I love a game called Roblox, it is an online game mainly for kids 5-12 but it has a verity of community made games for all ages. The only problem is, millions of people play this game, so there is bound to be some sick people out in the Roblox community. This is by far the worst one I have encountered.

I was playing Roblox one day, specifically a Roplay game. I was an admin so I trolled people. I still banned anyone with inappropriate behaviour because I was still supposed to do my job as an admin. When someone with the username “The_Funny_Man” joined, I was suspicious, so I went invisible and teleported to him. His avatar was plain white, then he started typing sick “jokes” that might not be suitable here so I won’t say them. I immediately banned him, wondering how the heck he passed the filter. I assumed he was a hacker and I decided to stop playing and watch some YouTube.

After a while, I decided to get back on Roblox only to be greeted by a message from our good friend The_Funny_Man… I didn’t friend him and I already banned him so he was 100% a hacker. The messages were just all of his jokes again. Then he invited me to a game.. I joined it to find that the game had given my computer a virus. My computer started spazzing out and it automatically went to a website and asked for permission of webcam use. It automatically clicked yes and I was face-to-face with The_Funny_Man… He was laughing as if he was insane (which he was), and said a random address. It wasn’t mine though, it was my friend’s… I rushed to his house immediately hoping that he was okay. I went there to find him dead… I was scared, angry, and I immediately ran outside and called 911, the police found him. Turns out that he was a escapist from a mental asylum…

  • HEX

    Why can’t you give negative stars? I’d give this 6 1/2 negative stars for sure.

  • Tedi Malekian

    Roblox isnt a good game to make a creepypasta out of. Many spelling mistakes, terrible flow in the story. It just felt out of place. 1 out of 5 stars.