The Rake is Real

It had been a very long day, at school my regular bully slapped my lunch tray out of my hands and shoved me to the ground. And before school I found out my best friend John was moving out of town. After school when I got to my s****y two bedroom house my dad was drunk, I stared at him with hatred and disgust. He noticed me and said, “The hell are you looking at, dumb son of a b***h.” My father fell into a deep alcohol fueled depression after my mom died due to leukemia.

After the exchange of words I went into my room listened to Disturbed on my phone and then went to sleep. I woke up at about 2 o’clock in the morning I heard something on the roof I was very confused and drowsy considering I had just woken up. It sounded like someone was walking or rather crawling up there I say crawling because it sounded like someone was walking on four legs instead of two.

Then it all stopped abruptly, then I heard it drop in front of my window. Terrified I stuck my head under my blanket I started to heard scratches on my window but then it stopped. I got up out of bed ran to my dad’s room, I threw open the door and was horrified to see that my dad was face to face with the creature. It had razor sharp claws and dagger like teeth, its skin was a white and hairless and its eyes, its eyes were like deep black voids. My dad rushed to his closet and grabbed his rifle, but was pounced upon by the creature. The creature dug one of its claws in my dad’s shoulder causing him to drop the rifle. He screamed in agony and told me to run, but I didn’t I grabbed the gun and shot the monster in its side, it shrieked and bolted out of my dad’s window and into the nearby woods.

I dialed 911 and told the operator that my dad had been attacked by an animal and that there was a lot of blood, five minutes later paramedics and police were in front of my house. The paramedics took care of my dad while I told the police what happened, I basically told them that an animal attacked my dad and I shot it with his rifle. Then they asked me what kind of animal was it I told them I didn’t know but it looked like a hairless dog with very sharp claws. The two officers looked at each other with a worried expression on their face, they then asked me where did it come from I told them it came from the woods behind my house. They then told me that everything was going to be ok and not to worry.

The paramedics took me to the hospital with my dad while my dad was getting treated the chief of police walked up to me while I was sitting down and told me not to worry because he was going to get a team of officers to “handle” the situation.

When my dad recovered we went home and I did some research and I found out that this “thing” was apparently called “The Rake”, and I also found out that  two teenagers were found dead with slit throats in the same forest behind my house. And I also  started watching videos about people apparently seeing The Rake and it looked like the exact same creature I saw in my house that night. My dad called me down stairs and with a shaky voice told me that we were moving, confused I noticed the news was on and it said that apparently five police officers were found dead in the woods with slit throats.

  • KillerF999

    The story is pretty good, but the grammar need SERIOUS work, there are lot of punctuation error, grammatical error which can be improved immensely, and try to also improve the word choice by using synonyms, that can REALLY make a story spiced up and interesting. Anyways, the story is pretty well thought out, keep up the good work and I would like to read more from you.