I’m Rotting

October 25th 1998,

Richard peered into my office early this morning and I’ve never seen him this excited before in my entire time working in this place, usually he’s rather depressed. He quickly explained that he needed me to come and have a look at some kind of weird-looking bacterium or prokaryotic cell, or at least that’s what he described it as.

He mentioned on how he stumbled upon it, saying that while examining a rotted corpse of a goat that had been found in some old overgrown barn, he extracted samples of infected pus from multiple blisters that surrounded its body Supposedly from some unknown disease, weird. While examining the specimen he said that these cells began to clump together into one, kinda like stem cells forming a foetus. His findings got me excited too.

He wasn’t talking utter s**t either, these cells really were clumping together forming different parts of what I can describe as …organs? like lungs, intestines, kidneys and even a brain! How is this even possible for a prokaryotic cell? I had to study this along with Richard to fully understand how these cells work. As so I will write my progress in this diary. This discovery could be big.

October 28th 1998,

This is fantastic! These cells aren’t just prokaryotes but also have the characteristics of eukaryotic cells which explains why they are able to form like animal species but specifically insect. Reason why they are able to do this is because they have a nucleus containing beetle DNA oddly enough although more work still needs to be done on why they do this and therefore my theories are put to a halt at the moment.

Also on the topic on the cells forming organs in my last entry it seems they’ve now started to form an actual body for some unknown creature, although the looks for thing gives me chills… But I guess that’s just because of its development stages making it look contorted. I’ll continue with my studies, im getting more curious.

November 2nd 1998,

I’ve been working so much on this discovery that I’m probably on the verge of passing out, I only started to realise this when I was stupid enough to knock the petri dish containing the cells of the specimen in the sink, I managed to save some of the cells from seeping into the drain, Oh and its also disturbed the cells development. F*****g great.

As of recently I’ve been suffering from slight headaches, stomach pains and a f*****g annoying cough. I’ll be taking a few days off to let myself heal. Richard will be taking over the project until I’m feeling fine.

*Follow Up (11/03/1998)

I’ve just got back from a doctor’s appointment and afraid its bad news, my current condition hasn’t improved but has gotten worse. The doctor ran some tests in which led to my diagnosis with some type of blood infection or something like that, they handed me some antibiotics so I should be feeling all right in a few weeks.

November 14th 1998,

Tick tock tick tock, that clock is driving me mad! I haven’t been outside in a few days or even called anyone… Not even Richard to see how the projects going. As for my condition its only getting worse and worse everyday, I would go back to the doctors but I’m way too tired and always am. I’ve started to feel nauseous making me feel dizzy all the time.

I should really call Richard to see how the project is coming together but not now, I don’t want to disturb him if he’s working.

November 22nd 1998,

I don’t know whats happening to me but im started to feel f*****g scared. Random scars and cuts have been appearing all over my body but mostly around my arms and legs. My headaches are getting worse to the point were I can’t even sleep. I still havent went outside or even checked the news and TV although I did today and only heard static… Just static.

I thought I would also call Richard to see how things are going but the phone kept ringing and ringing and ringing… And Ringing. Eventually I gave up and put the phone down. Very weird how they didn’t answer but I guess I’ll try some other day.

November 24th 1998,

I’m so hungry and thirsty, my stomach pains are preventing me from eating and my I can feel my kidneys failing which is also making me piss blood. The scars aren’t healing but are cutting deeper and wider into my flesh. I had to cover my arms and legs in an a*s load of bandages to try to keep the little bits of hanging tissue contained, the bleeding wont stop either it just keeps pouring and pouring and pouring but never ends. My entire apartment is covered in blood.

I sat there at the phone for hours calling Richard for help… Still no answer.

??/??/???? Help!

I’m lost, I can’t remember anything other than that phone and Richard, im beginning to see and hear things that aren’t there like voices chanting my death. I want to die…

The phone still rings over and over again.

??/??/???? God help us

My scars have rotted my entire body, my face and figure contorted in a bloody mess, flesh falling to the ground splashing in the pools of blood. blisters growing on my twisted body. I’m writing this in the present time in which I’ll write my last thoughts.

Richard is the only thing I can remember. I can’t remember anything else or why this is happening to me. The phone is still ringing. I’m going to dig a knife into my stomach to end it, I might as well describe it.

Digging into my insides is… interesting. I’m ravaging the knife through my intestines and its so fun. I can’t feel the pain anymore, all I can see is my rotted insides and… Bugs? Feeding from my organs? Wait! That’s the cells! The things they were making! I need to warn everyone at the laboratory about these things dark nature!

“hello?… Anyone there?…”

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    I LOVED IT!!!

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    Very good! I love stories with deadly parasites and infectious diseases! 5/5

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    This was a great story, but i was reading it while eating which was rather unpleasent…