The Wrong Plane

A few years ago I decided to travel to Bucharest to see my family. Everything was fine that morning, I got to the airport on time, the flight was not delayed, I was actually not expecting for anything to go wrong. However, when I got on the plane, I was shocked of how cold it was inside of it. It felt like there were less than 0°C, so basically freezing cold. I thought it could have been a technical problem so I put on a jacket and didn’t really mind it. Also there were not many passengers on that flight, which was odd. I got to my seat which was in the back of the plane. Sitting next to me there was a lady who was resting her head against the plane’s wall, she seemed to be asleep. To that point I was wondering how could someone sleep in a temperature like that.

I plugged in my earphones and started playing a random movie when something happened that got me very worried. The pilot got on the plane and straight to his cabin, and within the next 5 minutes we were already moving. Just like that, no flight attendants, no instructions, nothing. I again ignored my instincts and told myself that maybe this is the way they do it here, even though it was not my first time flying. As we were taking off, the lady’s face moved from the wall and was now facing me. I looked at her and my heart dropped to my stomach. She had her eyes open and fixed on the ceiling, her mandible was hanging, and her skin was sooo white, like she was… dead. I snapped back to reality and started to panic really bad… the lady next to me was indeed dead. I stood up from my seat and proceeded to get help but then I looked around… all the other passengers were dead. I was the only one alive. My first instinct was to go to the pilot’s cabin but in a moment of clarity I realised that I would probably end up like all those people if I did that… dead. Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together I also realised that I was probably caught in the middle of a human/organ trafficking scheme. I slowly lowered myself back in my seat, trying to avoid any contact with the corpse next to me, and I did what anybody would do in that situation… I played the dead.

The flight lasted for about 3 hours which I spent almost freezing to death. When we landed, I waited for the pilot to get out of the plane and then I ran away as fast as I could. I didn’t know where I was, certainly not Bucharest, nor did I care much about that at the moment, I was running for my life. I think I got on the wrong plane.