Sunlight. I rolled over, and glanced at my Rose Gold iPhone 7 plus sitting on my stained oak night stand. The screen was black, as it should be with inactivity, so I picked it up and touched the home button.

1 missed call, 1 voice mail.

They were from my best friend, Erica. Judging by the severity of my headache, I’d say Erica and I went out for a crazy night on the town. My breath tasted like bad decisions. I glanced over my shoulder.

I slipped out of bed, and went into my bathroom. I was naked, my hair was matted, and my body looked like a crime scene.

I walked back into my bedroom, and grabbed my phone. Unlocking the device, I listened to my voicemail while walking back to the bathroom.

“GINA! Call me when you get this. I-” 


Erica always had some type of mental break down after a night out. She always talked about how much we were sinning, and it truly got on my nerves.


How ironic. It was Erica.

“Hello?” I croaked. My throat was dry, and my breath smelled terribly.

“Gina, you gotta listen!” She said rather out of breath.

I rested one hand on the sink, leaned against my bathroom wall and listened.

“Yesssss?” I said in annoyance.

“Do you remember those guys who were tracking us down?” She said.

“How could I forget?!” I said, studying a scar from an arrow on my forearm.

“Well, the one you brought home… He was the leader!” She went silent.

“I know,” I said to her.

She let out a sigh before yelling, “ARE YOU CRAZY?! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!”

I let out a sigh as well, and in a matter-of-factly voice, “You should be thanking me,” came out.

I hung up my phone, and leaned against the sink. I knew exactly what I did. I knew what I always did, what we did. Was it right? No. But it kept me alive.

A group of men bad been tracking me down ever since I can remember, and once I met Erica and we became inseparable, they began tracking her too. I honestly felt a little sorry for Erica, she is nothing like me, yet she deals with every ounce of s**t I go through.

“I’m sorry, I love you so much. Didn’t mean to be cruel. I have to clean up my mess, I’ll call you when I’m done. Xoxo.”

I sent my text.

Maybe this will slow them down, I thought to myself. With no leader, what were they to do?

Roofies weren’t my thing, but they were the only way to get this man back to my apartment from the low-end bar he hung out at. Charm wouldn’t have even gave me a chance to look in his direction without him and his posse trying to kill me, and he definitely wouldn’t have fallen for the t*******e act Erica and I always put on.

I grabbed the bleach, and other cleaning supplies from my bathroom cabinet. I then went into the laundry room, and grabbed new sheets, and a comforter. There was far too much blood on my bedset I was using.

I rolled the semi-fresh dead man over onto my black carpet. Looking at him made my stomach rumble. Seeing his skin hang, and chunks of flesh did something to me. It was almost uncontrollable.

I plopped down in front of the body, and stared at it for what seemed like forever. I could feel every little sharp tooth erupting from my gums.

I ran my fingers over his stomach, picking up blood that wasn’t fully dried, and smeared it all over my face. I grabbed more, and more blood, smearing it on my face like a mask. My body rocked with every movement, and I felt like a mad man. I stooped smearing it on my face, and was now lapping up blood like I was a dog.

It tasted wonderful. I couldn’t help myself, and I ended up tasting a bit of flesh. Euphoria, and ecstasy swept over me. I don’t usually feed in the daylight, or eat leftovers, but this morning… I made an exception.

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    I loved this read! There were a few grammatical and spelling errors but not enough to distract one from the story. I hope there’s more coming. 🙂

    • Rebecca