The Voice in My Head

Ever since I was little, there had been this creepy old mirror in my grandmother’s basement. I never thought much of it until I slept over and had to sleep in the guest room. Which you guessed it, it was in the basement. Everything was normal until my fifth birthday, by this time I was living with my grandmother during the summers and usually hung out with my uncle, who is seven years older than me, so we got along great. One night as I was sleeping I woke up with cold sweat. It was weird because how can sweat be cold right? I thought nothing of it, so I laid back down to fall asleep again. Until I felt something cold touch my forehead. Since I was five and scared of the dark, I just kept my eyes shut tightly. the next morning, my mother, who was also sleeping in the same room, said something strange and creepy.

“I saw someone watched Juby last night,” my mother asked my grandmother in fear. My grandmother looked at my mother in shock and terror. The next thing I knew, she was calling her sister from New York. It was about a three bout drive for her but she got her in the same day. All I know is that they took some of the stuff in the basement, and burned it. Then we all went down and my grandmother’s sister blessed the basement. I thought it would be the end until three years later. It was a month after my eighth birthday and my mother, sister, and I moved to an apartment, four towns away from the other house. My uncle had given me a stuffed animal, it was a dog, had light and dark brown fur, with soulless-black eyes. When I went to my room that I shared with my sister the dog started talking. I know you must think I am crazy but I remember clearly to this day, almost a decade already, of what it said.

“Want to see a magic trick?” the dog said in a deep eerie voice. It startled me, I didn’t know what to say. Then it talked again.

“Little girl, put me in the closet please, then leave the room,” it demanded it, so I did. As I left the room I heard the closet door creak so I shut my bedroom door immediately. Then I heard and knock so, I opened the door. I thought I was dreaming in that moment. It was on my bed. Sitting up and its head facing the door. Later into the year it made me make a promise.

“You shall never tell your mommy, or else,” it spoke. It scared me, I didn’t know what to say. But eventually my mother found out. I had a toy phone that I strangely remember speaking to it, as if someone was talking to me. I remember how it went down. I was at a store with my mother, pregnant at the time, my stepfather watching me talk to the toy phone, and my sister holding my mother’s hand at the cashier. There was like a door before entering the store. It was where you’d wipe your shoes that had any loud or snow. I was in there, the room was made of glass so anyone could hear me. Speaking to the phone.

“Tony shouldn’t be wearing eyeliner,” I remember saying to the phone. But it wasn’t in my usual vision. It was like as if my body wasn’t there and I was watching myself talk to the phone. I don’t remember the rest of the conversation. But I remember my stepfather asking me who I was talking to. I remember what I said to him, it’s still stuck in my memory.

“I was talking to Tony’s mommy, I told her Tony shouldn’t be wearing make-up it made him look funny,” I said making my mother question.

“Who’s Tony?” she asked.

“My friend in the closet,” I responded while walking. My mother was terrified. After a while I was eating breakfast and saw someone leave the apartment, it was a man in a white shirt and dress pants. I told my mother but she said that I was just making up lies to scare her. Almost a year has passed and my grandfather and my other uncle visited. This uncle was autistic but I still loved him to death and I still do. He used to talk to Tony too, the one time we were eating and he was talking to Tony. My grandfather asked who he was talking to, which my uncle does this normally so it was nothing weird.

“He’s, it’s my friend, he talking to me, and won’t leave me alone,” my uncle responded, after dinner my mother was talking to my grandfather and seemed distressed. I guess at that moment she knew I wasn’t lying. Around October I think, our apartment caught fire. I remember running out of the house with my sister and mother when the fire covered half of the building. I remembered hearing a man scream in pain. But when they searched the building after the fire they said no one was in there. I guess Tony died again.

A year later when I was nine, I remember my mother saying to my stepfather that someone indeed died in that apartment. I knew it. A while later the voice from the apartment started to fill my head. I even had nightmares of it. I still do, it was like someone else was there in my mind, it’s still there but it’s not as strong as before. It has simple conversations with me, but sometimes I black out. The one time I was watching TV my sister was sleep and I blacked out. When I gained conscious I was standing above her with a knife in my hand. I was scared of myself, the voice called me a monster and told me it was like it. It was something beautifully horrific.

I’m now four years from graduating and have a record. I don’t remember of doing any of those things. I keep it to myself, I don’t like to tell anyone because they’d feel uneasy around me. Except for the one time I told someone. They started to get nightmares of me killing them so I kept it to myself forever after that. I still see unusual things, sometimes things that are scary even to the voice in my head. I don’t know if I should keep you updated, because it could affect you, so I don’t know what to do anymore I can’t even have a boyfriend. They keep dying, anything that I really love dies. Except my family for some reason. But the family dog, Kokoa died a month after I was telling it I loved it. The voice called me weak when I did. I guess it likes it when I’m mean I don’t know.