Dear Diary… Part 1

19.10. 2010

Dear diary, today when I was at school something happened… Like always I was sneaking out of the class earlier but today when I got out… I saw a man with a hoodie putting something in my Locker. I was scared to go there.

20.10. 2010

Dear diary, today I saw the same man like yesterday but he was covered in blood, I wanted to tell it to my best friend he… He didn’t believe me… He said I was a psycho… He told my parents and they toke me to the psychiatric… When we got there I told my parents I needed to use the restroom but I escaped….

21.10 2010

Dear diary, it’s been a day from that… I wanted to go home … I realized that I can’t move… I was chained to a wall of a house… it was creepy… when I want to scream… nothing came out… No voice… No sound… I realized I have my mouth sewed… I was asking in mind… “Who did this to me… who? Who?!”

22.10. 2010

This place was really near to the forest… I heard rumors about it like… “There were found dead people… I got there with my brother and found a dead body” I wasn’t scared at all I was trying to break the chains and now. It worked I escaped… I was free…

23.10 2010

It’s already a day I escaped from THERE I was so happy I joined a pack of wolves and later became a Warrior… Hunter… I found a knife in my locker from one day so I took it with me… I started to… KILL… I was happy until I found Mr. Slenderman… I was stalking him but he teleported… Away…

24.10. 2010

I stalked him… When I started to use my powers I could see him everywhere he got… I hunted humans like that too I killed them and drawed with their blood on a tree ‘Dear Diary…’

25.10. 2010

Still I was …. Hunted by shadows…. People laughing at me… I wanted to die so I jumped off a mountain to die… I was still alive no scars no blood… I can’t get up it felt like that day I was chained… Slender found me and took me to his house… It looked more like a castle… Later that day I woke up… I met Eyeless Jack, Jeff, Ben, Lulu, Toby, Masky, Hoodie, Sally and Puppeteer I was so happy. I could cry when I met those who were same like me I… I felt somehow like never before like a part of a family…

My new name is…

Dear Diary…

  • Puddin Tane

    Needs major work! Grammar, punctuation, to name a few. It sounds too far fetched. You moved it along way too fast. I suggest you start over and take your time with it. Unless you have to turn it in before sun rise.

    • The Black Tear

      I know it was my first story I only wanted to know what I need to change thanks! ((Btw this is my other acc

  • Lulu

    Part 2?

    • Blayden Blakelee Johnson


  • Taryn Rehfeld

    Please build on character, and isn’t that a short time to go insain like she saw someone and within 6 days or less she went to a psych ward then escaped then got her mouth sewed shut the came up with a new name? Take example from “clockwork” she had traumatic experiences in the past making it easier for her to snap, write a back story please and part two?