Cracky Casy and Ticci Toby Pt. 8

Jane looked up at me, looking ready, happy and blood thirsty. I copied her look. Toby patted me on the shoulder and turned to Jack. I had been prepared for this, even though I had no official training by Slenderman himself. I still went through the official courses though.


“Right, so you just have to keep ’em alive. Got it?” Hoodie said.

“Yeah, alive. Got it.” I responded

“Kay, now we have to teach you how to get through these courses. they’re tough. You up for it?” Toby said, having the one-eyebrow-up-and-one-down-look on his face. I smiled and nodded, fiercely getting up. I clenched my hands in fists and took off my hoodie, with just a tee shirt underneath. I ran through the courses and jumped the walls with ease, chopped the wooden targets without hesitation and ran through the forest without a problem. I ran up this hill to meet a large wall. I knew I had to scale it, as there was no way around it. The sides were blocked off and the wall ran nearly 100 yards down. I jumped and gripped my hands on small edges sticking out from it and landed my feet flat in the wall. I dropped my b**t down and flung myself up, swinging my legs over the was, holding the top with my hands. I dropped down and continued running. I met at the end where Toby was standing. He skipped the course and met me there.

“Nice,” He said.


I could tell Jane was exited to get ready. Toby glanced over to me and removed his mask. I knew he was smiling. I smiled back, lowering my mask. I looked forward to Jane, noticing her mad look. I followed her eyes to see Jeff there, making the same face. We got the command to break. Jane looked towards me, wondering what to do.

“Go into the forest. You have to find your way to the city, without my help.” I said. She nodded, looked in a direction and ran over. I stood for a minute, then followed after her, making sure she was safe. She tracked through the forest to meet a deer. It met her gaze, and looked down, finding no harm in her. She looked surprised, but slowly began removing a knife from her back pocket.

“That’s my girl,” I whispered under my breath. I watched as she swung up onto a tree and lashed at the deer, falling onto it. There was a problem. A bear near by witnessed the station and felt as though it was in danger. It stood on its hind legs and roared. Jane fell back, scared and worried. I felt the need to stay back though, as maybe she could find it in her to win this fight. Jane stood up, and placed one food behind her and her other in front, taking the knife beside her, put her hood up and placed her other arm in front of her chest. The bear dropped down to four legs and began to charge. Jane jumped onto its back and slashed at its neck, killing it. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Slenderman’s.

“Good work. She will become a a great addition because of you. Leaving her to fight on her own is the best way for her to learn.” he said quietly, lifting his hand from me.

“Thank you, sir,” I whispered. Slenderman left into the darkness of the forest and I returned to Watching Jane. She began to advance towards the deeper end and I followed.

horn blew and I grabbed Jane by the wrist and ran towards the house. I became worried. that horn meant nothing good.


“Alright. There’s one more thing. during training day, if a horn goes off in the middle of an exercise, it means something happened. If an exercise ends, Slenderman will come retrieve you and your trainee.” Hoodie said.

“Wait, what kind of “thing” do you mean? When the horn goes off, is it bad?” I asked, nervously.

“Yes.” He responded, looking down.

“Oh,” I quietly said.

“If Slenderman blows it twice, you are to go towards it. If only once then you meet at clearing near our house.” Toby interrupted.


I ran and ran, but the horn blew again. Then it blew again. That’s two times! I thought. I changed courses and Jane ran behind me. She ran up to meet me side my side, so I let go of her. We ran into where the sound came from, and there was Masky and Clockwork. He looked around curiously and she looked at Jane. Both wondered what was going on.

“What happened?” I asked. As if it were on cue, two screams came from a few meters down into the forest. I ran to see who it was. Jeff and Hoodie were under 3 bears, scrambling to get up. Jane followed behind  me, Masky and Clockwork came too. Jeff looked to see Jane there, and got bit in the arm.

“AAAG!” he yelled in pain Jane rushed in and slammed her shoulder into the bears now bloody mouth. Jeff reached for a knife and stabbed the bear. I Glanced to see Hoodie there, struggling to stay alive.

“Hold on Hoodie! Clockwork, Masky, take the third bear. I’ve got Hoodie.” I called out. Toby just came into the clearing as I ran to save Hoodie. The bear prepared to bite into Hoodie’s head, as I slammed into the bear with my elbow. It roared and snapped at me. I punched it in the face and Stunned it. I slid inter its chin and broke its jaw. I grabbed hold of  Hoodie and pulled him out. He was hurt. Toby came and took him out of the fight. Jane lifted Jeff from the large bear and walked him to Hoodie. The final bear died and Slenderman watched us.

“Training is over for today. I will see thew injured in a few minutes. Back to your houses. Get some rest.” He said floating above us. I walked Jane back home and said goodbye, ready to see her again tomorrow.