Dark Promise Chapter 1: Creeps of the Night

Crimson and scarlet were two girls who lived in a house of four. There father were obsessed with the color red, so that’s how their names came to be how they are. There mother was drinking some tea when her beloved entered the room. “Dear, we need to talk…” He whispered in the dark room. His voice resonated through the kitchen. The mother tilted her head. “What is it my love? Is it the children’s grades?” She spoke softly as the smell of rose perfume spread along with herbs from the tea mixing in the boiling water. The husband neared her. He grabbed some of her hair and forcefully pulled her closer. “Ahh!! Oww! What the hell was that for!?” She shouted.
The husband shushed her and covered her mouth with his hand. She grabbed at his arm and tried struggling but he threatened her. “Shh…” He whispered. Her body slowly collapsed onto the ground. The father threw the cloth into his pocket and looked at her. He headed to the knife holder and pulled one out. He looked down at her and neared her sleeping figure. The father was normally a lab scientist, but lately got fired from failing his job. One of the recent labs caused him to become strange. Not to say he already wasn’t. He had a certain craving for human flesh. He bent down and pulled the knife closer to her. He drew it to her neck and slashed down hard and quick causing blood to spatter over him. A small smirk started plastering on his face. He slowly wiped it off, and brought his hand close to his mouth, and started licking the blood. He cut a chunk off her arm and he started digging into her dead body.
The night passed by and by the time sun shined through his two daughters awoke in a cold dark place. Scarlet shivered and she Only had her shirt and underwear. Scarlet opened her eyes and looked around the room. Her sister was next to her. “Hey, Crimson! Wake up!” Crimson’s eyes twitched and opened. “Wh..what? What happened here!?” She said quickly looking back and forth seeing scarlet. “Don’t look at me!”
Her arms were trapped in a metal chain along with her poor sister. “Are you okay?” She whispered her eyes shut. “I’m fine. But what happened?” She whispered. She wasn’t okay, her wrists hurt from being stretched out. A man entered the room as the smell of death covered him. Scarlet stared at him. “D..dad!?” Crimson looked up seeing her own father. “Why is there blood all over you!?” Crimson spoke with shock. The dad smirked. “Nothing to worry about my sweet pile of flesh.” He murmured. Scarlet started shaking more violently. “Dad what is going on!?” Crimson gave scarlet a look of fear and to hush her. “Shh…” She hushed. The dad watched the communication carefully. He saw how they talked and acted towards each other.
“Well you two are going to be a huge part of my lab. What am I doing you ask? Well only an experience that no one ever tried. We…oh I assume me, I’m going to see if one of you can connect with an animal soul and take over the body. And get rid of the animal’s soul so your soul can take over. Oh…did did I say the best part? I’m going to take your eyes. Then I’m going to take your ears.” He pointed at scarlet first then at Crimson. “The ears will be more of a pain so that’s why I chained you to the table my dear. And for you, scarlet you will lose all vision and will feel the most pain. I’m not going to take your eyes. I’ll take your vision. By sowing your eyes shut.”
Scarlet started to struggle and scream. “Oh it seems you want to go first.” The father made a big toothy grin. “Don’t worry it will be your turn first. Since I never loved you the most I suppose.” Scarlet looked over at her sister, then after the animals. There was a fox,then a hyena. The two canines laid in separate cages from each other.
The dad neared scarlet with a sharp needle with string hanging on the ground. “ I know how you just adore needles. So I planned that you can see it close your eyes.” His hand neared and he stopped. “Don’t move much or it will get stuck in your eye.”
P Scarlet watched as it neared and she closed her eyes. Pain quickly shot through her eye and blood started dripping down her eye. “It’s okay sweetie.”
He spoke as he pulled the needle out first and turning it to her other eye lid. He slowly dug it in and pulled out. It went as a pattern for a while until her first eye was covered with blood and black string holding her eyes shut. Scarlet started crying and soft sobs echoed in the room. Crimson was praying for her and her sister to get out safe. Her innocence leaked out every time scarlet let out a new set of cries. The dad started with the other eye causing only more blood to pour out. “Oh shut up already you crying brat.”
He smacked her in the face and he drew his hand near the rubbing alcohol and grabbed ahold of the container. “Oh look your cut might get infected with all of the holes. I guess I need to clean that.”
He grabbed a big cloth after setting the needle down and swinging it onto the cloth for less then a second. After he started to wipe the blood away and a stinging sensation covered the main part for a while.
The last thing scarlet saw besides her crazed father was her sister then the animals, then her sister one last time. Darkness covered both eyes. Only a little line barely showed anything. She couldn’t see anything. Crimson looked over at her sister still crying. “Scarlet!”
She yelled crying even more. Scarlet sat there motionless. The loss of blood near the brain put her into shock causing her to sleep. “She’s fine she is just too much of a crying shame.” Crimson watched worry starting to take its toll. Her stomach started to hurt leaving a pain but she ignored it. “Alright it seems like she is done for now.” The dad smiled and looked at Crimson. “It’s your turn. After I’m done you won’t hear anything. Even your own screams.”
Crimson moved back as far as her body could go. “Oh don’t be like that. After I’m done you will be happy.”
The sound of what her father said resonated through her mind. Her father neared her and picked up the used needle. “Well it seems like you and your sister will have blood shared. What a shame I don’t have any others. Oh wait…”
The father stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out a new needle with new thread. “Do you want the hyena or fox.” Crimson kept quiet. “Hyena it is.”
The father pulled out a sharp knife and brought it to crimsons ear lobe. “Don’t move or I’ll stab your brains out.” He started to slowly cut her ear lobe off making the blood rush to the wound. Pain shocked her and she couldn’t bring her hand to the ear. “Please stop!” She screamed. The dad stopped and looked over at her. “Shh…” He hushed as he grabbed the ear lobe and brought it to his mouth. “This will be amazing.” He brought it to his mouth and started to chew on the soft piece of flesh. In a couple of bites the ear lobe had gone. “I’ll have to cook the next one. This one was cold.”
Crimson dug her fingernails into her hand making the pain go to her hand. It didn’t last long until her dad cut the other ear off. “Now I must sow that hole. Oh that bothers me so.”
He let out a chuckle and started to do the same with what he did to Scarlet’s eyes. Towards the end he stuck cloth and cotton into her ear so it blocked out everything. Then he sewed it completely showing no opening. After he did the same to the other ear. “Done!” He exclaimed.
Crimson looked around hearing nothing but the same thing over and over again. She heard voices that told her to go kill him. To destroy him. Make him suffer like he made her and her sister suffer. The father grabbed a new cloth and put some strange liquid on it. After he walked to her and placed it on her face causing her to pass out. “ nighty night.”

  • Anzaia

    What a disturbed guy. Who sews cotton and cloth into their ears and eyes?

    Well, this is quite good written. Props to ya!
    ^-^ the start happened bit too fast but besides this, I like it. Waiting for next part(s?)!