Smile My Dear!

The grinning woman still watching me from the window while I could hear the sound of the rain followed by the ringing telephone. I’m paralyzed, I can’t move even if I want to. The fear was clouding my mind, felt scared after the thunder made the electricity went off. All I have right now was a handphone with the flashlight turned on.

How did all of this even started last night? I don’t know. I decided to write this down for no reason.

Friday, 23th November 2018

It’s a normal and boring day for me, I still live with my parents even though I’m seventeen years old. Well let’s just say that I hate living alone… Okay okay, I’m scared when I’m alone.

Tonight, my friends decided to come for a sleepover. I’m really excited because this is the first time that someone coming to my new house. We just moved in after a week ago. The house was really big even though it looks really old, it just gave me a sweet vintage vibes.

I hear a knocking on the door, I immediately open the door expecting my friends behind the door, and there they are. Though, I don’t expect this many people who came. Five of my friend slowly steps into my house, looking around with an amazed expressions. They think this new place is much better and nicer than my old house. I’m grateful.

I don’t think my room will fit this many people, so I decided to use another bedroom. This room was locked, no one actually slept here before, and personally I never enter it on my own. The workers here usually cleaned this room so we could use it anytime we want. So I ask my dad for the key, I opened the room. It was really clean, but it was very dull. Surprisingly there was a bathroom and closet inside this big room.

My friends then put their stuff and preparing for a small party. I decided to explore the room more. I slowly open the closet room door, there are many ancient stuff in there. I turn on the lights, and looking at the boxes full of interesting old stuff. Some of this are really old, I mean really really ancient. I saw a letter, journal, telephone, glass, and some used clothes. I tried to read the old letter but the hand writing is so hard to read. I put everything nicely and neatly inside the closet. I grabbed the journal and ran to my friends.

They looked surprised and curious about what I found, one of them grabbed the journal and read it. One of the other felt scared and told us not to read it, but curiosity get the best of us. First page is a bio of the writer name “Anastasia Jouene” with a black and white picture of a girl standing and smiling sweetly to the camera wearing vintage dress. She looks so happy.

The day is getting colder, the dark clouds covering the night skies. After my friends got bored with the journal they decided to tell a story about ghost. I honestly felt scared talking about ghost and all of that, but if that makes them happy then I’ll just go with it.

11:55 pm, it’s already late at night and my friends are still awake. So I decided to suggest them to go to sleep. They greatly agreed, they’re going to stay for two days anyway so we still have many time to have fun.

I then turn off the lights and pull my blanket, I can still hear the notification sounds of my phone so I decided to turn it off. Quiet night and peaceful atmosphere.


A sudden sound of breaking glass break the sound of silence.

00:01 am, my friends are still asleep. That’s strange, am I the only one who hear the sounds of that? I’m not sure if it’s a dream or not but I decided to go back to sleep.

Saturday, 24th November 2018

In the morning, my friends was freaking out. My room was a mess. I asked them but they didn’t know what happened either. It’s seems like someone was breaking into my house. As I checked on everything, the journal was missing. I didn’t think that I misplaced it. When I opened the door, it was unlocked. That’s strange because I swear I already locked the door. Just like what I was expecting, there was a breaking glass in front of the door. I guess it wasn’t a dream after all. The person who breaks into my house was probably accidentally dropped the glass and ran away. But why would they take the glass and not our other valuable items?

After freaking out for a half an hour, we finally decided to just ignore what happened and clean the room.

At night, my friends decided it was a good idea to buy some snacks from the grocery store. The store wasn’t that far away, but I just had this very strange feelings that it was dangerous to go outside for now. The skies started to rain again so it was probably a great idea to wait until the next morning. But they refused.

They know that I’m also refusing to not going and they also know that I’m scared of being alone, so one of them decided to stay.

8:30 pm, it was already five minutes since they’re gone. The rain is getting more and more heavy. My parents were on a business trip for tonight, so thank god my friends are sleeping over. It was me and one of my friend now.

After three minutes, I’m going to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, my friend are still in my room. I peak at the window, the rain is so heavy, it almost looks like the rain will never end tonight. I close the window again and open the cabinet.

Suddenly the electricity went off. My first thought was probably it was my friend who tried to prank me. I then yell her name. But nobody came. I started to panic and told her that this isn’t funny. I hear laughing. Now I definitely know that this is just a stupid prank.

