Nightmare Child’s Stories Chapter 3


WARNING: I do not own the original pasta NoEnd House.

I stood inside the lobby for what seemed to be hour’s trying think through this mess. Failing conclusion after failing conclusion I gave up and just stood there.

I scanned the room a few times seeing that I was here… I was in NoEnd house.

I fast walked over to the front door and tried the knob again. It didn’t budge. I hit my fist against the wall in frustration and sighed. I turned around and remembered the door with the one placed on it and walked across the room to it and put my hand on the knob. I twisted the knob and tried to pull. The door opened.

(Maybe… there’s some kind of emergency exit somewhere) I looked into the room while holding the door firmly, just in case it locked too. The first room was what one would call a parent’s pitiful attempt to create a haunted house for their four year old daughter.

The room was slightly darker than the lobby. I walked in and let the door slowly close. And when I tried to open it, with no surprise here, it was locked. The thing that confused me was that when I looked at the door’s side it didn’t have any locking mechanism. I just assumed that it was magnetic or something.

I began walking through fake spider webs towards the second door. As I was making my way there, I passed paper ghosts hanging from the ceiling. I rested my hand on door two. I turned the knob and walked in. Though I couldn’t see to far ahead of me due to the amount of fog cascading the room. I didn’t bother checking the door I entered through, besides what would be the point in going back that way. I began walking through the dense mist and found myself humming to the cheap Halloween music playing somewhere in the room.

I followed the wall all around the room looking for an exit door. But all I found was door three. I shoved the door open in frustration and froze. In room three there was only a chair in the center of the room on a wood panel floor and a lamp in one of the far corners that barely lit the room. (Now this was new)

I entered the room letting the door shut behind me and stood there looking at the room. I walked over and sat in the chair while looking at the shadow it casted next to mine. Then I looked around the room and noticed something. There were shadows that didn’t even have anything to come from. I jumped up from the chair but ended up falling onto the wooden flooring. I got up as fast as I could and looked around the room. All the shadows were gone now.

(Well in a movie, this means something bad is about to happen) I thought for a second and began walking to the door of room four. I passed the chair and saw that it still had its shadow for some reason. I thought nothing of it, maybe the walls were there thin and people were standing on the other side or something like that.

I kept walking and stopped at the door with my hand on the knob. I regretfully turned around, which I wish I hadn’t, I looked back at the chair and its shadow. Then I noticed… my shadow… was gone too. I turned back to the door and walked into room four not even wanting to think about what just happened.

Now room four was possibly the worst of them all. The only thing I was scared of when I was younger was the dark. And what scared me more was unidentified noise in the dark. But that was the thing, I heard nothing. Not even my own breath.

Room four was void of any light, void of any sound. Now this had disturbed me because I had never experienced this kind of silence before. Imagine being blind and deaf, it felt like there was nothing. I began walking forward with my hand in a blocking motion in front of my face. All I could sense was the feeling of my feet touching the ground.

After a few moments of me walking with that feeling of goosebumps and fear in my stomach the chill up my spine, my second fear began. I froze in place as I heard it, a low hum. (Are you freaking kidding me!) The hum got louder and I felt a presence. It felt like something was behind me but, I could here the hum all around me. It was all I could hear.

I ran forward feeling fear in every part of my body. Pure fear. The hum got louder and I covered my ears. I was angry now. I wanted this to end.

I clenched my fist and turned around. I knew it was close but I was angry, and I was loosing my patients. I began to twitch and my eyes widened. I ran forward still full of the fear of what I’d collide with. I felt the presence that I felt before directly in front of me. I yelled and lunged forward ready to rip apart what ever this was. I felt like I was about to collide into the source of the ear bleeding sound when the lights flickered for a few seconds and I tried to stop when I saw it. I saw nothing. I looked around frantically as I rolled upon my impact to the floor.

Then everything fell into utter darkness once more and I froze as there was silence. The hum stopped. I began to rise and run back to where I thought the door as quick as I could. I had barely even started sprinting when the loudest and tear jerking screech up roared all around me.

I bolted forward and practically slammed into the door. I threw it open and ran into room five while slamming the door behind me and falling down to the ground with my eyes sealed shut.

I opened my eyes and saw the wood flooring of room five. I stood up and cracked my back. I turned around and took in a deep breath. The room was large. And what was more surprising was that it was full of forest. Trees had grown through the ground and the walls and towered above me. (This, should be, interesting?) I was just confused at this point. I cautiously tried to open the door to room four. But the knob wouldn’t even turn. Like something was holding it shut instead of it being locked like normal.

That urged me so I began fast walking forward into the brush. I couldn’t even see the door.

I walked for a little, while also admiring the scenery. (They sure put a lot of effort into this…) I mean it had all of the normal things a forest would have, tall and short trees, bushes, the occasional rock. Even bird and bug sounds. Then I looked down. Everything except for the paneled flooring.

I kept walking and I heard a bird land on a tree branch just a few feet away from me. I turned my head to witness it but the bird wasn’t there. I looked around for a few seconds and continued walking.

Again I heard the sounds of nature. But this time a mosquito landed on me and I smacked it off, or I thought I did. I smacked my arm again and then looked at it. The mosquito was gone. But it still felt like it was there.

(I know what your thinking. Oh no! A ghost bug! SHADDUP)

I kept walking as more and more mosquitos began to land all over my body. I began to flail as they crawled over my face and bare eyes. I couldn’t get them off. They weren’t there. They were there.

I began running as they started biting me and sucking my blood while they still crawled on me. I slammed into the wall and felt for a knob. I grazed it with my hand and right when I was about to grab it, I heard a quiet hum.

The hum got louder and louder as I frantically searched for the door knob. I found the knob and ripped open the door and lunged into room six. Now this was the damn most terrifying thing ever.