Them Black Eyes

(Quick backstory – I’ve been a firm atheist since the age of five, and have had a strong belief against the supernatural. Atleast until this happened. If you happen to be a new reader of my accounts, I’m a writer who writes about personal experiences – incidents that I’ve truly encountered.)

My hands are trembling as I am typing these lines. Sweating profusely has never been a trait of mine, but as I occasionally glance at the mirror in front of me, I see that I had been wrong my entire life. No, I am not scared. Rather, I am traumatized – and slowly, I am beginning to feel silly at myself. Before long, this would pass off as another of my bad nightmares,but like all others, this one shall be recorded.

If you’re reading this, I can only tell you that this is indeed real. I cannot convince you, nor am I planning to.

With technological advancements, mankind took a leap into the world of electronics. A decade ago, the screen you’re looking at would’ve been of the same size, except that the engine would’ve taken up your entire room. Not very satisfying to think about, but true. Greed is unstoppable, yet when combined with our wants, make it infinitely more potent. Yet we are still blind to the untold horrors our lives hold.

12:30 am –

I was sitting in my studio, reading creepypasta on my smartphone. I still remember contemplating about smartphones and our everyday temptations that we eventually succumb to. But that’s for another day.

My studio hasn’t changed a lot since its inauguration last year – there’s some newer equipment I bought, a new guitar, and the new glass pane I fit to the window behind me. I still find the glass pane very interesting, and I had acquired it at an auction that happened four days back. The auctioneer pressed on the fact that whatever may happen, the glass pane should never be returned. Anyway, I was entranced by its texture (it looks like our moon gone translucent), and bought it without any second thought, given that nobody else had been interested to buy it.

Now sadly, a lot of creepypasta do not live up to their name, and tend to either be horrific, or tragic. But luckily, I had found a very creepy tale – I don’t remember the title – and the story had taken an interesting turn. It had mentioned the use of an application called Ghost Radar. Being the Holmes follower I am, I wanted to verify the application’s existence before going to sleep.

1:00 am –

I opened Play Store, and typed the name into the search bar. Results turned up pretty quick, and before long, I was staring into a page full of Ghost Radars, each with its little icon. I opened up the highest rated one, and before long, I downloaded it onto my phone.

I opened the application, and gave it full permission to run. It executed a few commands before the home screen popped up. It was just my phone’s front camera with red lighting – or so it looked. Suddenly out of nowhere, a black ghost model sprang to life just behind my chair. My face was a bit distorted, and the whole scenery was quite grainy. I had to admit that everything was timed very perfectly, and I was quite startled.

And as predicted, another ghost model sprang to life. All of them had one similarity – they were all black, with white faces having two black eyes. They were crooked and appeared burnt. Quite soon, I became bored of this trick. Ghosts sprang up from the floor, hung from the ceiling, waved from my desktop, and stood outside the window – everything behind me. Having faced enough stupidity, I closed the application and pressed the lock button, watching the screen fade to black.

From the black screen I saw my window. And from outside the window, a white face with two black eyes stared at me.

  • Dakota Adkins

    Hey I just would like to know what the app was called and what the app icon looked like it sounds legit and I thinky house is haunted so plZ

  • Konner

    I haven’t even read it yet but really? ‘Them’ Black Eyes? Did an old man write this? XD

    • Vikram Venkat

      I’m hating that particular old man now, trust me.