The Wall Between Us


Welcome to my new “book” so this is just a warning that the main character is in fact a boy and if you are homophobic I would recommend you to not read this story if that kind of stuff triggers you BACK TO THE STORY


“Mum I am home” Jake would look around “mum where ar-” he would see his mum sitting on the floor crying drinking beer “Mum???” Jake would ask “GET OUT THIS ROOM IS PRIVATE” his mum would yell “No mum something is wrong you like never drink beer” exclaimed Jake. “Get the f**k out Jake” she would throw a beer bottle at Jake making him soaking wet and bloody. “Mum what the heck is up with you” Jake was only an 11 year old boy who was the oldest kid in the house. “Mommy” a soft whisper would come from behind Jake “Oh Vivian go back to your room” he would point out of the room as she left to her room. “MUM YOU CAN’T BE LIKE THIS….YOU HAVE A 2 YEAR OLD AND A 4 YEAR OLD TO TAKE CARE OF AND ALSO ME..NOW I KNOW DAD DIVORCED YOU FOR A 24 YEAR OLD H****R BUT GET IT TOGETHER AND MOVE ON FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILDREN” Jake would yell at his mum. She would stand up grabbing him by the hair and throwing him to the ground “NEVER SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT AGAIN OR THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY…GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW” Jake would stand up and run to his room. “What’s wrong with mommy Jake” Vivian would ask in a soft voice “she just had a little too much to drink go to sleep vivian” right as Jake said that he heard Lana crying. He would grab Vivians hand and went to Lana’s room. “Mum get away from Lana” he would demand to her. “Mum you’re intoxicated get away from Lana” right after he said that she would grab Lana and throw her to the ground..Right as she was about to hit Lana Jake would push Vivian behind him and tackle his mum “I WILL NOT LET YOU LAY A HAND ON LANA” Jake would get up and grab Lana and run to his room locking the door. “Jake what does intoxicated mean?” Vivian would ask. “Nothing just go to sleep” Vivian did what she was told and they all fell asleep..BEEP..BEEP….BEEP…..BEEP Jake would slam the alarm clock and get dressed for school. “Jake you have to go to school..your mum is still asleep” Kelly would demand “Kelly keep an eye on Lana and Vivian…mum has. Been drinking a lot” Jake would leave for school. Staring at Luke Jake would think about talking to him… Jake looked like a cinnamon roll and was a cinnamon roll but Luke looked like he could kill you and could actually kill you if you laid a hand on one of his friends. “Hahaha look Luke a little f****t is checking you out” Jack would yell. It was so quick all his friends came at Jake all circling around him throwing him to the floor kicking him untill his nose was bleeding. “HEY LEAVE JAKE ALONE GUYS” Luke would yell…Then they all just left….”ARE YOU OK JAKE?!” he would put his hand on his hand “I uhh im ok” Jake would lie…”No you’re not..I can tell by looking in your eyes that you are not ok” Luke exclaimed…Jake would turn red….Jake would sigh “I LIKE YOU LUKE”….Luke would stare at Jake….”I’m sorry it just slippe-” luke would hug Jake “I like you too… a friend” Jake turned white “Im kidding Jake…I really like you” Jake would sigh in relief. Luke would place his hand on Jake’s “Well do you wanna hang out friday?” asked Jake….”YES” yelled Luke….


“Im home” jame would yell.

“JAKE BABY I AM SO SORRY FOR WHAT I DID I PROMISE I WILL NEVER HURT YOU AGAIN PLEASE FORGIVE ME” mum would yell crying “it’s ok mum you were sad I get it” Jake would say “so how was your day hunny” Jakes mum would ask. “Oh it was great actually…..I got a date with my crush” Jakes mums eyes would open wide “LUKE ASKED YOU ON A DATE!” mum would yell with excitement. “I asked him and he said yes”. “that’s great hunny” mum would say . Jake would walk to his room and drift asleep. “TODAY IS MY DATE WITH LUKE MUM DRIVE ME TO THE MOVIES” Jake’s mum took him to the movies and Jake waited……And waited……..and waited…….and waited…30 minutes later there was still no sign of Luke coming. He would check his text messages….None…”I knew it was too good to be true” Jake would sigh. He would leave his seat. Jake would run 2 miles home without even calling his mum to pick him up. Right as Jake was about to turn the corner….*BAM* Jake would get hit right in the gut. He would look up at the person who kicked him…It was one of Lukes friends…and his squad including Luke..Jake would get kicked in the nose as he laid on the ground in pain. “You really think that I would like you Jake”


  • Ellpa Elgae

    I’m already sh-sh-shaking! S-s-scary story s-s-so far! Eek! The stuff of nightmares. 😛

  • Hi_there

    Not creepy just sad

  • ∆_R.H_∆

    It was a pretty good story even though it didn’t have horror in it, it just showed that Jake should’ve been careful when his crush said he wanted to go out on Friday. Keep it up!

  • Eagerest Spider

    The feels, soo many feels😭