what I had done.

“It isn’t fair,” I said to myself. Then I thought that if I keep killing like this, then maybe I will get recognized for my work. I put on my hoodie and head out of my apartment. I walk down the street until I see a house that looks like it might be fun. I look around the house and see cameras. It made me think, “I can get recognized for this and it looks like the family is wealthy so I might be able to get a little more out of this.”

I try to open the door but it’s locked, I check the windows but they are also locked. I was about to break a window and jump in when I heard the voice in my head say to walk through the wall. I thought it was crazy, but I tried it anyway. It worked. I was inside the house. I could hear people upstairs, it sounded like they were doing something loud. I chose to ignore it for now. I walk to the living room and saw a shotgun hanging on the wall. I grabbed it and found some bullets in the drawer underneath it. I load the shotgun and go to where the noise is the loudest. I look up with the shotgun and shoot through the ceiling. All noise stops. Then I hear a woman scream from upstairs. I looked at the staircase and saw a woman wrapped up in a towel try to run for the door. I shoot her in the back. I go around and take their money and jewelry. I walk right out the front door like nothing happened. When I get back to my apartment, I see 3 cop cars out front. I start to panic and run into the woods. Behind me, I could hear people coming after me. As I run, I pick up a rock and throw it behind me. I hear the rock thud to the ground as well as another thud which I guess was a cop. All the other people that were chasing me stopped and helped their comrade… I run and I run into the forest until I’m sure no-one is there. I get hit in the head by something and then everything goes black.

  • Ess.Tennant

    This made no sense. He had no family….then he has a cousin to kill? The rest of the story has just been pulled from other stories and is not even written well. I’m sorry, keep practicing and try to use your imagination for a better storyline.

    • Destructor72

      i did it in like 5 minutes, give me a littler credit lol

  • HEX

    You know there was several times during this story where I wished everything would go black for me. But no such luck. So I now sit here knowing that my mind will forever be stained with this memory.