I grabbed my phone and turn on the flashlight. I ran to my room while I searched for my friend. The door was closed, I rushed and knocked on the door. She didn’t open, I can still hear her laugh. Then I decided to force myself to open the door. It was tough but I manage. I then searched for her with my flashlight, thinking that she was probably hiding. I put the light of my flashlight down.

What I saw was very shocking. It was my friend, laying on the ground and her arms bleeding. Next to her was a broken glass covered with blood. There is no way she did this to herself, I don’t ever think that she was suicidal at all. She was losing so much blood, I’m very afraid that she was dying. I quickly tried to call the emergency services but I’m losing signals. What can I do now? The rest of my friends are out and it was raining heavily outside. There is no way that I could tell the neighbors about this, they might accuse me of trying to kill her!

I then hear knocking on the door, I ran as fast as I could to the front door. I wish that my friends wouldn’t freak out about this. I mean they probably would because there was a freaking dying body in my room and it was my own friend!

I open the door. Silence, there’s nobody outside. All I could hear was the sounds of rain. I quickly close the door. I tried and tried and tried to call someone, anyone! But it is useless.

The knocking continue, I still wouldn’t dare to open the door. I don’t know what to do and I’m freaking out.

I then hear the sound of telephone ringing, it was coming from my room. I hesitate to go back to my room but that is the only chance that I can talk to the person about what is going on right now. I decided to go back. I’m trying so hard to not look at my friend’s corpse and cried. I slowly take the phone.

“Why didn’t you open the door my dear?”

I followed my instinct and quickly said, “Who is this?!”

“I thought that you have known me already, I saw that you’re really frightened so I decided to come for you.”

I can’t believe this, someone actually decided to help me. The woman on the phone is probably the one who knocked on the door over and over. I don’t know if I could open the door last time because I was frightened. I don’t know what to do.

“You sound… hesitant, do… do you trust me… Dear?”

The woman voice became darker and shaky, I immediately turn off the telephone and ended the call.

I quickly ran to the kitchen to grab a knife and ran to my old room, I hide inside the closet and turn off my light.

With a shaky hand I slowly prepared myself if someone would find me. I retried to call someone I know on my phone.

Bang… Bang… Bang…

Someone desperately trying to open the door.

I could hear the banging and glass breaking from up here. I just hope it was the police. The footsteps is getting louder and louder, it sent shivers down my spine. My face is covered with cold sweat.

They are here, in front of my bedroom door. I still have hope that someone would come here and safe me, but that hope slowly fades away.

Suddenly, they kicked my bed room door, I screamed. I mentally cursed myself for screaming and gave away my hiding spot.

The woman then giggled again, slowly walking to my closet. I slowly raised my knife wanting to attack. It’s too late, she already opened the closet door.

She looks like a mess, her hair is long dirty blonde, blood is covered her clothes, and her dress skirt looks like it was already thrown apart, she gave me a closed eyed smile.

What makes me scared the most is that she was holding a big piece of bloody glass on her hand. She was getting closer and closer to me, I closed my eyes preparing for the worst and screams for help.

“It looks like nobody cares anyway, right? Haha!”

I was cornered, it was raining heavily and nobody could hear my screams for help.

My attempt of attacking her has failed, she grabbed my hand and I accidentally dropped my knife. The sounds echoing through the room and my knees dropped to the ground.

She grabbed my knife and looks at me in the eyes, she doesn’t have one. I scaredly stared at the blank white orbs that was in front of me while I cried.

“Oh hushh…”

She grabbed my shoulder and raised the knife in front of me.

“Just smile, my dear!”


My eyes then closed, thinking that I would never open them anymore.

A light starts to shine through my eyelids.

God had gave me another chance to live.

I open my eyes, and here I am, in a hospital bed alone. A simple note had left in the bedside table.

“Dear Bethany, we are very sorry that we left you alone that day, we are very sorry that this had happened to you, we are very sorry that we cannot help you that time. Whatever happens, please stay strong. We really hope that you will get better soon. We will be back after a minute, we love you very much.

Love mom and dad”

Next to the note, I saw a journal that I found last day. That same exact journal.

I quickly opened it and read some information about the writer.

It was her, Anastasia Jouene, the girl with blonde hair and green eyes. She died because she was killed at the year of 1965.

She was locked inside the closet. She was dying slowly and crying for help but nobody could hear her inside the closet. All she has is the journal that she wrote every single day before she died. The scribbles of “just smile” was written in every page. She was killed and locked by her own step sister and step mother.

Her step sister name is…

Bethany William

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    The stepsister who locked and killed Anastasia (the ghost girl) is Bethany William. The girl in the hospital also have the same name Bethany.