It goes by Unknown

My friend Sam is gone and I want answers. If anyone has seen this THING please heed this warning.

So, the reason I am writing this is that something really strange happened to my friend Sam. They’ve received a rather odd text. I am posting this on different medias to spread the information around.

Here is the story before Sam went missing.

Sam was texting me late at night about some chain text he had received from an unknown number. The photo shown above is the exact screenshot Sam sent me. I told him to ignore the spam text. It was probably someone’s little cousin pulling some pranks on Sam… but I am afraid that I was wrong. Whoever sent it must’ve meant it about the “I’ll come and get you”.

After that encounter, it was the next day. Sam and I met at school. Everything was normal, nothing was out of the blue. So, we eventually forgot about the text. That was until that night… I began to receive text screenshots from Sam… I must admit, it was pretty scary reading them… Especially this one photo Sam took before he stopped replying to me.

I tried texting him, but I could no longer get a hold of him. Whatever that thing is, all I know is that it goes by Unknown from the texts. Then the next thing I knew, he was gone. Missing. Straight from his home.

There was no sign of struggle or anything. No break-in. Nothing. Sam’s parents were downstairs watching television when they heard Sam scream from his room. I was told that all they saw was his phone on the pile of bed sheets and he was nowhere inside the house.

His parents then called everyone they suspected he might’ve been staying at. They thought he was just sneaking out to one of his friend’s place. I eventually got called down by my parents and was asked if Sam was in my room. Obviously, he was not. But, I got a chill throughout my entire body.

I was just texting him… where could he have gone?

It’s been officially two days since we last seen Sam. I am writing this to heed a warning. If you receive an unknown number with this exact message, do not ignore it… Whatever this was it must be linked with Sam’s disappearance.

The following are the screenshots Sam sent me.

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    This is good I think you can make this longer though or at least make another part? I really like this though

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    Oooooooo, this is actually pretty goooooood!!