The Truth after The Lie – Part 2

I am Trevor Skinner, and I know all, I also know that I am currently stuck in another dimension with a group of “plane crash” survivors. Separated into 21 groups, I know that everyone is scared out of their minds, being stuck in a land of blurry mist and all. I know that the plane had fallen out of the sky and crashed an hour after we reached the ground and that there was no reasonable way we could get out of this place, a place which was infested with monsters beyond belief, monsters which the rest of my fellow survivors didn’t even know were here.

I thought it would be a good idea to move to another country after seeing what would soon happen to America in 2024 after one of my “premonitions”, but I would soon realise that being in this other realm means that I can’t tell the people on OUR Earth the truth, unless we get out.

1:36 a.m.

“Hey guys, the time is 1 three six a.m., I think we should take a rest, we have literally been walking around aimlessly for exactly 1 hour and 45 minutes” I shouted trying to reach to all 21 groups who had no idea where each of the other groups were. “How the heck did you even know that, none of our g******n watches and electronics are WORKING in this place !” a man in another group close-by shouted. They didn’t know that I had been cursed with knowledge by a literal witch, I could tell them, but if I told them, they wouldn’t believe me, but I felt the need to at least tell them what to expect in this land.

1:38 a.m.

Our group sat down in a circle and talked about their family at home and how miserable they were, this was devastating, and it aided to the fact that I HAD to tell them at least where we were, but the result of that may cause drama. “I have to tell y’all something, this isn’t Earth, well, not specifically OUR Earth, we are in another dimension,” I looked around at my group’s agitated and confused faces. Welp, that was totally expected. “My god, you’re saying that we were flown into a portal?” Rhodey had asked and laughed. There was no way they would believe me, until a man named Rourke supported my ideology, “I can’t say it’s not possible, when I was looking out the window, suddenly these small specks of mist particles came flyin’ by about a minute before our plane somehow stopped midair, which I’m pretty sure planes can’t do.” The others nodded in agreement, Rhodey rolled his eyes.

2:23 a.m.

I came up to Rourke in hopes of him being able to fully believe me. “Look, I don’t know if you will think I’m an insane person or something, but I’m telling you and you only in hopes of you being able to fully believe what I’m going to tell you, mostly because of the fact that I KNOW you have the potential to lead these group of people,” I told him in a serious tone. He looked at me in a confused manner, “Ok then, sure.” “My name is Trevor Skinner and I live in Texas,” Rourke nodded his head and replied, “My name is Rourke and I live in Texas as well,” “Yeah I know,” I said matter of factly. Rourke gave me a “What The Hell” look and I explained, “I ran into this scarecrow man and somehow I gained the ability to know EVERYTHING. I got onto THAT plane because I found out what was going to be left of America in 2024 but then I realised that we were stuck in another dimension filled with godly creatures, Dimension number 5 to be specific.” Rourke shook his head, “My god, look, I know you’re shook up by the fact that our plane pilot had just died in an explosion but I need you to get your act together.” “NO LISTEN! I’m not gonna deal with this stupid cliche where I have to PROVE IT TO YOU just to make you believe me, NOW,” I said massively taking charge, “These beings that roam around this dimension have been here for around a 100 years and every 100 years, they will move to the next dimension and feed on every organic and inorganic thing in that dimension, meaning that while they moved through THAT portal to OUR Earth, which in this case is Dimension number 6, we coincidentally went through the same portal and ended up in the previous dimension, this dimension, the dimension where human life used to exist, a dimension where a different version of everyone on OUR Earth used to roam, and now those monsters are going to kill everything in our dimension.” Rouke took a deep sigh and asked what we were going to do anyways other than to stay here and die, this was a question I know how to answer, but the answer would cause fifty different questions to come up.

3:34 a.m.

“AHHHHHH!!!” a mixed diversity of feminine screams, shrilly shrieks, kiddy cries and war cries had arose from the North at the same time, unconsciously KNOWING what had happened, I separated from my group circle in Rourke and Bonnie ( my partners )’s shock and dashed towards the origin of the scream. As I got closer, I could hear a crunching noise and a man screaming for others to kill “it”. No no, I thought to myself, the correct pronoun would be Him. I approached till I saw an outline of Him, a giant who had no lower abdomen but a spine and walked on its two hands. I could see Group number 4’s members detaching their group circle and dashing in all directions, fun fact: an hour from now, I would know that they didn’t make it. I ran away from the position I was at knowing that foolishly dashing to enemt territory was a huge mistake. Oh god, I thought to myself, I’m all alone now, it was dead quiet, in a crouching position, I tried to make my power of knowledge help me find my group, and after many attempts of constipated grunts, the location of group 6 ( my group ) finally crawled into the back of my head. The power of my knowledge was a weird one, for example I couldn’t explain the meaning of life because since it was automatically placed into my mind once I gained my abilities, it’s almost as hard as explaining the meaning of “happy”.

3:43 a.m.

Walking using the knowledge of the location of my group was like walking with the knowledge of the location of my daily mall, it for some reason became as if finding my group was a daily necessity. I stopped in my tracks suddenly because another thought had crawled into my brain, a terrible and horrible thought, as an image of a “God” with no eyes, nose or lips appeared in my mind, an image of a “God” that had a mouth spanning the entirety of His face, a mouth filled with a black hole of a thousand teeth, a “God” who walked on its fours, a “God” who was charging at me.

3:44 a.m.

I screamed and ran in the direction of my group who was exactly 203 meters away, not knowing at all where He was, I suddenly felt the ground rumble and the feeling you had when you walk out your door and see a Tsunami wave 300ft tall and a side of three twisters. Fear. I slipped on guts and brain and landed face first. I’m dead, I am so dead, take care of the survivors for me Rourke, and hopefully you too will find out the way to escape, the way I should have told you the time I met you. But I didn’t die, He charged straight over me as I was on the ground watching the giant-sized shadow of Him run past me, I could feel the shadows too, it felt like goosebumps. A portal had appeared in front of my eyes and He had charged through it, there it is, the way to escape, I stood there watching the portal slowly get smaller and smaller until it vanished, half wondering how to convince everyone that my plan will work and half wondering how everyone is doing in OUR Earth with deadly Gods preparing their attack, and I KNOW this, they are not attacking yet, they are waiting for us.

3:46 a.m.

“Holy Crap, did you guys see that?” Rhodey had shouted. My whole group had rushed towards me, one by one asking if I was okay. They had all seen the monster and the portal, and just by looking at their faces, without even using my ability, I KNOW they know the plan.

For now, this will be the second piece of my story I will write, and the first in this notebook, hopefully I will make more and share it to the people of Dimension Six.

Of course only if I live to save them.

  • Nik Ian Klobčar

    Can’t wait for the next one it looks promising

  • GameHow

    This story will be taking place in the same universe as “Pumpkin Guilt”, “Dimensiom Five” and “Sweet Tooth”