Tick Tock Ritual



·A NOTEBOOK (small or big)


·A STICK (one)

·A FAN OR AIR CONDITIONER (dont turn it on)


How to do the ritual

Turn the lights off in your house (every light). Turn your only light source on. Grab a notebook and rip a piece of paper out. Then grab a pen. Then write word for word “ricky tock, not ticky tock” then turn the fan or air conditioning on. Then take the stick and put it through the piece of paper. It is toatally completely ok if it rips or cracks. Then put your hand with the piece of paper with the stick in it still in front of the air conditioning. Let it go. Then the last two steps are to go turn off your light source. Then quickly and i mean quickly run to your bedroom or any room that has a bed or couch then the last step is to lay on the bed or couch for 15 minutes in count dont look back keep the air confitioning on even if it is cold. After 15 minutes in count you are finished. But your clock might talk to you. But remember it wont hurt you

  • Rose Morrison

    Good concept and premis, terrible execution, spelling and development. Could be so much better. I look forward to more after a good edit.