Life in the Bunker

The following story comes from the diary of a young boy who lived with his family in Melbourne, Victoria. their lives changed when they were reported to stay inside an underground bunker for 30 days without opening the hatch until then. It was part of a drill for people who were wealthy enough to purchase their own fallout shelters.

12th of May 2016

Our family has just started our 30 day life in our own underground bunker. we all got here safe and sound, which is good, but unfortunately i left my 3DS on the surface and i wasn’t allowed to get it.

My dad seems pretty stressed after a long day at work, since he only just got home and only just finished packing the bunker with  supplies to help us survive. My mum seems calm and even seems to enjoy the small space we call our new home. My sister on the other hand keeps annoying me because i’m writing in my diary instead of playing checkers with her, which she intends to enjoy doing. But the good thing is that she hasn’t gone crazy from the small size of the bunker and the fact she hates being cramped in these types of conditions with other people.

My phone is out of battery which is a shame, but thank god that there is electricity down here, but i haven’t managed to find a charger yet. But i’m certain i’ll be able to live with it till the 30 days come to an end.

13th of May 2016

I woke up this morning almost banging my forehead on the bottom of my sister’s bed, we had to share a bunk bed which sucked but at least i can’t see her when i drastically fall to sleep. We had fruit for breakfast which was annoying because i hate healthy types of food, mainly apples, and we had a bunch of them.

Ever since my sister turned 13 she had been addicted to her phone she got that same day, pretty much just taking selfies and sending them to her friends through snap chat. thank god i don’t have to listen to that snap sound every time she takes a photo of herself, because there is no internet so there isn’t a point to do it.

Dad and Mum still seem to be calm and relaxed but mum i don’t think likes it down here very much, you can tell from the fact that she shakes and stares at all the walls before trying to talk to everyone about something else. I’m pretty sure that mum and dad should be fine through this bunker drill.

For the remainder of the day we played board games and played the Xbox 360 that dad put down here in case we got bored, which we usually did all the time and loved playing Forza Motorsport. We also had mum’s famous chicken which tasted even better than KFC chicken, before going to sleep once again for the next day.

14th of May 2016

Today is my 14th birthday and i was the first to wake up. i jumped up and down in excitement for the day and even almost hit my head on the roof.

When mum woke up she yelled at me for making so much noise, and didn’t even say happy birthday to me. That’s weird, mum remembers everything but for some reason she doesn’t remember her son’s own birthday, but i couldn’t blame her, she’s probably stressed from the small space inside the bunker.

Dad woke up with a huge frown on his face, like as if he just went through hell and back. He was not happy and all of us knew that, but on the bright side he did walk up to me and say happy birthday to me. Mum also said it after dad did before running down the hallway to get my present, and i couldn’t be more excited.

I opened the present and it was a new Samsung Galaxy S7 straight from the store. i hugged my parents and said that i loved them as a tear slowly dripped down the side of my face.

Today was the best day ever, we even had chocolate cake at the end. hopefully tomorrow nothing bad happens or happened.

16th of May 2016

Sorry for not writing yesterday but the reason was because yesterday was crazy.

Yesterday some weird gas came in through the air filter and knocked out dad but for some reason the rest of us didn’t, and it only got weirder. Dad woke up and doesn’t remember anything, and by anything i really mean anything. He can’t remember us, himself, where he is, or even the English language. He suddenly fainted and mum dragged him to bed and hopefully he would remember something.

Today seems better, but dad still can’t remember anything. It’s like as if an animal sneaked into his brain and took control over him. but the good news it that if he becomes aggressive he can’t go far, because he’s handcuffed to the bed.

17th of May 2016

Holy S**t f*****g hell, get me the f**k out of here. i’m hiding under my bed and trying to write this without dying.

This morning when i woke up i looked at the floor next to me and i saw dad chewing the face off of my own mother, i couldn’t be anymore scared in my life. Thank god the bed itself has is high enough so i could sneak under it for protection, but i wasn’t certain i was going to live.

I looked briefly at dad and i saw his left hand is missing and then i looked at my dad’s bed to see it chewed off. I’m so f*****g scared and i can’t do anything, hopefully my sister doesn’t wake up to see this horror I’m witnessing.

17th of May 2016 later today





The diary of the book was found in a river outside of Melbourne and was found by a group of scuba divers and sent to the police station for investigation.

Once police found the address for the house they went around the back and searched through the bunker. When they were searching they found the dead bodies of a male and two females. They searched through the air filter to find that an ancient world war 2 Russian toxin gas was found fitted into it, and also found a passageway down into a dark tunnel.

One of the officers shined a light down the tunnel and saw one of the most shocking things of his career, it was a shaking young boy chewing on his hand and whispering to himself the same word over and over again: Death, Death, Death. The officers reach for him and e****t him to the Melbourne Hospital.

2nd of June 2016

The young boy awakens in the hospital and asks where he is, the many police officers and doctors that surround him reply that he is at a hospital being treated for his wounds. He bursts to tears and says thank you over and over again.

The officers ask him what happened after the last thing he wrote in his diary. The boy says:

17th of May 2016 after the last written piece

“I was scared s**t less but i held it together as good as i could. i heard a loud scream and it was my sister from my top bunk, and i knew she was in trouble. my dad who became a cannibal of some kind jumped onto her bed and yanked her down onto the floor, before eventually beginning to eat her stomach. I heard her scream in pain before looking at me and whispering: I LOVE YOU. I couldn’t respond as i know i would’ve died, but i spoke through lips back to her that i loved her too. I stared into her eyes before hearing her last breathe seep through the air into my ears.  I snuck around my dad as he was eating my sister and then snuck into the air filter to try and escape. My dad heard me but he couldn’t fit so i thought i was in the clear, but i wasn’t. It was a dead end except for a vent that leaded to the outside world that would be filtered through the air filter. I threw my book out it and sat there.”

The officer to the left of the young boy asked him why he was repeating the words death and chewing on his arm. The young boy responded by saying: “It was the gas… The horrible horrible gas.”

The officers leave the room and the doctors inform the young boy that he will be alright and leave the room. A mysterious breathing sound can be heard to the left of the young boy and makes a growling noise. The young boy looks to his left to see blood dripping from the teeth of what looks like a dog. the mysterious thing walks up to him and whispers in his ear: “hello son” All that is heard is a loud scream.

  • Hydra Gaming

    Interesting story. A bit weird plot, but a bit little understanding by that the dad went cannibal. But how did the dad became dog? Haha wuut

  • Hydra Gaming

    Some soul switching gas

  • teresa robinson

    Good story, weird ending and bad grammar, but great all the same

    • M4ST3RJ4M3S

      Sorry about the grammar, im only 14 and havent learnt everything yet but thanks for the tip, i will do better.

  • Verdmidious ReznovTM (The Hunt

    A very weird story this is. Like the Parappa Creepypasta. And cool.