The White Woman

A shame that another poor talented soul was murdered, as of now we have no leads on the b*****d killing these people. 3 in the morning comes around as I stir my coffee as the morning news played on my TV the snow outside was illuminating the sky orange and red. A breaking news report blared on the TV so I had to take my eyes off of the beautiful view and pay attention to the report. I sigh knowing being a Crime scene investor required me to get ready I leaned back and listened to the report.

“Last night another murder took place in the outskirts of Greeley Colorado, the man killed has been Identified as Hayden Norman, a famous photographer out taking pictures for unknown reasons when the Colorado Ripper struck again. I sat and sipped my coffee expecting a call from the chief which didn’t take long. He called to explain that I needed to see the scene and that it was the most gruesome killing yet, I complied and headed downstairs to take a shower and get dressed.

I listen to the radio buzzing like crazy talking about how inhuman this killing was. At this point is was so excited to see how bad this really was, the address was on the outskirts like the news said and the house was a cute little baby blue hut with a pink door that was ruined by the police tape and detective Jay hurling out front

“Don’t go in there man” he said between vomiting and crying “there is some scary s**t in that room” I walked past opening the front door, I already smelt the copper before stepping into the house. To my left was a kitchen and to the right was the worse murder scene I have even seen, the room was painted red with gore as blood dripped from the ceiling, I held back vomiting and walked into the room, it was weird that the blood was on the ceiling and the walls but seemed to levitate away from the floor despite the corpse of the man… oh right the corpse, the man body was mutilated to the point where organs were mismatched, or at lease the ones left, his arms and legs were detached and his face was ripped off but a permanent smile was stretched across ear to ear, his eyes lids were ripped off and his eyes were glossy and bloodshot. As I examine the corpse and gag a large man with a beard walks into the room, he carried a video camera and a document that he kept hidden in his rain coat “Chief, Daniel, you’re gonna want to see this” the chief and I look at each other and nod walking over to the detective

“It was a video camera that was found under the bed. The boys just finished looking it over and requested I bring it straight to you” he clicked play as a static picture filled the screen with a date stamp that switched to December 24th 1990

“Well at least they got the date right” the chief said. The video began playing as sudden gasping could be heard

“Where’s the f*****g flashlight on this thing” the man in the video whispered to himself, the camera had a flash of white as the man flinched, he started speaking in hushed tones

“My name is Hayden Norman and I’m a photographer, I guess this is my last log because I’ve called the police but the lines are always busy” he paused and looked around the tight enclosed space “There was a Woman who has been in the news and the papers for the past week now… she’s called the tapper” Footsteps could be heard with occasional crashes “Please somebody help me. may god have mercy on my soul” the man said closing his eyes. A distorted screech wailed in the background the man began to cry “Please, find my family and yell them I love the-” he cut off as he looked at the door, the footsteps were right outside what I assumed to be the wardrobe. The door creaked and the film cut to static showing a still frame of a claw reaching into the wardrobe and grabbing the man by the shoulder blended with the changing of black and white dots

“Is that thing even human?” Immediately after his sentence was finished it cut back to the camera leaning on its side, the only things visible were a digital clock that read 2:45 and a lamp that flickered “What are you” the man asked in darkness, the lamp toppled over and shined on the creature. It was so f*****g out of proportion that I didn’t even see it a human, its arms dragged against the floor. Against my better judgment I continued watching

“G O D” the creature said in a hyper distorted voice. The camera beeped signaling low battery and the creature quickly turned to it… but instead of turning normally it nearly broke its spine with an ear-splitting crack, the lamp shined light on the most haunting face i had ever seen, a smile with pale eyes and sharp teeth, it began walking towards the camera dragging its fingers against the wall like a knife the chief as the chief and I jumped. It got up to the camera and began heavily breathing, the suddenly at incredible speeds it regained its posture and shot hims arms out forward sprinting at the man while letting out a haunting bellow

the video ended

I then began to feel sick to my stomach “Daniel go get some sleep and come back in the morning. You look like hammered s**t” I slowly nodded my head and began out of the room, knowing that whatever killed Hayden must have been inhuman I got in my car and turned the keys. The radio was playing Rock and roll, something to take my thoughts of the “tapper” they called it, I got home and walked inside, it felt like I hadn’t been there for eternity, even though that the drive there and back was only 2 hour. the rest of the day I sat there thinking about the… thing on the video.

By the time midnight rolled around I was already half asleep in my bed but I kept jumping awake to the sight of that thing, its smile was etched into my mind, I read the clock “2:30” I laughed “I need to get some sle-” my thoughts were interrupted by the realization that the victim died at around the same time about five minutes pass when I decided that I was gonna get a glass of milk, I stepped into my pitch black hallway rubbing my eyes as my footsteps make the loose boards creak. I got my glass and went to my fridge, when I filled it up with milk there was the sound of scrapping, the same type as in the video. I shivered and shrugged it off as something scraping against the hard snow outside. I begin to get back into my bed when I was disturbed by a slight tapping sound at my window, I figured that I was being paranoid until the same knock rang out again but louder this time.

I put my glass of milk on my nightstand and begin my way to the window expecting an Owl or other type of bird but still prepared for the worst, I opened the blind to my window as my heart sunk to my feet, a woman in a white robe was standing outside my window Upside down and completely motionless. I gasped and fell backwards as her eyes tracked my every move. I breathed hard and gulped as a slowly backed away from the window. The woman reared back and threw herself through my window with her arms in full extent towards me.

I jumped awake with a scream in my bedroom before looking over to my digital clock which read 2:45 I wiped the sweat from my forehead as I sat up in my bed, the most haunting sound came from my left. A deep growl was let out directly to my side I slowly turn to see nothing there except my window. wide open with curtains flowing in the cold winter wind. I shook with fear as I slowly looked down to the side of my bed
the face that was in the video stared back at me with blood covered teeth and the eyes that I could see myself in

  • Ibrahim Kaysar Boksh

    You know, if this had been proof read it wouldn’t be that bad a story

  • thirteenlilsykos

    I agree with Ibrahim. The story might not be that bad if someone, anyone, gave it proofreading. As it was, though, I gave it a 1 star. I could barely read it.I had a hard time keeping up with the story and I couldn’t tell if the author switched tenses (which is a ‘no-no’, in my opinion) or if was really bad spelling/grammar.

  • TanzDerProblems

    Well, it has some potential. However, in its current state I would only give it 3/5.