The Box, The Door, Crumbling Brick (A Laughing Jack Encounter)

The box, the door, the crumbling brick it begged me to enter.

I came across this old building a few weeks ago while strolling through the woods, you see I am a struggling writer I need inspiration for my new book “Mysteries of the woods”. This old house was perfect… or so I thought.

I walked up to the door and jiggled the handle. A monochrome box set somberly on the broken pavement of the door step “I wonder”. I lift up the box and gently shake it “rattle” I smirk and open the box a small black key set inside. I slid the key into the keyhole on the Black and gray door and turn it “click” my smirk grew wider, it opens.

The walls that long ago were (probably) white are now stained brown and the inside reeks of death. The Stairs that lead ups are rotted and falling apart there’s a massive hole in the floor that leads to the basement. I walk around to the living room a singular recliner sits the padding rotted away nothing very interesting. I go to the kitchen there’s an old fridge moldy and broken it looks like it’s from the 60’s. I went back to the hallway and edged around the gaping hole, I looked down, the basement it was flooded. I didn’t notice that when I first came in (because I was too excited to check out the houses other rooms) I’d guess the basement was about 5 foot deep but it looks like 4 feet of it have been submerged. I looked around from as close as I thought. I could get without the floor collapsing underneath me to see as much as I could, then something caught my eye.

It was large and it was floating on a piece of house debris, it was tied to the wall with a piece of rope, I could hardly see through the dark that shrouded most of, whatever it was. I backed away from the hole. At the time I thought it was a trick of the mind formed by the dark and watching to many crime shows… but I thought I saw it move. Then something broke my train of thought music it sounds, “pop goes the weasel” I mutter to myself it sounded like it came from upstairs then I heard it again. The stairs were still flimsy but I’ll take my chances. “I walked up stairs into a long corridor with many doors.”

The music is louder now it comes from a room all the way across the hall, “This is stupid there would be a serial killer behind their, or a ghost kid,” I chuckled, of course I was joking to myself but I was going to be surprised at how accurate I was. I was going to go back but my legs started moving forwards my actions were no longer my own I was in a musical trance.

I found myself walking into a room a children’s room but it looks as if it has been drained of all color. grey and black teddy bears on a monochrome bed, grey carpets, and a black dresser and other essential kids toys and junk but in the center of the room stood a tall monochrome clown.

He had a pointy nose black pants overalls, long slender arms with black and white stripes, a grey shirt with bandages on the waste, and black feathers tipped with white on his shoulders. He had black hair pale grey skin his eyes were so light blue that he almost looked blind he wore a large toothy smile with sharp teeth like a shark’s, his hands were long and black.

With bandages they looked like claws. The music entranced me. The clown held out his hand and in it was an appetizingly large piece of chewy candy then the clown said in a low sinister voice, “Take… it.” Against my will I raise my hand towards his a took it unwrapped it and popped it in my mouth. I tried to spit it out but I couldn’t my muscles were moving on their I chewed it, and after a minute I felt the candy slide down my throat, if I was able to move, my whole body would have shuddered. Within seconds I felt a painful sensation swallow me. I was finally let go, I fell to the grey wood floor and screamed and the clown laughed the pain keep increasing I felt like I would burst with red hot fire pain this went on for what seemed like hours, then I started to feel weak slowly one by one my organs were failing. I tried to get up, by my legs spasmed and I dropped to my knees and the pain kept growing, my vision blurred I could no longer scream. I could hear my own heartbeat beating slower cold tears streamed down my face, and in my last moments the monochrome clown looked me in the eyes and said… “Sweet Dreams”

I fell back onto the cold floor the pain felt only like a dull throbbing now… I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe, at this point I could only embrace death, the world dimmed around me, until it all collected into a blank mass, and that was the end.

Author’s Note: Hey, this is an author’s note, you don’t have to read this, but this was my first Creepypasta story. I kept developing each year, and I will continue to each year. This is the third year, please feel free to criticize, it would help me grow As a writer. See ya, ya yeet.

  • Satyaroop

    It was nice i guess but it lacked the build up or spook factor , i mean it was kinda cliche (the clown reminded me of pennywise). Could have used a little more story telling. Please keep writing nd improving 🙂

  • Candycane

    Hello there. If this was my story i would have ended it with everything in between being a sick vision and when he comes back to himself at the end he is holding the key in front of the door. Details were okay i personally enjoy a little more gore and suspense but overall for your first story it was good. Thanks for listening